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If Animals Could Take over the World, This Is What They Would Look Like

Take a deep breath before you take yourself on a journey through what the world would look like if animals took over. And when I say take over, I don’t mean the good kind of warlords that wish well upon all. I mean the evil kind that just wants to see things go wrong. We’ve all seen the movies with the evil villains whose costumes are so obviously meant to look wicked. But what if the villains were your pet cat or dog, or even the herd of cows on the farm?


Source: Reddit

That’s right; these are photos of intimidating animals. Scroll down to see the pets and wild animals that have been spending their free time (and they have lots of it) conjuring up schemes in how they plan on taking over the world. And yes, your cat who you cuddle with 49% of the day is secretly coming up with ways to end your other pets’ lives. Anyways, happy scrolling!