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Kamiyah Mobley Kidnapper Was Way Closer to Home Than They Thought

Growing up, Alexis K. Manigo remembers her mom taking her to zoos, the mall, and aquariums. Most importantly, she remembers being loved unconditionally, as every child should. But those precious memories would become complicated when 18-year-old Alexis found out that her entire life had been one giant lie. Ms. Manigo discovered that her real name is Kamiyah Mobley, and she had been kidnapped from the hospital in Jacksonville, Florida the day she was born.


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Can you even imagine one day learning that the mother who raised you, clothed you, fed you, and loved you, isn’t your real mom? In fact, it’s the criminal who abducted you. That’s exactly what happened to Kamiyah when she discovered that the only mother she had ever known wasn’t really her mother at all. Things didn’t get easier when she met her biological parents, Craig Aiken and Shanara Mobley.

This is the heartbreaking abduction story of Kamiyah Mobley.