Meanwhile in Canada: The Funniest “So Canadian” Photos You’ll Ever See

When you think of Canada, what comes to mind? Snow, maple syrup, super polite people, and a good looking Prime Minister? Yup, that’s pretty much it. Funnily enough, Canada’s stereotypes aren’t that far from the truth.

Three moose running in front of a Tim Hortons
Source: Pinterest

These are those “Only in Canada” moments that were captured by American tourists or Canadians who like to poke fun at themselves. And if you’re expecting to see a few “sorry”s, then you’re correct; there will be more than one.

Only in Canada!

Here’s a fun little fact about Canada. Canadians say “sorry” so much that they passed the “Apology Act” to limit its use! In the past, lawyers were probably able to establish guilt quite easily in court. All they had to do was prove that someone apologized at the time of the incident.

Newspaper clipping about doctors requesting less pay
Source: Imgur

So Canadian lawmakers made it so that an apology of any kind “means an expression of sympathy or regret” rather than “an admission of fault or liability in connection with the matter to which the words or actions relate.”

Anyway, how Canadian is this? Only Canadian doctors would demand getting paid less in consideration of others.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Okay, so it looks like Canada can be a little arrogant, too. This is post-McDonald’s lawsuit. I’m sure you all remember – the person that sued McD’s for making their coffee way too hot.

Coffee cup saying Canada doesn’t need to state that the coffee may be hot
Source: Reddit

Well, a coffee cup distributer in Canada decided to poke fun at Americans, I guess? Clearly, Canadians don’t need anyone stating the obvious – like coffee being hot. Oh, Canada… Where was the “sorry” in this situation?

Meanwhile, in Canada…

You’ve probably seen this meme before. And I gotta admit – it’s a good one. People like to compare this shot with the American police riots that have happened. But it’s not really fair.

Canadian cop having a water fight with citizens
Source: Twitter

This photo shows a Canadian cop having fun with citizens. Apparently, that’s a real thing! It looks like whoever has the super soaker is loving every second of shooting something directly at a cop’s face.

Taking Polite to a New Level

Only in Canada will you find a sign in front of someone’s house, specifically asking for something that someone clearly stole. And only in Canada will you find that the thief brought it back.

A sign on the road asking for a wheelbarrow
Source: Facebook

And only in Canada will the owner then make a whole new sign thanking the thief for bringing the thing back! Unbelievable! I’m surprised the thief didn’t leave a sign of his own – or at least right on the sign “you’re welcome” or something.

Canadian Commuters are Too Honest

So, you get to the subway, and you see the subway attendants aren’t there. Do you just hop over the thing and get on the subway? Or do you “do the right thing” and put some cash where it should be going?

Subway ticket stand with cash on it
Source: Twitter

Yeah, I don’t know about this one. But this is what a bunch of overly kind Canadians did on a subway. And nobody took the cash! I’m speechless.

Canadian Cops on Duty

Something tells me that this photo was taken at the same event that had the water fight. What was going on? And why is there a dog dressed up as a Canadian Mountie?

Cops taking a photo of a dog
Source: Reddit

It looks like in Canada. Cops aren’t so necessary! Water fights and taking photos of adorable dogs dressed up as cops? Well, I can’t blame them. I would take a photo, too.

Yes, This Is Real

So, this is what it’s like to live in Canada. Moose can follow you home. But Canadian moose are also too polite. They don’t harass you and break down your door. They wait politely for you to open it.

Moose standing outside the front door
Source: Pinterest

I have a feeling this dog is not a happy camper. He’s just waiting for his owner to open the door so he can show this moose who’s boss. But look at that thing – I don’t think he gives a sh*t.

Bear at Door

This is one of the very few reasons that you wouldn’t get mad at the delivery man or woman for not leaving your parcel at the door. A bear? Yeah, your Amazon order of socks and kitchen wipes can wait.

Delivery notice that says “bear at door.”
Source: Imgur

Just to give you a picture of the bear situation in Canada, there are apparently about 20,000 in the country at the moment. Most of them are in the province of British Columbia. So those people probably get these kinds of notices all the time.

Parking Ticket Alternative

A brochure that tells you it’s okay that you “forgot” to pay your parking? Am I dreaming? “We noticed you forgot to pay for your parking today. No problem. It happens.”

A brochure about parking tickets
Source: Twitter

The brochure even goes on to explain the importance of paying for parking – as if the person who read this thing read it over and felt bad about “forgetting” to pay for parking. Then again, it’s Canada.

Is This Your Mitt?

Okay, so let me get this straight. Someone found a mitt at the bottom of the electricity pole. Took it home, WASHED IT, put it in a (good quality) plastic bag, and pinned it to the same pole?!

A mitt and a note in a plastic bag, pinned to a tree
Source: Reddit

I got to say, people. I think we can all learn a little something from our friendly neighbors from the North. I mean, just look at this moment. It’s precious…

Even the Busses Apologize

Only in Canada do the busses apologize when getting into an accident. And it doesn’t really matter whose fault it is. Whether it was the bus or the car, the bus is still going to apologize.

Car accident with a bus which displays the word “sorry.”
Source: Facebook

It looks like the accident wasn’t as bad as it could have been. This is one of those accidents that are more annoying than anything else because the traffic just got that much worse.

A Message to all the Rhubarb Thieves

Listen, if you’re going to steal some rhubarb from a field, do it properly, at least. Pull the root out with the stem. Why? Because if you chop the stem, the rhubarb won’t grow back. And that’s just not cool.

Sign that explains how to properly remove rhubarb from the ground
Source: Twitter

So if you’re going to steal some, at least do it in a considerate way! Like come on, isn’t that common sense? This is a call to all inconsiderate thieves out there. But that’s redundant.

So This is Why…

So now I understand why Canadian cops seem to have so much fun on duty. Here you see a whole group of cops doing morning meditation before heading out to serve and protect.

A group of cops meditating
Source: Pinterest

It all makes sense now! For all those happy cops in water gun fights and spend their shifts taking photos of dogs – it’s because they started their day with meditation. Well done, Canada, well done.

Happy Canada Day

For those of you who don’t know – Canada Day is only 3 days before Independence Day. July 1 is a big day for good ol’ Canada. And for those who love to celebrate, it sometimes involves making a note.

Statue with a Canadian flag and a note saying they’ll take it down
Source: Reddit

How Canadian is it to celebrate for a day and leave a note promising to come the day after and remove the flag? So polite, eh?

Speaking of Eh!

I think we all know who and what the Canadians are poking fun at here. But before anyone goes red in the face under their red hat, this is all in the name of humor. Take a joke, people!

Red hat that reads “CANADA already Great, eh!”
Source: Imgur

The point they’re trying to make here is that Canada is already great. So there’s no real need to make it great, again. The Prime Minister is busy with other things (and taking photos with makeup on his face).

Right to Bear Arms

Okay, it’s pretty clear that this is meant to be a humorous sign, poking “pun” at the American right to bear arms. So they thought it would be funny to get support to arm bears instead.

Sign that reads “Support our right to arm bears”
Source: Facebook

Now, let’s stop for a moment and just imagine a world where bears were armed. Can you imagine a more trippy and unsafe world than that? Just picture a massive grizzly holding a rifle.

Seems About Right

It looks like our friendly neighbors also like to protest every other weekend. But the difference is their protests involve not only cops and water fights, but their method of making signs is a little different.

Protesters holding signs held up by hockey sticks
Source: Twitter

While you might choose a broomstick to attach your sign that reads “LOVE NOT WAR,” Canadians open their closet, take out one of their seven hockey sticks, and use that as their protest sign.

Please Accept My Spider

Can I start by asking who #3 is? Well, it looks like #3 is going to be pretty mad. At least, up until the point he sees this friendly letter asking for forgiveness. I mean, who can stay angry when they see a drawing of a spider?

Apology letter with a drawing of a spider on the back
Source: Pinterest

It’s a sweet apology note, right? How cute is that happy little spider? Do you think this person makes spider apology letters all the time? Probably.

Sensory-Friendly Shopping

Anyone here ever heard of sensory-friendly shopping? Anyone? No one? Okay, so it’s not just me. What the heck is sensory-friendly shopping, and why is it even a thing?

Sign in a grocery store that reads “Sensory-friendly shopping”
Source: Reddit

Can’t people handle the lighting and sound? Then order your groceries online! But at the end of the day, it’s a 2-hour time slot. No big deal. Can you just imagine the energy in the place on Tuesdays from 6 – 8pm?

A Truly Canadian Christmas

Another tidbit of information: the beaver is the official emblem of Canada. It shows up on their money as well as eats their wood. And some Canadians like to make light of that on Christmas.

Broken Christmas tree with a stuffed animal beaver next to it
Source: Imgur

Whoever chose to put this in their home, made an elaborate attempt to make it look like that ever realistic beaver look like he did all the damage.

Meanwhile in Montreal

While I can’t quite figure out what we’re looking at here, all I know is that this photo was taken in Montreal, Quebec (which is a province in Canada).

Sign on a chain-link fence with pictures of dinosaurs on it
Source: Twitter

From what I can decipher, there’s a dinosaur with guns – a big no-no- and a dinosaur with flowers – a big yes-yes. So this is a protest against dinosaurs with guns, right?

Even Their Graffiti is Kind

Look at this! Even graffiti in Canada is overly polite. This is too much. “Your mom is a nice lady” next to “Your father is proud of you.” It doesn’t get more Canadian than this, people.

Graffiti on a wall reading Your mom is a nice lady” next to “Your father is proud of you.”
Source: Facebook

Over here, the graffiti is a whole lot more… what’s the right word to use? Meaner? Creepier? Dirtier? Maybe all of the above.

Not All Canadians Are Polite

Let it be known – not all Canadians are polite! But they’re referring to the non-humans. So we can still assume that all Canadian humans are polite. But watch out for those geese!

A sign saying Canadian geese aren’t polite
Source: Pinterest

Geese are like large ducks, so yeah, it makes sense that you would think that they’re cute and friendly. But oh no. Those geese are snappy and aggressive. So watch out for them.

Who’s in Your Pool?

Oh, so you get annoyed when you go outside and see Gary just chilling in your pool? How many times do you have to ask Gary to get out of your pool?!

A moose in a swimming pool
Source: Imgur

Well, have you ever seen a moose in your pool? Yeah, I didn’t think so. This is a strange situation if there ever was one. You probably wish you saw Gary instead.

All Seasons at Once

Ask any Canadian, and they’ll tell you that they really do experience all 4 seasons. And beyond that, they can experience all the seasons at one time. Well, maybe 3 out of 4.

A porch in from of a forest in the winter
Source: Twitter

It looks like this person stepped out onto their porch and felt the fall, winter, and even the spring – all at once. If you think about it, the air is probably really crisp.

Some More Graffiti, Canadian Style

You heard it right from the Canadian horse’s mouth: only ugly people litter. And beyond that, the earth deserves respect. You can’t really argue with that, though, can you?

Graffiti on the back of a street sign saying “only ugly people litter”
Source: Reddit

I’m fully on board with this one. I hate it when I see people litter. Don’t you wanna live in a clean environment? It makes no sense to litter on the ground we walk on!

A Form of Protest

This photo was taken in Montreal when the police officers were protesting against a labor dispute. Their form of protest? Not wearing their official police pants.

Police officers wearing colorful pants
Source: Imgur

They really showed them! Labor problems? No problem – they won’t wear their police pants on duty! That’s right; cow pants and hippie flower pants make a statement.

As Canadian as it Gets

Anyone else here ever been to a Tim Hortons? They have some darn good coffee and donuts. And they have these things called Timbits – little bite-size donut balls. Yum.

Three moose running in front of a Tim Hortons
Source: Pinterest

But forget about that. Just look at this super Canadian photo. Nothing is more Canadian than three moose running outside of a Tim Hortons.

Hockey Match

We all know how much Canadians love their hockey. And something tells me that these police officers aren’t just some of those kids’ dads.

Cops and kids playing street hockey
Source: Imgur

I have a feeling these cops were patrolling the area, were bored out of their minds (since there doesn’t seem to be any crime there), saw kids playing street hockey, and chose to join.

Sorry for This Sign

Not only do busses apologize for getting into accidents, so do signs in forests. People should know that the pathway isn’t lit, so it’s really at their own risk.

Sign in a forest about not being lit with the word “sorry” under it
Source: Reddit

But they should also know that the forest people are sorry. Now, are they sorry about not lighting the forest pathways or for having to put up a sign about it?

Actual Footage

Yes, this is actual footage of a parking ticket and some cash with a note on it. What’s on the note? “Nobody deserves a ticket when Team Canada wins hockey Gold. Xo”

A parking ticket on a car with cash and note on it
Source: Pinterest

How nice is that!? Someone saw this car with a ticket on it and gave the guy or gal the cash to pay for it! And no one even took the cash! It’s pretty heartwarming to see how nice people are.

The Last Samurai

Forget Tom Cruise and his actually well-done performance as a samurai legend. You should see this movie instead. It’s about a beaver who spent his whole life preparing to be a samurai warrior.

Beaver with a sword in its mouth
Source: Twitter

Okay, so maybe it didn’t do well at the box office, but give it a shot. It’s this beaver actor’s major movie debut. He’s been working as a waiter for 17 years before getting this role.

Bow Down

I don’t know which festival this is at, but this photo is trippy, to say the least. What does her shirt say under bow down? And why oh why is this cop bowing down?

A cop bowing down in front of a girl at a music festival
Source: Facebook

I really can’t think of a plausible scenario, so I’m just going to leave it at that. You can think of all the scenarios you want…

If Canada Had a Uniform

If the country of Canada had to wear a uniform and become one unit, I think it’s safe to say that the unified decision would be to wear plaid. And not just any plaid – red and black plaid.

People at a bar wearing black and red plaid shirts
Source: Imgur

These people at this bar are just chilling and enjoying some good Canadian beer – doing the Canadian thing. It does look pretty cozy, though, right?

And Then There Were Three

This is another perfect “meanwhile in Canada” meme. Do you think you’re having a bad day with all that rain out there? How about this, dude?

Man walking with two goats in a snowstorm
Source: Pinterest

He has to walk in the feet-high snow with his two goats. And this is just part of their journey. He has to make it 4 miles with these two to get to the farm.

Why Did the Geese Cross the Road?

In Canada, that age-old idiom about the chicken crossing the road is modified to include the goose. So why did the goose cross the road? To get to the Tim Hortons on the other side, of course.

Two geese crossing the road
Source: Twitter

Word has it that this pair of geese even waited at the crosswalk for the light to go green before waddling over to the other side of the road. Adorable!

Snowstorm? Who Cares?

It looks like this dude was either dropped onto the ground after being abducted from San Diego in his khakis and Vans or is just unaware of what is going on outside.

Man walking in a snowstorm wearing shorts and t-shirt
Source: Twitter

Who wears shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of a Canadian snowstorm? You know who does? This guy. He also wears the same outfit in thunderstorms, to weddings, and to his graduation.

Yet Another Friendly Cop

Fighting crime? Serving and protecting? How about buying lemonade from that adorable little girl on the road who only has enough for 4 people?

Cop buying a drink from a little girl’s lemonade stand
Source: Reddit

Hey, if I was driving by and saw this adorable scene, I would stop what I was doing and buy some lemonade, too. Wouldn’t you? Look how cute she is with her little table and her cup.

Driver Who Beeped

Hey you! Yeah, you. The driver who beeped at this person for going out of their turn at 13th and Belmont at 6pm on Thursday. Yeah, you. The person is sorry, dude.

Classified ad about a “driver who beeped”
Source: Pinterest

Hey, at least they apologized. They were wrong. You were right. So accept the apology and move on.