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40 Awesomely Innovative Apps for seniors

Naturally, with the advent of new technology like smartphones and tablets, it can be more overwhelming for the older generation, and trickier for them to adjust to at first. Still, these apps are designed to be as accessible for any age, and as you might discover, this new technology can help open up new possibilities like never before.

While some apps are designed to entertain, others can help you communicate, connect with loved ones or keep in touch with current events. There are also a massive amount of functional and practical apps that can help provide essential life hacks and help improve everyday life for seniors.

So we’ve delved into the market and compiled a list of the best apps around today for the older generation. In fact, there may just be an app for just about everything. So check out these amazing reasons to embrace this new technology.

Eye-Reader (iPhone)

With the Eye-Reader app for iPhone, there’s no need for your parents to hold a giant magnifying glass anymore to read the newspaper, menu or favorite book. The savvy app turns the iPhone into a unique and innovative magnifying glass.


Source: itunes.com

The app uses the LED light of the iPhone to offer the reading magnifier glass. So they just have to hold the smartphone over the small text, and the Eyereader will magnify and light everything up for them in the blink of an eye.