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Say What? 20 Unexpected Dishwasher Hacks to Start Using ASAP

Dishwashers are a great invention. Thanks to this nifty kitchen appliance, days of washing and drying dishes are long gone. Now, people can enjoy their meal without the thought of an hour-long cleanup hanging over their heads. But did you know that your dishwasher can do so much more than clean dirty dishes?


Source: Instagram / asherstylephotos (left and right)

From cooking full dinners (yes, inside your dishwasher) to disinfecting your car keys, your dishwasher is a multifunctional machine that is here to make your life easier. Prepare yourselves because once you read these 20 dishwasher hacks, you’ll want to start using them as soon as possible.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Let’s check them out!