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A Thrift Store Camera Held Forgotten Images of National Event

Old cameras are cool and all, but when you find an old camera in a thrift store with unseen photos just waiting to be developed, there’s a certain kind of thrill to that. Portland, Oregon photographer Kati Dimoff knows this thrill very well. In fact, she’s someone who takes particular pleasure in finding old cameras in thrift stores. Whenever she gets the chance, Kati likes to find treasures that linger in the undeveloped film of lost and forgotten cameras.


Source: Facebook / Kati Dimoff

Kati was browsing a Goodwill thrift store on Grand Avenue one day in 2017 when she stumbled upon a used camera. For her, it was like striking gold. The vintage Argus C2 held a trove of photos showing the dramatic 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens – an event that only a personal camera can capture so intensely. Her discovery led to a search for the camera’s original owner…