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Life Hacks Debunked: Sorry to Burst Your Bubble

Life hacks are supposed to be useful, right? That’s the whole point. While many life hacks are absolutely genius, there are some that are tested and not so true. Great hacks are meant to make your life easier and better, and those are the hacks that should be spread around. But then there are hacks that actually more trouble than doing things the traditional way. So we’ll save you some time and future aggravation by showing you which of the many life hacks are bogus and not worth even trying.

Putting Batteries in the Fridge


Source: reviewed.com

For some reason, we’ve all been putting batteries in the fridge. Why? Because our mothers did it, whose mothers also did it. But is there any purpose to this practice? Does the cold temperature actually extend the life of a battery? The answer is no. In fact, cold temperatures can actually do the opposite. And the condensation can lead to corrosion and seal damage. So don’t bother.