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Wheel of Fortune: Some of the More Hilarious Wrong Answers

I grew up watching Wheel of Fortune because my mom would turn it on every evening at 7 p.m., saying, “Yay, my show is on!” So, yeah, I kind of grew to like it. Calling out the answers at home in front of the TV set is part of the fun, right? But what about when contestants get them wrong?


Source: Yahoo

Now, what if the puzzle is so obvious to us, yet the contestants have absolutely no idea what the answer is? Take, for example, this recent Wheel of Fortune “incident.” The final puzzle was a phrase, which became “TH_ Q_ _STION R_ _ _INS.” None of the contestants figured out. Even Pat Sajak, who always remains professional, was shocked that all three of them couldn’t solve the puzzle.

Let’s look at some of the funnier wrong answers over the years.