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Save Money and Time – 10 Strange Car Tricks You Should Know

If the public transportation in your city isn’t good enough, you are likely to depend on a vehicle to move about. From taking your kids to school to going to work yourself, a car is an absolute necessity in today’s fast-moving world. However, the more your car runs, the more it requires gas and maintenance. The costs can sometimes be too steep for people with constricted budgets. One way you can avoid spending money on your car every month is by keeping it in tip-top shape; to that end, here are a few tips that can come in handy:

Defog Your Car on a Rainy Day

Don’t you hate it when you come running in the rain to get in your car, only to find the windscreen all fogged up? Well, fret not, as these set of steps will help you defog your car with ease. First, you have to turn the heater on.


Source: Simplemost.com

Next up, you need to turn the A/C on. Now, switch back to the heater and carefully turn the recirculation button off. This will allow the outside air to come inside with the heater on. Now, open the windows only slightly. Within seconds, the fog will no longer be there.