How to Up Your Duct Tape Game: Little-Known Duct Tape Hacks

Duct tape may seem like a simple household toolbox item. But you’d be surprised at what a simple roll of duct tape can do. Ever thought of using it to open a tightly closed jar? What about making a nifty bag for your kids? You’ll see what we mean. Check out all these useful duct tape hacks and you’ll find yourself keeping some handy from now on.

Opening Jars

Everyone has come across those pesky situations where you find yourself using all the force within your body to try to open a jar of olives. The best-case scenario is that after hours of struggle, you finally got the jar opened, and the worst-case scenario is you get a hernia.

Source: YouTube

Try out this simple hack and see if you can either rip the skin off your fingers or get that jar open.

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