Survival of the Fattest: Animals Who Love Food… Maybe a Little Too Much

If you’re looking for something to cheer you up at this very moment or know someone who could use a pick-me-up, this should do it. These plump, adorable animals will make you smile and probably say “omggggg” – to a point where whoever is in the room with you is going to ask what the heck you’re looking at on your phone or computer screen.

What is it about fat animals that make us so happy? Why do I want to pick up this chubby little hamster and hold him in my arms for the entire day?

Chubby hamster going down a slide
Source: Pinterest

This is a compilation of some of the fattest animals you can find on the Internet in all of their obese glory. Now, while many of them are the size they are due to overeating, I’m pretty sure that if they could talk, they would blame it on their genetics.

Anyways, if you scroll through this and don’t crack an embarrassing smile, then I have to question whether or not you’re human.

It’s Sink or Swim for This Seal

This plump seal lost his buoyancy with all the extra pounds he’s packing.

Seals are actually part of the pinniped group of marine mammals, which includes sea lions, walruses, and fur seals. Seals prefer cold waters and are mostly found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. In the wild, seals can live to 30 years, and females have a higher life expectancy than males.

Fat seal in a pool
Source: Twitter

Some seal species, such as the Leopard Seal, feed off of other seals! Which might just explain how this lil chubby guy got to his size. But generally, most seals feed off crustaceans, fish, and birds (that is if they can catch them).

Did you know that seals can sleep underwater? They usually only come on land to get away from predators like whales and sharks. They also come on land to mate, give birth, and feed.

A Few Too Many Cookies for Hammy

Here we have a chubby hamster with a clear indication as to how he got to flabby. But I don’t think all hamsters basically live in cookie trays. Wanna know some fun facts about hamsters?

Hamsters are naturally nocturnal, which means sleep during the day and play around at night. So many think twice about putting one in your kid’s bedroom.

Fat hamster eating a cookie in a box of cookies
Source: Wikimedia

Speaking of kids, the reason so many hamsters become pets is because they’re actually very friendly. Even though they like to live alone, they enjoy companionship.

Did you know that hamsters can learn their names? I bet that’s something you never knew. If you or your kids talk to your hamster often, she’ll get used to hearing her name.

When Penguins Get Plump

In case you’re wondering, penguins do have knees. The thing is you can’t see them hidden away under all their fluffy feathers. And in this guy’s case, under his big belly. The funny thing is penguins don’t even have particularly short legs. So why do penguins waddle? Scientists think penguins waddle because their legs evolved to help them swim more efficiently. And as a result, they’re set further back on the body than you might expect. It makes walking more difficult, and so the classic penguin waddle is the result.

Someone crouching behind a fat penguin
Source: Wikimedia

By the way, penguins can dive really deep. They can go to depths of over 250 meters, but most dives will be within the top 10 meters of water. The deepest dive by a penguin ever recorded was by a female emperor penguin that dove to 535 meters below the surface!

This Squirrel Ate Far Too Many Nuts

I gotta say, this is by far the fattest squirrel you’re probably ever going to see. But let’s put his obesity on the side for a moment and enlighten ourselves on some nutty (pun intended) facts about squirrels.

Did you know that squirrels can find food buried beneath a foot of snow? As you can clearly see, food is important for squirrels; especially in the winter months. Some species can smell food sitting under a foot of snow. The squirrel will dig a tunnel under the snow, following the scent to the buried treasure (which could easily belong to another squirrel).

Fat squirrel sitting on a tree
Source: Twitter

Here’s another fun fact: a squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing. Their teeth are a common characteristic of other rodents, too. By the way, the word “rodent” comes from the Latin word “rodere,” which means to gnaw.

If Sonic the Hedgehog Stopped Rolling and Just Ate All Day

I have to start by saying that this is the cutest hedgehog in the whole wide world. Now, if I may ask, how many of you remember the original Sonic the Hedgehog? I used to play the game on my Game Gear. But for those of you who may not know, there’s a Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming out in February 2020.

fat hedgehog sitting next to another hedgehog
Source: Pinterest

What’s interesting about this upcoming movie is that it was complete and all and even came out with a trailer. The problem was that people who saw the trailer were very uncomfortable with how Sonic looked. So Paramount and Sega went back to the drawing board, changed the character entirely, and came out with a new trailer. It looks like the new and improved Sonic was more pleasing to the eye.

When a Baby Duck Actually Looks Like a Rubber Ducky

It looks like this chubby little baby duck was the inspiration for the first rubber ducky. I mean, just look at that adorable round tummy! As you can see the pattern by now, you’re about to get some fun facts about ducks now.

A baby duck is called a duckling, whereas an adult male is a drake. An adult female? She’s called a hen or simply a duck. A group of ducks is called a raft, team, or paddling.

Fat baby duck standing on rocks

All ducks have waterproof feathers due to their intricate feather structure as well as a waxy coating that’s spread on the feathers when grooming. Even when the duck dives underwater, it’s under a layer of feathers to the skin stay completely dry.

He’s Not Going Anywhere

Since you were probably wondering at some point in your life what a cat in overalls looks like, you can stop wondering and appreciate the portly cat that you see before your eyes. I can only imagine how it was to put those overalls on. But judging by this cat’s demeanor (laziness), I don’t think he really cared.

Fat cat wearing overalls lying on the couch
Source: Imgur

I even think that this cat’s overalls will basically just become a part of him now. And if we wanna get silly and have some fun with it, we can just imagine that this cat is tired after a long day of painting houses. Because those overalls are the kind that only house painters wear. And painting houses can be very tiring, so much so that lying on the couch is the only natural thing to do.

There Must Have Been a Lot of Food in the Trash

This raccoon can call himself one lucky son of a B, because it looks like the trash cans he raids at night are full of food. So I’m going to assume that he lives in a more affluent area. But he might be facing an issue that he never had when he was a slimmer version of himself, and that’s the issue of being too heavy to jump up into the garbage cans.

A picture raccoon
Source: Reddit

But it’s okay; this bandit has good friends. They jump up and push the can down so that he can rummage through the garbage. If you didn’t understand by now, this raccoon is actually the Don of his raccoon gang. He decides who and what goes on, and he eats first. Just like the Godfather had a few extra pounds on him, so does this adorable little mafioso.

That’s One Strong Tarsier… And Tree

So this fat little guy is a tarsier. And if you’ve seen them before, then you’ve noticed that they have enormous eyes. Tarsiers actually have the largest eyes of any mammal – that is, about their body size. Each eyeball is close to 16 mm in diameter and weighs just as much as the animal’s brain!

Fat tarsier climbing a tree
Photo by Lennard James Photography/

Here’s something rather creepy: tarsiers can turn their heads just like the girl you saw in The Exorcist. Thanks to an especially adapted vertebrae, tarsiers can turn their heads 180 degrees in each direction.

Tarsiers either live in families or tend to be loners. So in a way, they’re kind of like us! Social behavior varies. Eastern tarsiers are more sociable, living in small families, while Western tarsiers are more solitary. The same seems to go for humans, too. Kinda neat, huh?

Friendly Chipmunk Waits for His Next Meal

It really only makes sense – when you see a chipmunk of this size, it’s only natural to think of him in being in the kitchen all day, just feeding away at peanuts and pieces of cheese. Looking at the way he’s sitting on the counter with this hands in their position, it looks like he’s waiting patiently for his next meal. What’s on the menu? Peanuts and cheese.

Fat chipmunk sitting on a kitchen counter
Source: Twitter

Did you know that one tiny chipmunk (unlike this guy) can gather up to 165 acorns in one day? Chipmunks have pouches in their cheeks where they store food while foraging.  While chipmunks look harmless and adorable, they’re actually quite dangerous. Like other rodents, they tend to carry a variety of diseases that easily spread to humans.

This Bear is Not in the Mood to Play Right Now

Black bears are actually excellent climbers, although you wouldn’t know that just by looking at this overweight bear. Many black bears are seen and often photographed scaling trees. Their claws are what give them good grip, and the branches offer the cubs safety from predators.

Obese bear lying on a ladder
Source: Reddit

Black bears are also great swimmers and will readily go into the water when searching for fish. Black bear cubs will take to water easily and quickly. Black bears will live for an average of 18 years if they live in the wild, but the longest living black bear on record is 39 years. The oldest black bear (in captivity) was 44 years old when it died. Let’s just hope this bear lives for long, because at this rate, he’s going to need to start doing some more laps around the playpen.

Where are This Guinea Pig’s Legs and Arms?

No, guinea pigs don’t come from Guinea. They originate from the Andes region of South America. The name ‘Guinea’ is a bit of a mystery. One popular theory is that they were originally brought to Europe by Spanish explorers in the 16th century via Guinea in Africa. And so people thought they came from there.

Fat guinea pig
Source: Pinterest

Guinea pigs are also not related to pigs, not at all. Even aside from the fact that male guinea pigs are called boars and females are sows, they are actually in the rodent family. The scientific name for them is ‘Cavia porcellus,’ which is why they are referred to as ‘cavies.’ The word ‘porcellus’ means ‘little pig’ in Latin. This may be because of the pig-like squeaking noises they tend to make.

This is What a Bathtub Full of Fat Pugs Looks Like

I always wondered what it would be like to wash four pugs at the same time. I guess this is what it’s like. I don’t even have pugs, but they’re so cute that they come up in my thoughts from time to time. Pugs are known for all their rolls. And when you have four of these dogs, then that’s a heck of a lot of rolls that need to be washed once in a while!

Bathtub with four fat pugs in the bathwater
Source: Pinterest

And as this owner wisely figured out, it must be a lot easier to wash all of them at the same time rather than one by one. It’s hard to tell how dogs are feeling or what they’re thinking in general, but these pugs’ faces are particularly closed books. I can’t read them. They can either be having the times of their lives or are counting down the seconds until they can get to their bowls of food in the kitchen.

Silly Rabbit

I can just see all the memes that can be made with this photo. Let’s think of some right now. Look at this picture and imagine the words “Me after three pizzas and a full bottle of coke.”

Or how about “Me: I’m going to work out today, no matter what. Me in the evening: (this photo)”

Fat rabbit leaning against the wall of a cage
Source: Imgur

For anyone who’s thinking about getting a rabbit as a pet, I would say to think twice. As a kid, I had a bunny as a pet. He was in a cage in my bedroom, and all he did was scratch and make noise all night, and I told my mom that it was annoying, and so we gave him away. I had the bunny for like 2 days. I never got a caged pet again.

Another Adorable Plump Squirrel

Fun fact: squirrels may lose 25% of their buried food to thieves. And by thieves, I mean fellow squirrel thieves! There are squirrels called scatter hoarders (those with multiple caches of food) who have a difficult time keeping an eye on all of their hidden stashes of food. Other squirrels or birds often take advantage and grab a free meal.

Fat squirrel sitting on the fence
Source: Reddit

Squirrels also zigzag to escape predators. When squirrels feel threatened (and they often do since they’re so nervous all the time), they run away in a zigzag pattern. It’s is a useful strategy to escape hawks and other predators. But it doesn’t work so well with cars. If you see a squirrel on the road, try slowing down and giving them a break. No one likes roadkill!

The Prairie Dog Chronicles

Prairie dogs are celebrated for their larger ecological virtues. In the grasslands of the United States, they have intricate underground colonies called prairie dog towns. These towns also create shelter for jackrabbits, toads, and rattlesnakes. Prairie dogs themselves are a major food source for all kinds of predators, from coyotes to hawks to ferrets. So if you’re heavy like this little guy, you’re gonna need to be good at hiding.

Fat prairie dog sitting on the ground
Source: Twitter

These small, chubby mammals are fascinating. They’re also pretty tough. They might look like actual Chicken McNuggets, but they’re quite fast and skilled fighters armed with sharp claws and strong teeth. “The worst animal bite I’ve ever gotten was from a prairie dog,” Jessica Alexander, a program associate in WWF’s Northern Great Plains office, said.

This Heavy Hitter

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dennis. Dennis is a 56-pound dachshund, which is almost unheard of, but that’s just what he was. This obese canine apparently enjoyed a diet of White Castle burgers and pizza.

Nursing student Brooke Burton knew she had to do something when she first saw Dennis (who belonged to a family member of hers) and persuaded him to let her adopt the fat little pup.

Fat dachshund lying on the floor
Source: Huffington Post

Dennis apparently lost 44 pounds after becoming part of Brooke’s household. He is now a slim and trim 12-pound dog. How did he lose the weight? He maintained a diet of dry food and a steady walking regimen. Sadly, he needed three reconstructive surgeries due to rid of all the excess skin after his weight loss. But the good news is that he now lives his life as happy, active pooch!

Fatty the Frog

I bet you didn’t think you would see a frog on this list, huh? Well, evidently, frogs can get chunky, too. Now for the random facts about frogs…

When a frog goes into hibernation each year, a new layer of bone forms. Weird, huh? You can also count the rings to find out the frog’s age. Many frogs can amazingly jump 20 times their own height, and some go even higher.

Fat frog on the ground
Source: Reddit

Frogs come in all kinds of colors. The colorful skin of several tropical frogs acts as a warning to predators, which makes them think that the frog is poisonous. Did you know that one of the ways to tell if a frog is a male or female I by looking at their ears?

Lizards Get Plump, Too

I might as well stay on the reptilian train and show you a fat lizard now. Hey, who said lizards don’t pack on the pounds? When it comes to a lizard’s diet, many are carnivores (they eat meat). A typical diet for a lizard involves ants, termites, spiders, cicadas, small mammals, and yes, even other lizards. Caiman lizards will eat animals with shells, like snails.

Fat lizard lying on the concrete
Source: Wikimedia

Some lizards are omnivores, though, and those lizards eat both vegetation and meat. The Clark’s spiny lizard-like fruits, leaves, and vegetables. And then some lizards are herbivores and only eat plants. The marine iguana, who lives in the Galapagos Islands, eats algae from the sea. What do you think this lizard is?

Uncle Fatty

I’m not kidding; Uncle Fatty is actually this monkey’s name. And Uncle Fatty was in the news this year, sadly because he’s gone missing and no one has found him for 5 months. Fatty is a long-tailed macaque, which ballooned to the size of basically two monkeys. He was even sent to a weight-loss camp in 2017 but went back to his old ways as soon as he came back home to Bangkok, Thailand.

obese monkey eating food on the street
Source: Reddit

Uncle Fatty put on the weight over years of being fed high-calorie food by tourists who were visiting the Khun Kala Monument. As the leader of his monkey pack, he would also hijack snacks from other monkeys. Environmentalists monitoring him say the last time he was seen alive was on February 26, 2019.

A Tubby Wombat

The animal this woman is holding up for a photo op is a wombat. And if you can tell, this is one heavy wombat, which could be explained by the fact that wombats have slow metabolisms. It takes a wombat a lot longer than us to digest a meal. It can take them up to 14 days to digest just one meal! While this slow metabolism helps them out in their natural hot and dry habitat, it also means they can pack on the extra pounds.

Woman holding a heavy wombat

Now, you might say that this is too much information, but I’m willing to take the risk. Wombats have cube-shaped poop. Yup, wombat poop is square. While dogs mark their territories by peeing, wombats do it via poop. Experts think that the shape keeps it from rolling away. Special bones in their bottoms allow them to squeeze and form the poop into cubes.

Garfield, Is That You?

Cats have the tendency to gain weight easily, probably because they are rather docile and sedentary pets. Considering how many fat cats there are, there have been articles made to warn cat owners of risks and signs, as well as methods to get their cats back on a healthier diet.

Woman holding up a very large cat
Source: Reddit

One tip is to recognize the signs. The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals found that 68% of cat owners didn’t realize that their pet was overweight or obese. So it’s important to keep an eye out. Ideally, a cat’s fat coverage should let you feel their ribs with a gentle touch, and you should also be able to see their waist from above. A veterinarian can show you how to do this.

A Pudgy Koala

Sad fact: over 2 million koalas were killed between the years 1908 and 1927 alone. Occasionally, koalas are prey upon by goannas, eagles, dingoes, and owls. But humans are their worst enemies. Koalas can be pretty clumsy, but they are strong swimmers (as surprising as that may be). They live in loose-knit communities if enough trees are present, and only one koala per tree.

Fat koala in a tree
Source: Wikimedia

Male koalas express territoriality during the mating season by bellowing and grasping the base of a tree and rubbing their chest against it. This way, they leave their scent with their chest glands. Females bellow as well during mating season but are not territorial. In the wild, the average lifespan is 12 years, but in captivity, it increases to 16.

She Prefers Shots From Above

This chubby but cute seal only likes to be photographed from above so as not to show her full shape. Sweetie, you’re not fooling anyone. And anyway, the extra weight looks good on you! So smile and look pretty on that rock.

Sweet seal fact: Mother and baby seals recognize each other through a call. A study in Alaska found that mum-bub recognition was possible even after being separated for four years.

Fat seal
Source: Twitter

Another study from the Falkland Islands showed that alpha-male Elephant Seals are quite possessive Don Juans. In one colony, over 92% of pups were fathered by the group’s alpha-male alone. Up to 72% of all the other males in the colony had never been observed mating at all.

Pepe Le Pew

When you think about it, most of us have never seen a skunk up close. If we come anywhere near one, we run away as soon as possible. So we either only see them from far away, in photos on the internet, or in cartoon form when watching Bugs Bunny. But now you can take a good look at what a heavy skunk looks like.

person holding up a large skunk
Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, skunks have a bad rap for their stink. But skunks have a lot to offer up. Skunks are actually sensitive and intelligent animals. Like all intelligent animals, their temperament varies with each skunk. They also tend to be highly curious and will even open cupboards that are left unlocked. So folks, don’t let a skunk into your kitchen.

Hefty Cat Means Heavy Lifting

Back to fat cats, which are cute and all. But it’s also important to keep their health in check. “People tend to forget that treats aren’t the best thing for them, and they have a calorie count of their own, so they need to be factored in with the rest of their food,” says Daniella Dos Santos, the president of the British Veterinary Association.

Man holding up a large cat
Source: Imgur

As for the table scraps and leftovers after your family meals? “The calorie requirements for a cat are much lower than for a human. So even foods you would think are very healthy for humans, such as chicken breast, is a huge amount of calories for a cat.” So if you’re going to give your cat your leftovers, be mindful.

When a Fat Cat Sits Like a Human

Making your cat work to get their food, by using scatter feeding and puzzle feeding, is one good way to get them moving around and get them to be more active. Cats Protection recommends that you place some of their daily rations inside of feeding balls and encourage them to exercise by playing with toys they can chase.

Obese cat sitting on a bed
Source: Pinterest

Dietary control is the most important part of keeping your cat’s weight in the normal range. It’s too easy to overfeed them. “When they’re sleeping, they’re not using many calories, so we need to adjust for that in terms of the type and volume of food we’re feeding them,” Dos Santos says. Regular weight clinics for animals are another way to track progress with your vet and change their diet.

Obese Stallion

I have to admit that I can’t tell whether or not this photo is photoshopped. But let’s just assume that it is indeed real and there is a horse as fat as this one. Yes, there is the possibility that this horse is female and that she might even be pregnant. But do pregnant horses run so freely when carrying that much weight?

Overweight horse running in the field

By the way, there are tons of pregnant animals that you can see * here * NOTE

But then again, there is the chance that this is just some really fat male horse that is running laps around the pasture. It’s actually his new workout regime that his personal trainer put him up to. Let’s see how well he does…

Plump Little Corgi

If any of you watch the new series ‘Queer Eye,’ then you know that Antoni goes crazy when he sees one. And you know what, now I do, too. They’re just some of the cutest dog breeds out there. I don’t know what it is about their bodies. I think it’s because their heads and their bodies are not in the right proportion.

fat Corgi sitting on the sidewalk

The head is full-grown, but their bodies are large, and their legs are too short. Something is a bit off, yet it makes them so adorable. Anyway, this Corgi’s proportions are even more way off. His body has grown to epic proportions. And it looks like a diet, and some exercise is needed. Maybe he can talk to the horse’s personal trainer.

Because Sunglasses Inside are Cool

I think we should talk about two things here. One: this dog is either aware or unaware that he is overweight and shouldn’t even be sitting like that on the couch. He should actually be running around in the backyard. That is how humans sit, and it’s very confusing for us to understand what is going on. That’s one thing.

fat dog sitting on the couch wearing sunglasses

Two: why is this dog wearing sunglasses at all? And why is he wearing them inside the house? He is either aware or unaware of the fact that sunglasses are meant to shield the eyes from the sun. So, if he is aware of that fact and simply doesn’t care, then we have a bada$$ dog on this couch. And now I like him even more.

Speaking of Couches

Since we just saw a fat animal on the couch, we can just keep going with that theme. This cat actually looks a little too much like the dog in the previous photo. Just take a look at him again. Now, look at this cat. Right?? But putting their striking resemblance aside, what do you think this cat is thinking at this very moment that this shot was taken?

Obese cat lying on the couch
Source: BuzzFeed

She has the expression on her face as if she’s saying, “Now wait a minute, you actually think you’re gonna sit on this couch too?” Cats of this size tend to get even more territorial than they already are. Cats of this size need the WHOLE couch and not just the arm.

Battle of the Bulge

As it turns out, in the UK, there’s something called Battle of the Bulge, where pets get involved in a losing weight contest. 13 fat pets, when combined they weighed more than the huge actor behind the Mountain in the series Game of Thrones, were in a nationwide slimming contest.

Fat dog on a treadmill

The veterinary charity, PDSA, has hosted their Pet Fit Club since 2005, and this year the pets weighed in at a whopping 201kg. The roster for the 2018 PDSA Pet Fit Club were 7 portly dogs, 5 flabby cats, and one rotund rat. They needed to lose a combined 75kg to reach their ideal weights. One of the dogs is a heavy hound who once stole an entire Sunday roast for himself and a massive cat who grew too big for her cat flap.

The Rotund Rat

This little chubber is one of the slimming contest participants, believe it or not. He’s a rat, even though you would think he’s a mouse. I just always thought rats were dark gray or dark brown. But anyway, this rat clearly likes his food. He initially weighed in and is double his normal size at 0.975kg.

Fat white rat getting weighed on a scale

The Pet Fit Club gets the animals on a strict, 6-month diet and exercise program. Each one is placed on an individually-tailored regime designed for each of their specific needs. Since starting in 2005, more than 120 overweight and even obese pets (including 79 dogs, 37 cats, and 8 rabbits) have lost a combined 450kg. PDSA veterinarian, Olivia Anderson-Nathan said, “Pet obesity is an epidemic that is seriously impacting the lives of millions of pets across the country.

Bella the Beagle

This here is Bella, and she’s taking a nap because she’s a heavy beagle. She weighed in at 24kg. This beagle has eaten her way to 9kg heavier than what her ideal weight should be. Bella struggles with her eating compulsions (don’t we all?) and once stole an entire beef roast from someone’s Sunday lunch. So it was Bella all along!

Fat white rat getting weighed on a scale

Olivia Anderson-Nathan said, “As with humans, carrying excess weight has serious health implications for our four-legged friends. It increases the chances of life-limiting and life-threatening conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart diseases.” Close to 50% of dogs and cats are thought to be overweight, with many vets agreeing that pet obesity has increased over the last two years.

This Penguin Couple

Here we have a penguin couple walking hand in hand. Let’s call the fat one, Bob and his gal, Patricia. Now, Bob and Patricia have been married for 13 years and let me tell you – Bob was not this portly when Patricia first met him. Over the years, he’s put on some weight. And if you ask Patricia, she’ll blame herself for all the roast beef she makes him for dinner.

Two penguins walking side by side, one of them is fatter than the other

But Bob doesn’t have a problem with his weight. He likes to eat, and he loves Patricia’s cooking. So what is a married penguin to do? Not eat her food? That could mean even more dire consequences. So I think Bob’s fattiness is here to stay. But Patricia still loves him.

White Rabbit

Bunny rabbits tend to be adorable and furry and cute and all, which only makes us want to make them happy because they make us happy, right? We want to feed them all the time just so they eat from our hands. Just like what is happening at this moment, we see here. But the problem is that his bunny has had way too many feeding moments.

Fat white bunny rabbit being fed

What this bunny needs is not another piece of a cookie. This bunny needs to get back to his roots and eat a carrot. Right, Doc? (I hope some of you got that reference). But my point is, we shouldn’t get too distracted by how cute fat animals are and not overfeed them.

Charlie the Dog

To be honest, I don’t know if his name is actually Charlie, but I feel like his name could easily be Charlie. Doesn’t he look like a Charlie? I also feel sorry for this guy because he looks like he’s really tired all the time when he should be out running around in the yard. Poor guy. He should get involved in that slimming contest.

Fat dog sitting down

If Charlie’s owners would take him for more walks and give him fewer meals, he could easily get his way to better health. I mean, dogs don’t have the wherewithal to know when enough is enough and to stop eating. They’re little gluttons! They can eat all day. So it’s on us to keep them healthy.

Raccoon Problems

Raccoons have super senses. Though their tiny clawed paws are great for climbing, they’re also sensitive to touch. Compared to most mammals, raccoons have 4 to 5 times more sensory cells in their paws. And 75% of the part of their brains that processes sensory signals is dedicated to touch. They can get an idea of what an object is without looking at it, so the raccoons actually see with their hands.

Obese raccoon sitting down
Source: Reddit

Raccoons are also good teachers. Many animals learn by imitating their mothers, and raccoons are no exception. In 2015, someone captured a raccoon mom’s repeated attempts at teaching her offspring to climb a tree. The patient mama was repositioning her kit on the tree multiple times, making sure it doesn’t fall.

Obie’s Back to Normal

This determined dachshund lost over 50 pounds in 12 months. He trimmed down to the weight his body was designed to carry. With all the hardest work behind him, apparently, he’s been able to keep the weight off, too. “Obie is doing great and holding steady between 22 and 23lbs for over a year now,” his owner said. “He has some residual fat pockets on his sides and lacks normal muscle tone but is healthy overall.”

Dog before and after losing weight

To honor Obie’s accomplishment, his owner created a calendar featuring the formerly chubby pet. She was hoping that it will remind people of what is possible when a person or even a little dog sets his mind to it. “I was thrilled to be able to help [Obie] with his new life,” she told the Telegraph. “Now, I want his journey to inspire other big animals and maybe even their owners to get healthy in the New Year.”