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40 Muffin Tin Hacks that will Blow your Mind

Muffin tins are for baking – this is now merely a fact of the past. Muffin tins are not just for baking anymore. You don’t fill your trays with just muffin batter or cake mixture these days. However, not all people are aware of the muffin tin hacks that can bring their way of thinking into a different perspective.

Yes, you read it right; this article is about muffin tin hacks that can blow your mind. Learning about the tricks and hacks that you can do and the fantastic recipes that you can make with muffin tins are endless. You’ll end up regretting throwing your old muffin tins. You’ll also be thinking twice of placing the useful muffin trays in the bottom corner of your kitchen cabinet when you don’t want muffins for snacks.

From drawer organizers, dog toy, to candle holder, taco bowls and many more, muffin tins have come a long way. This article will open a whole new world of muffin tin uses. If you can’t imagine plants growing from muffin tins or heart-shaped cupcakes popping out of muffins, then you’re missing some incredible hacks in your life.

Who would have ever thought that a little muffin tin could have these many uses? If you have never thought of using your muffin tray for anything but baking, then think again. Here are 40 muffin tin hacks that will blow your mind. Try them as soon as you finish reading this article.

Mini-Planter for Green Thumb

Spring has already started – the perfect season for people with green thumbs. Herbs, flowers and small plants can add accent to your living room, dining room and your lawn. If you have old muffin pans, don’t let them go to waste because you can use them as mini planters.


Source: shareably.net

The wells in a muffin pan are the perfect size for holding small plants or flowers. To make this muffin tin hack, flip over the muffin pan and punch holes in the bottom of each well or cup. Add soil and plant the seeds of your chosen herbs or flowers. Water them every day, and there you have it – your mini planter perfect for small live plants!