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How a High School Student Brought Two WWII Veterans Together Again

Every once in a while, a high school history project makes an impact. This particular story is not just about the 16-year-old Nebraska student who decided to participate in a history project in 2015; it’s also about the incredible story of heroism, family, and legacy. At the time, Vanessa Taylor was a student at Ainsworth High School in Nebraska. The task at hand was to select “a silent hero from our state,” Taylor, who is now a student at the University of Nebraska, explained.


Source: Flickr / Pinterest / Photo by Everett Collection, Shutterstock

She began her research by looking through websites that listed soldiers killed in action from her state. To make a long story short, Taylor managed to reunite the bodies of two American twin brothers who had been separated at death during World War II. But that would be a very, very short version of the story, and you would be missing out on all of the interesting details…