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One Unexpected Good Deed Changed This Man’s Life

Do you know those people know exactly how to cheer up others? Kasey Simmons has that magical talent. Whether it’s a hug, a smile, or complimentary drinks, Kasey always goes above and beyond to make other people happy. His kind heart made him a successful and loveable employee at the local Texan Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar.


Source: Facebook / Kasey Simmons

But in the summer of 2016, something incredible happened, and Kasey’s world was turned upside down. The cheerful waiter was treated a bit strangely by one of his customers. Once he finished reading the note that the customer left, everything started to make sense. This is a truly remarkable story about spreading love. There are still some good people out there, and this guy will certainly restore the faith you might have lost in humankind!

This story proves that good Karma comes when you least expect it.