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Vinegar Hacks: All the Things You Can Do with Vinegar

Vinegar is a pretty common household item. You probably have a bottle at home somewhere, and if you don’t, you should get one for emergencies. Forget about stocking up on food and water; just make sure you have vinegar. Just kidding, but vinegar can really make your life so much easier. Because of the acidic components found in it, it can help sanitize and kill off bacteria. From cleaning stains to cleaning your pets, you will be amazed by all the impressive things you can do with it.


Photo by ThamKC / Shutterstock

Vinegar is a pretty standard condiment. Most of us have some in the fridge, but you wouldn’t necessarily think it can serve multiple purposes. If there is an apocalypse coming, make sure to be stocked on vinegar. You never know when you might need a bottle. Check out these incredible hacks that vinegar can help you out with. Some of these are actually extremely convenient and good to know.