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A Girl, a Selfie and the Case of a Kidnapped Baby

Zephany Nurse is her real name, but since she was kidnapped at birth and raised by another woman, she always thought her name was Miché Solomon. That is until she was 17 years old. She then took an unwitting selfie with a friend, which took her down a path that would essentially turn her life around. It was something she never would have expected in a million years.


Source: Facebook, Miche Solomon (Zephany Nurse) / Pinterest

The poor girl discovered that the woman whom she knew as her mother had actually kidnapped her as a newborn. She then became the target of persistent and intrusive media attention. She was taken out of her own home and watched the woman she knew as her mother go to prison. Her life went on a downward spiral after that. And she didn’t ask for any of it.

This is her story…