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Incredible Animals That Are Still Around Since Pre-Historic Times

The animal kingdom is vast and varied, filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes. It’s amazing to look all over the globe, in jungles, forests, skies, seas, and even underground, to see all of the different animals that call this planet home. Unfortunately, our actions are leading to the endangerment and eradication of many species each and every day, but some of them have proven to be highly resistant.


Source: Shutterstock

We know that dinosaurs once walked the Earth, but were wiped out. In the years that followed, other incredible species like mastodons, giant sloths, and saber-toothed cats roamed the planet, but many of those pre-historic species also became extinct as time went by. Some of them, however, survived. There are actually dozens of animal species out there that have been around for thousands or even millions of years and are still going strong.

You probably know of some of these animals already, while others might be totally unknown to you. They can be found in different continents, far and wide, and all have one thing in common: their adaptability. Even as the world around them has changed greatly, these species have managed to adapt their habits and lifestyles to carry on surviving, although some of them are starting to become threatened by the ever-changing Earth.