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50 Hilarious Park Signs To Leave You Laughing All Day Long

Park signs can be very useful in all aspects of our daily lives. They show us where to go, where not to go, what to do, what not to do, etc. Signs can be a big help in many ways, and you’d be surprised just how many of them are out there.

As a test, the next time you take a drive or walk around your local neighborhood, just look and count up all the signs you see. There are simply so many signs out there that we don’t even notice some of them or take the time to read what they say.

But you should always read signs for two main reasons: firstly, they can tell you some very important information about your local area, and secondly, they can actually be quite hilarious. Yes, there are some super funny signs out there, and we’ve listed up some of the best below.

These signs are confusing, beguiling, and might even make you want to scratch your head in sheer bewilderment sometimes, but they’re also hilarious examples of sign-makers playing around and coming up with unique ideas for their sign creations.

Important Advice in a Scary Situation

This sign has been placed in a park that has seen some mountain lion sightings over the years and tries to let people know what to do if they ever encounter one of those ferocious big cats for themselves.


Source: funnysigns.net

The information on the sign could actually save lives, but the way it is presented is very funny, especially when the sign gets to the third panel and seems to show a man using his kid as a human shield against the lion.