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What are 40 ways to “Life Hack” a Coffee Filter?

While the rest of the world maybe gets up a bit earlier and stops by the café to grab an expresso. Americans seem to still love the process of making coffee with a drip filter. In 1 out three of American households you will find a coffee brewer, and some are even automatic. Mom and Dad fill the brew machine the night before, set the timer, and by the time they wake up in the morning, they have freshly brewed coffee. Now some Americans are waking up with some extra cash and a bit of two sense to buy a Nespresso Machine. So, let’s say you took that extra step. What are you going to do with all the coffee filters stored in your garage? We listed 40 alternative life hacks to the use of coffee filters. You may be surprised at what we found!

Homemade Teabag


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Most people drink coffee in the morning, and end the day with a cup of tea. I you bought yourself a new coffee machine and don’t need your filters. Don’t go out and by a teabag. Make your own! It’s cheaper to buy herbal mixes, and tie them up in a coffee filter, and store them just as well. With a pair of good hands, one coffee filter can turn into three tea bags, and hey, maybe you can sell them at the local market!