If Animals Could Take over the World, This Is What They Would Look Like

Take a deep breath before you take yourself on a journey through what the world would look like if animals took over. And when I say take over, I don’t mean the good kind of warlords that wish well upon all. I mean the evil kind that just wants to see things go wrong. We’ve all seen the movies with the evil villains whose costumes are so obviously meant to look wicked. But what if the villains were your pet cat or dog, or even the herd of cows on the farm?

Cat sitting above a toy Santa Clause and toy houses.
Source: Reddit

That’s right; these are photos of intimidating animals. Scroll down to see the pets and wild animals that have been spending their free time (and they have lots of it) conjuring up schemes in how they plan on taking over the world. And yes, your cat who you cuddle with 49% of the day is secretly coming up with ways to end your other pets’ lives. Anyways, happy scrolling!

The Portal to the Underworld?

What you’re looking at here in this ever-so-creepy photo is a cat under a rug. But this isn’t just any plain old house cat. This is Mrs. Bojangles. Her owners thought it would be a cute name, but little did they know when they found her as a stray and as tiny as can be that she would grow up and become something from a nightmare.

Cat lying under a rug in the kitchen; its eyes glowing.
Source: Imgur

Mrs. Bojangles isn’t the kind of house cat of your normal variety. She spends most of the day and night under this rug in their kitchen. The scariest part about it? The rug goes flat sometimes – and no, she didn’t simply just leave the kitchen. This can only mean one thing: that Mrs. Bojangles found the portal to the inferno.

Mrs. Bojangles

On the off time that Mrs. Bojangles isn’t lying under the kitchen rug and descending under the crust of the earth, she goes outside to this specific tree. At first, her owners got worried and looked all over for her, but when it kept happening every once in a while, and they always found her next to this same tree, they stopped worrying.

Cat sitting next to a tree over a light on the grass, making it glow
Source: Twitter

But if I were them, this whole thing would make me worry even more. I mean, she goes to the tree – which has no light installed in the ground, by the way – and sits down to suddenly be lit up as if there were light under her! Is that not cause for concern? Maybe her owners are just too scared of her to do anything. If they got rid of Mrs. Bojangles, who knows what she would do for revenge…

He’ll Mess You Up

Beware of the kangaroo from down under. They may be cute and cuddly in stuffed animal form, but in reality, they are not to be messed with, let alone cuddled. “Just get away from it as fast as you can” was the advice a wildlife expert gave when asked what you do if you come face-to-face with a kangaroo.

Kangaroo is holding a mangled tin garbage can.
Source: shareably.net

Ian Temby spent 33 years with the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning. He said kangaroo attacks are rare, but when they do occur, they can be fatal in some circumstances. “If you’re standing up, the kangaroo can kick you with its hind feet, and that can pretty much rip you open,” he graphically explained. “That’s extremely dangerous.” Yeah, no kidding!

This Dog Hears Things

This photo was posted online, and people were commenting on how it’s an (evil) fox. But this isn’t a fox! Foxes’ ears are way bigger than this canine’s. I’m pretty sure this is a dog and part of the reason I think that is because he’s on a leash. Have you ever seen a fox on a leash? I sure haven’t.

Dog on a leash standing above sewer with steam and blue light.
Source: funintel.com

Okay, so now that we’ve established that this is a dog, we still haven’t figured out what his problem is. It could be a few things. Maybe he doesn’t like the steam that comes out of the sewage vents. Maybe he hears voices coming from inside them. Or maybe he’s just tired, and this is him yawning.

The Silence of the Lambs

Whoever took this photo must have been trembling at the moment. These lambs may be silent for now, but it won’t last much longer. These lambs congregate each and every night on the pasture to come up with the perfect plan to conquer the farm and then the town and then the country. But they need to figure out how to orchestrate it properly.

A herd of sheep at night; their eyes glowing
Source: knowyourmeme.com

The problem is the farmer dude keeps coming out every once in a while in the dead of night and in the middle of their meetings to take photos like this one. He’s disturbing their “silence,” which isn’t good news for him because he’s going to be the first one to go. Run away, farmer dude. Run!

This is Just How He Rests

This furry little cat looks all furry and cuddly and all, but he is kind of a weirdo. While most cats like to sleep all day on the couch, in your bed, or on the carpet, this particular cat likes to sleep upside while clawing on the curtains in the dining room. And yes, it has to be those curtains in that room.

A cat hanging on curtains upside down
Source: Twitter

His owners have bought this guy everything they could to try to get him to sleep in a normal way and to thus save their curtains. But to no avail. This is one stubborn cat. Why does he do this? Nobody knows, but my guess is that’s the only way he can see something special that’s hanging on the other wall.

If Bruce Banner Was a Cat

When this cat gets angry, he turns green and beefs up into this huge feline creature. But that doesn’t happen so often, only when something really ticks him off. Like if the neighbor’s dog comes to tease him, or if his owners buy him the wrong cat food. But generally, this cat is pretty calm. Like right now.

A cat lying down in a dent in the pavement
Source: Twitter

Right now, he’s taking a rest in the spot he jumped into earlier when he was having one of his episodes. And this time it was because a fly was buzzing around his head and he just couldn’t catch it. That makes him mad… Hulk mad. It explains the huge dent in the pavement that he caused when he jumped from the fence.

When Meerkats Rise Together

If meerkats were to join a cult, this is what it would look like to humans like us. They’re cute and everything, but they are capable of a lot more than we think. They don’t even speak to each other. They just stand then there in circles, with their eyes closed, humming in unison. I mean, come on, how creepy is that?

Meerkats standing in a circle under a heating lamp
Source: Reddit

Meerkat fact: the meerkat (or suricate) is a carnivoran in the mongoose family. Meerkats live in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, the Namib Desert in Namibia, and in South Africa. Did you know that a group of meerkats is called a “mob,” “gang,” or “clan?” I think the term clan would best describe this particular group of glowing meerkats.

Eyes on You…Or Them?

Here’s a random fact about cows. Cattle actually see things very differently than the way us humans do. Their eyes are located on the sides of their heads, giving them a range of vision of more than 300 degrees! In case you’re wondering, people, have a vision of about 180 degrees. This large field of vision gives cows a much smaller blind spot.

Cow looking into a home from outside the window
Source: knowyourmeme.com

So they pretty much see everything except what’s directly behind them. So while this cow’s head may be facing directly at whoever took this photo, he’s looking at everything going on in front of and on the side of him. But behind him? No, let’s not be ridiculous. He can’t see behind him. Not unless he’s part of an exorcism.


If Catzilla were a large cat villain that took over the town, this is what it would look like. But this Catzilla is taking over a small fake town that looks like it’s celebrating Christmas. And this cat looks particularly upset with what he is gazing upon. I don’t think the Christmas town is up to par with what this cat was planning for the holidays.

Cat sitting above a toy Santa Clause and toy houses
Source: Pinterest

Who knows – maybe this cat does things differently during the holidays. Maybe he’s the one who typically makes the little toy town, and this year, he gave the responsibility to the other cat of the house. Maybe that cat is sitting to the left of the camera, and he’s listening to this cat list off the reasons why the town doesn’t live up to his standards.

Angry Birds: Real-Life Version

This is one seriously angry bird. The chicken looks like she’s been waiting there behind the fence for days, just waiting for whoever it is she’s waiting to show up. I don’t know what she’s waiting for, but this chicken means business. I wouldn’t mess with her. I wonder if she ended up getting what she was looking for.

Chicken looking through a crack in a fence
Source: Twitter

Remember when Angry Birds was the biggest thing ever? The video game came out in 2009 as a casual puzzle video game, which was developed by Rovio Entertainment. Apparently, it was inspired mainly by a sketch of stylized wingless birds. The game was such a hit that it became a TV series, a movie, real-life toys, and much more.

The Cats Have Eyes

By ‘the cats have eyes,’ I’m playing on the title of the movie ‘The Hills Have Eyes.’ I’m hoping someone got that reference. It’s basically the same idea. In the movie, the “hills” are haunted, right? I haven’t actually seen it, so I’m just assuming here. But anyway, it’s a horror movie. So they must be haunted.

Cats on the kitchen counter and in the cupboards staring forward; their eyes glowing
Source: Reddit

And if these cats don’t look haunted, then I don’t know what does! There are 5 cats, and every single one of them looks as though the person taking the photo just interrupted them in the middle of something secretive. What were they doing? Eating all the snacks in the cupboards? Well, if that’s the case, then they should have don’t it more discreetly because everyone heard TimTim open the bag of chips.

Kool-Aid’s New Mascot

Remember the Kool-Aid guy who would storm through walls and yell “Kool-Aid!”? Well, he either found his match with this tortoise, or this tortoise is going to replace him as the drink’s newest mascot. Either way, this is one heck of a turtle. I think he’s also auditioning for the latest The Hulk movie. But the cat from earlier is also auditioning, so he has his competition.

Tortoise inside a hole in the wall
Source: knowyourmeme.com

Are you wondering if tortoises are dangerous? The answer is yes; they are dangerous to human beings. But it’s because of any muscular strength or anything like that. If the bacteria inside of them leave the bloodstream and enter their central nervous system, they can develop meningitis and or encephalitis. Salmonellosis can be transferred to humans, and it’s a serious disease, especially for young children and people with poor immune systems.

The Wrath of the Frogs

This photo is kind of cute, actually. But don’t let these frogs fool you; they are angry. I know, it’s hard to make frogs look scary, but these ones with their glowing eyes don’t make it so hard. This is a family of frogs that go from roof to roof in this small town. They’ve basically been haunting the town for a while now, and the townspeople are concerned.

Family of frogs on a roof
Source: Twitter

The problem is they can only ever spot them at night. And not only at night; they’re also only seen on the rooftops. So what is a person to do? Run up to the roof in time to catch them only to have them hop away? And have you ever heard of a frog trap? I sure haven’t.

‘Till the Cows Come Home

Do you know what the meaning of the phrase ‘Till the cows come home’ is? It means for a long but indefinite time. Do you know what the origin of the phrase is? Cows are notoriously unenergetic creatures and happen to take their sweet time when making their way home. That’s the imagery behind the phrase.

Cows standing in a field; their eyes glowing
Source: Imgur

But the exact time and place of the coining of this phrase aren’t known. It’s a long-standing expression, and the earliest example in print comes from the late 16th century. John Eliot used it in ‘Ortho-epia Gallica,’ in 1593, which was a French textbook that he used to try to “teacheth to speake truely, speedily and volubly the French-tongue.” Anyways… how creepy are these cows?!

I Have So Many Questions

Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin. These are the questions that have been running through my head: Why is there a horse in a building? How did it even get in there? How did it get to any floor other than the first?! I’ll revert to my first question again, which is why is there a friggin horse in a building? And what is he looking for outside?

a Horse looking out the window of a building
Source: Twitter

Who’s behind this debacle? Why did he or she think it was necessary to put this horse inside this building? Are they filming a music video or something? Whose video is it? Is it Rihanna? What song is the video for? Is anyone else famous in the clip? I’ll stop now…

Is That a Cat or Lucifer?

Remember the stepmother’s cat in Cinderella was named Lucifer? I mean, it’s totally the perfect name for any cat (considering how evil they may come off). But Lucifer in Cinderella didn’t look like a Lucifer. He may have acted like one, but he looked all furry and cute. Now THIS cat, on the other hand, …this cat looks like Lucifer.

Hairless cat under a blanket clawing the couch
Source: Reddit

Remember the first photo of the cat that found the portal to the underworld? Well, it looks like this cat found it too, on the couch, and it doesn’t want anything to do with it. It’s gripping on for dear life. Maybe the forces pulling him think he’s Lucifer, and that’s where the mix-up all began. The truth is, despite how it looks, this is a really friendly cat.

Séance-ing With Wolves

I know, I know, these aren’t wolves. I was just playing on the movie ‘Dancing With Wolves.’ Only these Huskies look like they’re conducting a séance. A séance, by the way, is a meeting where people try to make contact with the dead, typically through the agency of a medium. Remember the “game” Ouija?

Four huskies on the sand connecting their paws in a “t” symbol
Source: knowyourmeme.com

Well, Ouija was a séance game where people would use the board to communicate with dead people. Yes, I know. And yes, it’s taken seriously by those who “play” it. Have you ever played Ouija? It looks like these dogs don’t even need the board. They have their paws, and it does the trick. They’re probably communicating with the Huskie Lord from their early lives. They’ve been traveling for years in the Tundra.

Goats Get a Bad Rap

I don’t know why, but goats tend to get a bad rap. It’s the way they look and the things they do that make them kind of weird. Not only do they give us weird looks, like this one, but they do random things. One of the most bizarre things that goats do is they tend to suddenly faint.

Billy goat with large antlers
Source: Imgur

Myotonic goats, which are a common domestic goat in the U.S., have this genetic condition called myotonia congenital, and it causes their muscles to stiffen when they’re scared. So getting scared makes them faint. And this is perhaps why this guy is trying to do the scaring instead. He thinks if he gets them before they get him, then he should be okay. But is he?

He’s At it Again

Darn it, Charlie. We told him so many times that he can’t eat the Christmas lights. They’re not edible, Charlie. Sometimes, I think Charlie is perfectly aware that these lights aren’t edible and that the real reason he’s putting them in his mouth is that he thinks it looks cool…and scary. Charlie likes to scare people.

Cat with Christmas lights in its mouth
Source: Pinterest

Random fact about Christmas lights: they are a symbol of the light, hope, and good in the world, apparently. Christmas lights also serve to remind Christians to provide light to others. They’re also a symbol of following the enlightened path, as some say that Christmas lights are a reminder to follow the way of Christ… Does Charlie follow the way of Christ? I think he’s trying…he’s trying.

Speaking of Christ…

Now, this cat actually looks like Lucifer from Cinderella. He’s fat and fluffy like him and probably just ate a mouse or two. But the thing about this cat is his eyes glow. And I know what you’re thinking – that it’s the flare of the camera flash. You know, like all of the other animals in these photos. But no, this cat is different.

Cat lying on his back, with glowing eyes, in a room with a big red cross
Source: Twitter

This cat’s eyes glow for no apparent reason. At least, not for the reason that we can possibly be aware of. If he is, in fact, Lucifer, then we can probably guess why his eyes glow all the time. It could explain the large cross in the room. Maybe this cat is resting after a long and exhausting exorcism. And an unsuccessful one.

This Seal Watches You

I don’t really have a back story for this guy. So I’m going to provide you with some random seal facts. Like this one: while seals spend much of their lives in water, they mate, give birth and take care of their offspring on the shore. Their thick fur and blubber protection them against freezing temperatures.

Aquarium with one seal floating straight in the water
Source: Twitter

More random seal facts: When seals are on land, they live in huge colonies that consist of over a thousand seals. Seals are part of the pinniped category of marine mammals, which includes sea lions, walruses, and fur seals. There are 33 pinniped species in the world, and all are believed to have evolved from terrestrial otter-like creatures. And this seal looks like it is evolving into something else completely.

Crop Circle Chickens

I think it’s an obvious observation that these chickens have formed what looks like a crop circle, and it’s creepy, to say the least. Crop circles are strange patterns that show up mysteriously overnight in farmers’ fields. They provoke intrigue among the press and the public. And not to mention the farmer who is beyond angry that someone or something just ruined his crops.

Chickens formed together in the shape of a crop circle
Source: knowyourmeme.com

Crop circles have mostly been found in the United Kingdom, but they have spread to other countries around the world, like the United States. These circles have inspired all kinds of books, blogs, fan groups, research, and even Hollywood films. While many of the crop circles have been debunked and shown to be made by humans, we can’t explain this photo.

2nd Floor Security

Just as clubs have bouncers and security men, so does this floor in this house. These cats dominate the second floor and don’t let anyone come upstairs unless they deem them fit. The thing is no one actually gave these cats this role; they just took it upon themselves one day after they had a long sit down in the living room.

Two cats staring down from the top of the stairs; their eyes glowing
Source: Reddit

Ever since they’ve been looking like this. So it begs the question: what did they talk about? What are they protecting or guarding on the second floor? What’s up there? Does anyone even live in this house? Do their eyes always glow like the cat Lucifer from the other photo? I have more questions, but I won’t ask them now.

Lord of Lightning

This parakeet’s nickname is the Lord of Lightning. He doesn’t actually beckon lighting to start beaming through the skies. He does, however, think that he does. His fellow bird friends called him Lord of Lightning one day after he chirped, and the lightning began. Ever since the name stuck.

Parakeet sitting on top of its cage in front of a lightning storm
Source: Twitter

And another thing that stuck was his belief that he creates lightning. And when a lightning storm such as this one occurs, he immediately goes to his spot there in front of the window and dances to the beats of the thunder. He basically does his own version of a rain dance, but his version is after the rain already started. His friends still call him by his nickname, but only because he told them they have to.

Not as Threatening as the Others

Okay, so this little frog isn’t as threatening as the other animals and pets on this list. This little guy is rather cute just sitting there on this person’s windshield. It is pretty strange, though. I mean, how did it get there? Why is it just sitting there? And what is the purpose? Did it jump there, or did the person plant it on the windshield like that?

Frog stuck on a window shield
Source: knowyourmeme.com

I just hope that the driver didn’t use his or her windshield wipers because that would be cruel. And come to think of it, this frog looks so securely planted on that windshield, that even if they did use their wipers, I don’t think it would even budge. It looks like this little guy is there to stay.

Crows Are Scary. Period.

Okay, put aside the fact that crows and ravens are notoriously known as creepy and a symbol of darkness and bad luck in poems, books, and movies. I personally have a fear of crows because they attacked me one day when I was walking my dog. And this is a real story! My dog tried to take the food they were eyeing on the ground.

Crow picking at a chainsaw
Source: Imgur

So they attacked me and aimed right for my head. One crow went for my head, and the others came after. It was the scariest thing ever. Apparently, crows have really good memories. So I wore a hat for the next month when walking with my dog in fear that they would recognize me and attack me again. Bad birds! Bad!

The Lone Cow

This one is as eerie as it is sad. It looks like this photo was taken after a fire. More specifically, a wildfire. Wildfires have been happening way too often in California, unfortunately. They are devastating and take a toll on so many things, including people, their homes, their animals, etc.

Cow standing in rubble after a fire
Source: Reddit

Wildfires are the result of a combination of increased natural fuel and atmospheric conditions linked to climate change. Recent research on the wildfires in California predicted an increase in the number of wildfires due to climate change. In the 2019 wildfire season, 6,872 fires have been recorded, totaling 253,321 acres of burned land, as of November 24, 2019. That’s just way too many fires! I feel bad for all the animals involved.

Trail Cam Confessionals

Random raccoon facts: Raccoons have super senses. Though their tiny paws are great for climbing, they’re also very sensitive. Compared to most mammals, raccoons have four to five times more sensory cells in their paws. 75% of the part of their brains that processes sensory signals is dedicated to touching. They know what an object is without looking at it, so the raccoons see things with their hands.

Trail cam photo of a raccoon staring at the camera in front of two deer
Source: Pinterest

Raccoons are also good teachers. Most animals learn by imitating their mothers, and raccoons do just that. In 2015, someone saw a raccoon mom’s repeated attempts at teaching her baby to climb a tree. The patient’s mother, a raccoon, was repositioning her baby on the tree multiple times, making sure it doesn’t fall.

Angry Boss Toad

Everybody, meet super angry boss man toad. He’s in charge, and he’s not pleased. Want some random facts about toads. Here they come. There are 350 species of toads. Toads are found throughout both temperate and tropical regions, except for countries like Australia, Madagascar, the Polar Regions, and Polynesia. The lifespan of a toad is 4 to 15 years in the wild and 5 to 40 years in captivity.

Person holding a toad who is crossing its arms
Source: Imgur

Toads range in size, with the smallest North American toad being only 1.3 inches. Cane toads are the largest and grow up to 9 inches in length. A massive cane toad caught in Australia was nicknamed “Toadzilla,” and has been described as the size of a small dog! Maybe it was this boss man toad.

Bird’s Got Your Teeth?

Cat got your tongue? Bird got your teeth? Get it? Anyway, this seagull is sick of his normal diet of garbage and dead fish. This seagull wants to feast on the things that other people use to feast on their own food. That’s right; this seagull likes to eat teeth of humans. Either that, or he found these teeth and is looking for their rightful owner to give them back to him or her.

Seagull holding dentures in its beak
Source: knowyourmeme.com

Who knows, maybe this seagull is reaching out and trying to help its human neighbors. But I have to ask, why are there teeth on a bench on the side of the road? What kind of scenario resulted in teeth being left behind on a bench?

An Uninvited Guest

This bird saw a party taking place and decided that it wanted to crash the party. This bird clung on to the hanging pig, not realizing that the pig is actually a piñata. Luckily for the bird, it flew away just in time, before the child with the swinging bat didn’t hit him. The bird stuck around though to snatch some candy that was left all over the floor.

Bird sitting on a hanging toy pic at a birthday party
Source: Reddit

This photo you see here is hours after the party already ended. The bird is just so “sugar high” that it can’t stop swinging on the pig. At this rate, this bird is going to be hanging around (literally) until the next morning. Maybe he can help out with the cleaning up.

Angry Bird’s Inspiration?

When they made Angry Birds, this must have been the real inspiration. All animated work is somewhat inspired by real-life characters. And this is by far one angry bird.

Random bird fact: The phrase “eat like a bird” should mean something else. A lot of birds eat twice their weight in food every day. In fact, birds require more food in proportion to their size than a baby or a cat.

Bird looking angry with its beak open
Source: Twitter

Apparently, one-third of all bird owners turn on the radio for their pet bird when they leave the house. And I think that explains this bird’s anger. Its owners always put the country radio station when they go to work. And Chirps hates country music.

That Can’t Be Safe

Didn’t his mommy tell him not to run with knives? Other than the fact that this adorable puppy is running with a knife in its mouth, nothing is threatening about this little puppy. He may grow up to be a big and scary-looking dog one day, but for now, he’s just a little pup with a steak knife in his mouth. He’s waiting for his cut of steak.

Puppy carrying a knife in its mouth
Source: Imgur

Random puppy fact: Etymologists think the word “puppy” may come from the French word “poupeé,” meaning doll or toy. The word puppy didn’t appear in the English language until the late 16th century. Before then, English speakers called baby dogs whelps. William Shakespeare’s ‘King John’ is one of the earliest known works to use the term “puppy-dog.”

Don’t Mess With Him

This is a young Vizsla named Haarlem, and she was caught red-handed when she was trying to escape her kennel. Her owner, Andrew Koehler, said his wife took this photo in the moment, and it was posted on Reddit with the caption, “Went to pick up the dog from kennel and found her like this…”

Dog standing on top of a fence in a kennel
Source: Reddit

Andrew wrote how their 13-month-old dog has a tendency to escape. “She is notorious there for a) being completely insane, and b) HATING the kennels,” he wrote in his post. “Normally, if we are late to pick her up, they put her in one of their big playrooms to hang out while they are cleaning, but this day, one of the new girls put her in a kennel with an open top.”

What the…?

You’re standing on the edge of a pier (as it looks like), and suddenly, a goose comes out of nowhere and starts picking at your feet, thinking your shoes are food. Geese are actually kind of vicious. Apparently, geese can become aggressive, and it’s usually if they believe their eggs or goslings are in danger. Even if you don’t see a nest, there may be one nearby.

Goose biting someone’s shoe
Source: Twitter

If you get too close to a nest, a goose may attack you. There have been goose attacks on humans, but most of them result in minor or no injuries. But let it be known that severe injuries can definitely happen. So watch out people, and keep an eye out for goose nests.

Milk for All

It’s widely known that cats love their milk. But since when did snails have a knack for the white dairy drink? And not just any snail – that’s a huge snail! It might drink more milk than the cat!

Did you know that there are as many 150,000 species of gastropods (snails and slugs)? And they live in almost all habitats, from oceans to deserts.

Cat sipping on milk next to a large snail also sipping on milk
Source: Reddit

They’ve also inspired medical adhesives. Researchers developed an adhesive that copies the same stickiness of a slug’s slime. It’s the same goo that allows marine snails to cling onto rocks. The medical glue is made for use in repairing heart defects. So far, the glue has only been tested on pig hearts. But still, it’s pretty neat, right?

His Resting Spot

When this seagull gets tired, he doesn’t find land to rest his wings. He finds dead fish to lightly cruise on top of. He can stand on that fish for a while as he regains his energy for his next flight. I’m wondering, though, if this seagull also killed the fish. Or did he just find it lying there and took the opportunity?

Seagull in the water standing on top of a dead fish
Source: Twitter

Random seagull fact: Seagulls are one of the rare types of animals that can drink salt water. Amazingly, they have special glands located above their eyes, which eliminate the excess salt from their bodies. The diet of a seagull includes insects, earthworms, small rodents, reptiles, and amphibians. So it doesn’t look like they even eat fish.

Last But Not Least

And last but not least, we have these two dogs. The Rottweiler is basically babysitting this little guy while their owners run inside to grab some stuff at the store. And the Rottweiler is doing a great job. He’s holding the little one’s leash as if he were a human! Have you noticed that he doesn’t even have a leash?

Rottweiler holding the leash of a smaller dog in its mouth
Source: Twitter

If you ask me, I would definitely put a leash on the Rottweiler over the little one. But maybe their sizes are deceiving. Maybe the little one is wild and aggressive, and the Rottweiler is a lot more friendly and calm. I think that’s the case here. I mean, his owners trust him to watch over the other one.