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40 Words That Didn’t Exist 40 Years Ago

You gotta love the English language. Although it’s almost impossible to count how many words there are in the dictionary, there are around 350,000. And words are being added all the time. Ever since the internet revolution, the words themselves and the way we use them have changed dramatically. Think about it, when you were born, did you ever hear anyone use the word “selfie” or “foodie”? Did you ever hear someone say that they checked their “inbox”? What would the lexicographers (the ones that compiled dictionaries) in the 19th century say if they knew that centuries later, words like blog, voicemail, and WiFi, would become part of our daily vernacular?


Source: The Mary Sue

These are 40 words that basically didn’t exist just 40 years ago. And as you go through the list, you’ll see just how much these words have become part of our language. And then when you think about how in the next 40 years, even more, new words will be introduced, you might just wonder what those will be.