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Useful and Unexpected Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

Most of us have a box of unused dryer sheets stuffed somewhere in our laundry cupboards. You’re either someone who swears by the stuff or someone who just hasn’t gotten into the habit of it. And you might even be one of those people who hate the feeling of those sheets that you make your husband or wife handle them (it’s okay, some textures are hard to bear). So even if you’ve moved on to liquid fabric softener, it’s time to see why dryer sheets can come in handy – and it has nothing to do with laundry!


Source: The Family Handyman / Small Joys / Pinterest / Wikihow

There are actually many uses for dryer sheets. Unlike fabric softener, dryer sheets were designed to work in your tumble dryer. Dryer sheets are coated with stearic acid; something that melts when heated. This is the main ingredient in helping to reduce static and increase the softness of your clothes and linens.

Here are 33 surprising uses for dryer sheets!