Camping Fails: The Dos and Don’ts of Camping (Mostly Don’ts)

I know it’s winter right now, and most of us are stuck in the thick of it – with snow, ice, and irritation. And that’s precisely why looking at a whole bunch of camping fails is just what you need right now. You can think about summer and how you need to finally take the family for a camping vacation. And as someone who grew up with yearly camping adventures with my family, camping is totally worth it. The bonfires, marshmallows, and BBQ-ing are worth the damp sleeping bags, crappy sleep, and walking in the middle of the night to the bathroom (if there even is one).

Man lying in collapsed tent on the ground

While some people having camping down pat with years of experience and a whole shed with equipment, some are, let’s say, new to the world of camping and could use a few pointers. The photos you’re about to see are some of the best and worst camping photos you’re going to see. It’s full of fails, genius hacks, and moments captured on camera that will leave you speechless… like seeing your children in their sleeping bags, waking up to find a Grizzly bear about 3 feet away from them. Can you imagine?

Well, That’s Not Nice

For these nice folks who set up their camping equipment and their tents, this is the last thing they want to get welcomed with. I mean, you can expect a certain degree of dirt when you go camping, but this? This is the product of someone who either hates camping or just had to leave the park and make a statement while he or she was it.

Skid marks from a car on the grass at a campsite

Whoever did this didn’t give one tiny little rat’s butt and sped away in the damp swampy grass – which was clearly after a night of pouring rain. And everyone knows how camping in the rain isn’t so fun. So these campers already had a bad night, and this dude just added the cherry on top. Thanks, man, this is perfect. Just perfect!

Rebel Campers

Apparently, not everyone reads signs, let alone abides by them. These campers, for instance, are either illiterate and can’t read, or they’re showing off their rebellion and challenging the rules. No camping? Says who? Not these camping folk, that’s for sure. These people would rather toss rules to the side and live in the moment in their tents.

many tents set up in front of a sign that reads “no camping.”
Source: Pinterest

From the looks of it, these people are camping out at some outdoor concert. I don’t know which concert was going down, but whoever is in charge is going to have to get ready to do a lot of cleaning up. Considering how rebellious these people are, I’m not so sure they’re going to clean up after themselves. Then again, the garbage cans are right there.

If This Isn’t an Oxymoron, I Don’t Know What Is

There are people with expensive taste, and then there are people who have no taste. I think this person is the perfect combination of the two. Riding in style with an orange Lambo is someone with expensive taste. Hanging up your clothes and towels for everyone to see? Well, not so much. So who is this mystery walking oxymoron?

Clothes hanging to dry on an orange Lamborghini at a camping site

I’m going to guess that he or she grew up rather modestly but somehow made a bit of a fortune. You can take the kid out of the slums, but you can’t take the slums out of the kid. Or something like that. Either way, this person needs to wear dry clothes when driving down the highway at full speed and music at full volume.

It’s Me or the Bike!

For some women, there comes a time when they have to stand up to their man and give him an ultimatum. For many, it’s a matter of her or his sports addiction, or her or the other woman! But her or the bicycle? Now, that’s a new one. This woman sleeping outside of the tent while her man is sleeping inside with his bike is not a happy camper (pun intended).

man hugging his bike inside a tent while girlfriend is lying on the ground

It’s also funny to see how he is literally cuddling with the bike. I mean, people usually cuddle with other people, or stuffed animals, or real animals! But how comfy could a bike really be? Who knows, maybe after this couple’s fight the night before, he was only cuddling with the bike to prove a point. The truth is, he probably had a horrible night’s sleep.

Motorhome DIY Styles

These days, it’s all about DIY and hacks and doing things on our own. But something tells me that this guy did what we see here a long time ago, way before the DIY movement even became a thing. This guy could be the pioneer of DIY camping hacks. This guy had ideas; ideas that drove his wife crazy, yet he still had to make them come to life.

Truck with a camper installed on top of it
Source: Reddit

This DIY project was one of the first, but it seems to be lacking in the safety department. I sure hope that no one is actually in the camper while he drives his truck. I have a question, though: is that camper meant to stay up on that truck at all times? How is one supposed to climb up there to get in?

Let Me Outta Here!

Some people just can’t leave home without their pets. This is one reason why bringing your cat on your camping trip might not be the best idea. And really, cats actually prefer that you leave them home alone to lie on the couch all day.

Cat poking its head out of a tent
Source: Pinterest

The thought of being in a tent surrounded by squirrels and bugs is not what a cat considers an ideal weekend. And by the look on this cat’s face, he’s not a happy camper. Someone’s shoes are going to peed on when they get home.

Bunk Beds for Hikers

While this really does make for a great photo, I can’t help but wonder how they got up there and how they are going to get down. These brave hikers also can’t be afraid of heights, that’s for sure. If you look closely at each of these brave dudes, you’ll see how some are facing upward while some are facing downward.

A series of hammocks set up between two trees; one on top of the other
Source: Twitter

I’m assuming that those facing downward didn’t mean to, but the hammock/sleeping bad had turned over. Now that can’t be comfortable to sleep facing down like that. I’ve never tried it, and I don’t want to, either. Another thing to think about here is how these guys are planning to go in and out of their hammocks at night to go to the bathroom. That’s gonna be tricky.

Aw, Man. That Sucks

Some things that just don’t mix well, like water and oil, beer and liquor, and camping and rain. And to be more specific; cellphones and water. Generally, using your phone while camping kind of defeats the purpose of camping in the first place. But I’ll put that aside. Putting your cellphone on your camping chair and forgetting about it is even worse.

A camping chair with a cellphone sitting in a puddle of water
Source: Pinterest

This is just one reason why cell phones and camping don’t go together. Not only can they distract you from nature and the joys of being outside, but they can also get soaked in rainwater. Bonfires and beers are the way to go when camping, but getting too drunk to remember where you put your phone is not the way to go. Because you’ll wake up to this.

What Not to Do in Nature

Hey fellah, leave your work at the office, will you? Talk about a workaholic. This guy can’t get away from his work for a weekend; he has to take his office to the campground, too? I doubt his wife and kids are happy to see this going on. Isn’t camping supposed to be a way to connect with nature and leave all the worries at home?

Man in a tent with a desk and computers, talking on the phone
Source: Reddit

This photo must have been taken a while ago, when everything was still wire-connected when desktop monitors were huge like that, and the first laptop ever just came on the market. Today, sadly, people are constantly working anywhere and everywhere. They just use their cellphones, so it’s less in your face. This guy, though…

No Comment

Go ahead and think of a title for this one – and keep in mind that you need to think of one that can’t be vulgar or offensive. Having trouble? Yea, it’s not so easy, hence my choice of “No Comment.” Anyway, this tent manufacturer felt that having a zipper on a tent is too “modern,” “convenient,” “practical,” and shall I say more “pleasing to the eye?”

A beige-colored tent closed by a drawstring

This tent maker didn’t want that. They don’t want positive feelings when people see their tents. They would rather have negative, body-related connotations when people see their tents. I don’t know if I should mention the choice of color, but I think it’s integral in the whole essence of this tent. I wonder how long it took for someone to notice. And how did they explain to the manufacturers what the problem was?

Doggie Style Camping

When this husky’s owner told him that he can hang out with him on his camping trip, this dog took hanging out quite literally. All he wants to do is hang in this hammock. While his owner is busy cooking up food and making a campfire, this husky is living his best life.

Dog hanging out in a hammoock
Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately for this guy, his owner came and interrupted his sleep when he just had to snap a photo of this adorable moment. We can’t blame him. It seems as though the dog is telling his owner to just wait his turn to lay in the hammock.

Sorry, It’s Reserved

While the “No Camping” sign we saw before didn’t stop eager campers, I don’t think any camper will want to disobey this sign that reads “RESERVED: Please do not pitch here.” Like, really, you don’t even need to say please. We’ll take our chances and look for another site that hasn’t been reserved. Who wants to pitch their tent in a swamp of mud?

Campsite drenched in rainwater with a sign that reads “RESERVED: Please do not pitch here.”

Whoever reserved this spot is going to show up and wish he hadn’t come at all. By the looks of this campsite, it’s going to take about a week with the pure sun to dry that up. If this family is here for a weekend, then they’re in a wet two days of camping “fun.” It looks like they’re going to be sleeping in the car.

Minimalist Camping

It’s always admirable to see people who choose the minimalist way of life. Getting rid of all the unnecessary things we have in our homes and choosing only what you really need. But this photo gives a whole new meaning to traveling light. This guy felt that a tent for his head was all he needed on his camping trip with what looks like The Hells Angels.

Man lying on the ground with his head on a mini tent
Source: Twitter

Tell me something: what is the point of this tiny little tent? It’s not even big enough for a dog or cat. So what is it for? A pet rat? Gerbil? Then again, it could possibly be one of those gag gifts that are meant to be funny and not taken seriously. Poor guy. Someone should have told him that it’s not an actual “head tent.”

No Tent? No Problem

This camper seems either completely unprepared for his camping getaway, or he actually thinks this is a much better way to sleep. Who knows – maybe he’s anti tents. Maybe he has a bad experience with tents, and he now chooses to sleep on two chairs and a cooler instead. While he doesn’t want to be too hardcore and sleep on the ground, this was the next best thing.

man lying on top of a cooler between two chairs outside

I mean. Let’s face it – this guy is resourceful. If it were me, I think I would have just sat in the chair instead of lying on a cooler. But to each his own. If this guy wakes up and says, “Wow, I slept great!” while stretching, I’m sure everyone around will roll their eyes.


Ever heard of the term “glamping?” It’s what they call luxury camping or glamorous camping. It’s the kind of camping that people who want to get outdoors while not giving up their luxury lifestyle do. I think that most “real” campers look at these glampers and roll their eyes. I mean, they actually installed an air conditioner in their tent! Of all my years on campgrounds, this is a first.

tent with an air conditioner installed in the window
Source: Pinterest

Camping involves leaving all the comforts and luxuries of home life behind and opening yourself to the grit of nature. But this family actually took an air conditioning unit and went through the hassle of plugging it into a portable generator. I think this family should just go ahead and stay in a hotel room down the road.

Nice Camping Hack, Folks

Here’s an awesome camping hack that many campers would like to have known before their last camping trip. Sometimes a good hack can make your whole experience that much better. These people transformed an old mailbox into cooking ware to make their meals and heat up their coffee and tea. It’s genius!

Metal mailbox used as a grill for cooking
Source: Reddit

Who would have thought that an old metal mailbox would be a good addition to your camping gear? Sure, there was some work involved with welding, probably, but it looks like it was worth it. There are some hacks that you see that make you think, “Why didn’t I ever think of that?” This is one of them.

If you wanna see some more * camping hacks *, we have a whole list of them! NOTE

Goold Ol’ Horsin’ Around

Sometimes you invite guests, and sometimes guests come uninvited. Which kind of guest was this horse? I’m going to assume it was uninvited. But who knows? Maybe this camper has a pet horse! I think that scenari0 is a lot more fun to think about than it just showing up randomly.

horse walking into a tent

Random camping fact: did you know that millennials go camping more than any other age group? This young population says that their motivation is: a love of outdoor activities, appreciation of nature, love of music festivals, and sharing photos on social media. In the United States alone, the majority of campers today are white males with an average age of 35. I gotta say, I’m a little surprised!

Talk About Multi-Purpose

Listen, there are good hacks, and there are bad hacks. And then there are hacks like these, where you can’t decide whether it’s good or bad. I can’t make up my mind with this one. Is it genius or absolutely ridiculous? Turning a shopping cart into a makeshift grill is definitely something I’ve never seen before.

shopping cart being used as a grill

Random camping fact: did you know that there isn’t even a universally held definition of camping? Apparently, camping embodies the “spirit of escaping everyday life and embracing the outdoors.”

Oh, and over 42 million Americans (14% of the population) go camping each year. And the Mountain Region of America (from Montana to Arizona and New Mexico) is more popular as a camping destination than other parts of the country.

Keeping the Dogs Warm

Considering how anyone with a pet who goes camping is going to bring their pet along, it’s only natural that they need to be taken into consideration, too, when it comes to keeping warm in the wilderness. This dog isn’t just staying warm; he’s also keeping it cool with his hooded jacket. Because hoods always make us look cool.

Dog wearing a parka with its hood on
Source: Twitter

Random camping fact: In the United States, campers went on 3.8 trips each year (on average), which lasted an average of 2.7 nights. People drove 146 miles to their destinations and set up their campsites about a quarter of a mile from their cars. Hey, when I say random camping fact, I really mean it. And there’s more to come.

Free Flying

Camping near a lake has some benefits. One of being able to enjoy water sports. Tubing is really one of the most fun. Here, somebody thought it would be a good idea to take the girls for a tubing ride on the lake. While tubing is exhilarating and boosts up endorphins, this particular ride makes them fly in the air, too.

People tubing on a lake and one of the girls is flying in the air
Source: Reddit

It looks like they hit some waves that were a little bit too choppy, because she went straight up into the air. But don’t worry – she came right back down safely. Not only does it make for a great photo – it’s also an awesome memory!

Nudist Beach Camping Site?

I really hope that Sandy Balls is the name of a nudist camping site on the beach because that would be the perfect name, wouldn’t it? This is a destination I want to visit. Not only is it a name that no one will ever forget, but I’m sure all the nude people at the site will provide some memories that you can’t forget, either.

sign that reads “Sandy Balls” as a campsite
Source: Reddit

Random camping fact: Campers spend an average of $128.26 on their first camping trip. Also, about 68% of adult campers in America are married or living with a partner. On average, people who use RVs tend to camp for 3.7 nights, while those who camp with tents tend to go for 2.5 nights each trip.

Some More Unwelcome Visitors

Look, when it comes to bears and camping, the only bear welcome is Winnie the Pooh, okay? If your name isn’t Winnie and you’re not a cute little cartoon bear, then please stay away from my tent. No, I do not have to give you my jar of honey or the salmon I cooked on the grill. You can find your own meal

bear lying down in a tent
Source: Pinterest

If you’re going camping in bear country, then you might want to set up your campsite to keep activities separate. There are 3 main areas: sleeping, cooking, and food storage. Keep your food stored away from your tent. But keep your cooking separate from the other two, as well, so any smells the bear might pick up won’t lead them to where you’re sleeping.

Spa Treatment

Oh man, this poor guy chose the worst time to go to sleep. Either that or he just has some cruel friends. but then again, teens will be teens. Or boys will be boys, rather. Everybody knows that pranks are a big and also fun part of camping, just like marshmallows and ghost stories.

Guy sleeping with food and markings on his face
Source: Imgur

He must have fallen asleep before his friends, so they did what they had to do. They took the leftover hot dog buns and ketchup, and marshmallows and had a field day on this poor kid’s face. I can only imagine how he felt when he woke up! That isn’t a pretty sight.

Tents Fly, Too

As kids, it was challenging just trying to get your kite to fly up in the air. But what happens when you see a tent in the sky? It’s confusing no doubt. How did they manage to get it up so high? I’m still wondering if this is an actual tent-shaped kite or an actual tent.

tent flying in the air by the trees
Source: Pinterest

If it is indeed someone’s tent, then they’re in for a surprise when they go back to their camping site to find it missing. And when they look up to see it flailing in the trees, they’re going to have to figure out their sleeping arrangements. Is there a nearby motel?

S’mores Snack Hack

There is nothing more nostalgic than thinking about roasting marshmallows on a bonfire to make s’mores. When it comes to s’mores, everyone has their own little trick for making the perfect kind. This is one pretty darn smart way to cook them! This rake allows the marshmallows to get toasty while also evenly heating up the graham crackers and chocolate.

rake being used to make s’mores over a fire outside

Random S’mores fact: You can thank the Girl Scouts for your favorite camping snack. The Girl Scouts manual from way back in 1927 featured the first official recipe for S’mores. And they officially changed camping ever since. Who goes camping or does a backyard bonfire without making s’mores? Wow, who’s hungry for some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers right about now?

Life’s a Picnic

When they said, “Life is no picnic,” they certainly never met these two gentlemen. These men turn lemons into lemonade and make every scenario into a picnic…literally. Take this boat/picnic table, for example. These guys turned a picnic table into a boat! I gotta say, it’s pretty clever. I mean, they have the umbrella and the motor installed.

two men sitting on a picnic table-turned boat
Source: Twitter

Random camping fact: More than 12,000 day and resident camps exist in America alone. Another thing about camping is that it makes you feel better! Getting out into nature, in general, is healing, but camping can relieve stress and anxiety. It’s something about getting out into the wilderness and making a spot for yourself out there, among friends and family. It does the trick.

That Looks Like it Hurts

One of the unwritten agreements among nature lovers is to practice respect for the surroundings when you’re in the wilderness. You need to leave things as they are when you come and pick up after yourself. It also generally helps to have an understanding of plants so that you don’t get yourself into a sticky or prickly situation.

man covered in cacti standing next to a few police officers
Source: Pinterest

This apparently fell into a bed of cacti. Ouch. It’s pretty much the last thing you want to fall into. So what do you do if you fall into cacti? You call for help. The local fire department comes to this dude’s rescue. I think these firemen weren’t only confused but even amused at what they walked into. It’s kind of hard not to laugh at a scene like this.

When Nature Calls

When nature calls while you’re on a camping trip, install a toilet on the back of your truck. But I gotta ask: what makes this any better than the port-o-potties that some campgrounds have? It’s definitely better than going in the wilderness because at least this way, the man is cleaning up his own mess!

toilet seat attached to the back of a truck

But I sure hope that this guy is choosing this method because there are no alternatives. If there is an actual washroom around, then this truck toilet is very questionable. I mean, this needs to be on emergency-basis only. I do commend him on caring about the environment…I guess? It’s also pretty clever how he attached a toilet paper holder. He’s fully equipped.

Becoming Glampers

These campers are well on their way to becoming glampers. They still have a tent, so they’re technically still part of the normal camping community. But then they brought this super deluxe air mattress that pretty much tells us that they’re not ready to give up on comfort and luxury. So this is what the result of mid-transition to glamping looks like.

a tent with a full air mattress inside
Source: Pinterest

But when you look at it, these people really know what they’re doing. That mattress looks so comfy and just what you want to plop onto after a night of BBQ and beers. But the way this is going, this couple’s next camping trip is probably going to involve an RV or an air conditioner, like that other family.

Are We There Yet?

Yes, kids, we made it. We got as close to the water as one can possibly get. In fact, kids, we’re actually IN the water. So put your swimsuits on and get out the pool noodles, because it’s time for a swim! That’s what I imagine the dad saying as he backed the RV into the ocean, as though it was a parking spot. This, my friends, is a first.

truck pulling an RV parked on the beach in the water
Source: Reddit

His family probably urged him the whole drive up to find the best spot – one by the water! He probably said, there’s nothing by the water and that they have to park by the trees. But noooo, his wife and kids kept bugging him about. So what happened? This happened. It’s call spite. It’s also called regret. He should have listened to his wife.

Your “Royal” Heinie

Truck guy with the toilet seat attached to the back – meet camper with a toilet seat on the rocks. You two would make a good match. By the looks of it, this camper set up the rocks and stones perfectly with the idea in mind to create his own Rock-o-Potty. It looks like he has privacy, too, so this is just perfect for the man who doesn’t like to give up his bathroom time while camping.

a toilet installed on top of stones at a campsite
Source: Imgur

While his unfortunate family has to wait for him to finish, he will sit on his royal stones and read his newspaper. They must wait patiently as daddy does not take less than 30 minutes on his royal throne. That is, until one of the kids threatens to post a photo of him on the toilet and post it on Instagram. That makes him get up quickly.

Multi-Purpose at a New Level

When people talk about multi-purpose items, they mean one thing. There’s multi-purpose, and then there’s this. This camping hack is genius. They turned an old toilet into both a grill and a cooler! They can make their meat while chilling their beers at the same with the same device! Pretty smart if you ask me.

toilet being used as a grill and a cooler

I just want to know if they brought this from home or found the toilet in the wilderness and thought of this on the spot. And if the latter is the case, then these guys are clever as heck. This is a nice example of upcycling! And don’t worry – even if the toilet wasn’t sanitized, the heat goes way above 212 degrees, so the bacteria is getting killed anyway.

When Mufasa Visits

Anyone here loves the Lion King? Yeah, me too. Now, who here loves to see a real lion about two feet from in front of your face? Yeah, me neither. This lion came right up to this camper while he was taking his afternoon nap/read. And the lion is the last thing he was expecting to see at that moment.

Lion next to a man reading a book in his tent
Source: Pinterest

If this man made it out in one piece, then he surely has a great story to tell and an incredible photograph. Judging by his clothing and gear, this man might be a safari guide or part of the tour that is on a safari. Either way, the African Savannah isn’t the ideal camping ground, considering how lions roam free. It’s at your own risk in these places. Good luck!

The Secret Campground

Random camping facts: let it be known that getting killed by wildlife is one of the rarest ways to die on a camping trip in a national park. However, in 2010, unfortunately, one person was killed by a mountain goat.

Another random fact: men are more likely to die during a camping trip than women. The reason isn’t clear, but men account for about 75% of camping deaths in U.S. national parks. I mean, I could give my own personal explanation as to why this is the case, but I’ll it to myself.

sign in the woods that reads “secret campground ¼ mile.”
Source: Twitter

Random camping fact: in the United States, one of the most common causes of car accidents in national parks and campgrounds is foreign drivers who aren’t used to driving on the left side of the road.

When Tents Fly

While it is a lot of work setting up the camping gear and everything, it still needs to be done. Setting up a tent involves two steps: assembling it and then anchoring it to the ground. These campers clearly only did the first part of the process. Folks, this is what happens if your tents are not attached to the ground, and there’s a lot of wind.

two tents getting blown away in the wind
Source: Reddit

Random camping facts: one of the first-ever recorded mentions of a tent is in the Bible. Yes, in Genesis 4:20, Jabal is described as “the first to live in tents.” And another tent fact is the U.S. Department of Defense is actually one of the world’s largest users of tents. It makes sense when you think about it.

A New Way of Camping

I have no idea what this tent/hammock thing is as I’ve never seen anything like this. But I do have an idea as to how it must feel to be up there. And that’s both scary and exciting. Scary because who knows how strong the knots are that her boyfriend tied on the tree. And exciting because of look how fun that looks!

Girl sitting in a tent that is tied between two trees, hanging in the air

What more could this woman possibly need? She has a fancy tent house in the trees, complete with a ladder to get up and down safely, and although we can’t see for sure, she probably also has a comfy mattress in there, too. While this isn’t really glamping, this is a whole new way of camping. And it looks awesome.

Extreme Camping

Sure, this can sit in the category of extreme camping, but if I had to give this type of camping a name, I would use a different term altogether. What do you guys say about “insane camping” or “I lost my mind camping?” These guys are literally living life on the edge. And just looking at this photo makes me nauseous.

mountain climbers who set up camp on the side of a mountain
Source: Pinterest

How do you pitch a tent and sleep there?! These people have lost their marbles. Okay, so this is what professional rock climbers do, but come on people! Is the reward worth the risk? I think not. Just the thought of sleeping in a tent that’s hanging off a rock gives me the shivers. Do you think they look down? I couldn’t possibly look down!

Nap Time on the Lake

This can be one of two things: either this couple purposely chose to take a nap on an air mattress in the middle of the lake, or this was a prank by their friends they’re with on this camping trip. And if it is a prank, these two are about to wake up to a big surprise and possibly a fall into the water. That is, depending on how jolty they are when surprised.

a couple sleeping on an air mattress on a lake
Source: Imgur

The prank is actually an old one. There’s nothing like grabbing your friend’s mattress and pulling it out onto the water in the middle of the night so he can wake up like that in the morning. The only thing is that they need to be pretty intoxicated not to be woken up by all the movement. And from the looks of it here, this couple had a lot to drink.

That’s Not How it’s Done

There’s nothing like good teamwork, and it’s even more fun when you can laugh at the finished product when it goes hilariously wrong. These two girls took their tent-pitching disaster in stride. Only after they finished the tent set up did they step back and see this.

Two women and a poorly constructed tent
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes it helps to make sure in the middle of the process that you’re in the right direction. Otherwise, you notice after you’re done and have to start all over again. So let this be a lesson to camping beginners. Follow the tent’s instructions if you have them!

A Tent or an Art Installation?

This is too confusing and also hilarious for it to be accidental. These people already have a place to sleep so I’m confused as to why they even tried to pitch a tent. And then the outcome of their efforts is too funny. How did this even happen?

A collapsed tent in front of an RV
Source: Twitter

I’m not sure if this is a trampoline that collapsed in itself or if it’s a tent that went horribly wrong. Either way, this is not what it is supposed to look like – whatever it is. Maybe the person who tried to set it up saw how hard it was and just gave up. A cold beer in the RV was more appealing.

Bring Your Own TV

Who said you couldn’t combine the great outdoors with modern society? Well, not so modern, as this TV was probably made in the 80s, but you get the point. This teenager told his parents that he would only come on the family camping trip on one condition: that he gets to watch TV. And considering that this was before the cellphone age, this was the agreed-upon setup.

teenager sitting on a chair watching TV at a campsite
Source: Twitter

This means that they had to bring a generator and an electric cord and all that just to get Corey to tag along. Otherwise, he would have stayed at home and watched TV the whole weekend. So really, what’s the difference here? Anyway, Corey came along, and he hasn’t stopped watching the tube.

Just Hanging Around

As I mentioned the prank with the mattress earlier, this is obviously another prank. And since we have learned that millennials are the majority of people who go camping, this really doesn’t surprise me. Young people, wilderness, beer, and who knows what else – it makes for a hilarious and sometimes dangerous combination. I wonder if this guy knew that he was going to be hanging from a tree on the drive down there.

teenager hanging on a tree by duct tape around his stomach, drinking from a cup

The only thing more fun than drinking from a red plastic cup is doing it while hanging from a tree. This was either a dare that he clearly lost or it was a prank. Whatever it was, his friends had to literally hold him up and tape him to the tree.

Modern Day Phone Booth

This is just hilarious. Remember when kids would take two cans and tie a string between the two to make a makeshift telephone? Surprisingly, it did kind of work. But it was by no means modern technology. But who needs a smartphone when you have a state-of-the-art can phone booth?! What makes this funnier is the ironic symbol of a phone, which basically points out the absurdity of it all.

telephone sign at a campsite with a string and a can attached to it
Source: Reddit

I think this sign of a phone was during the same period that Corey and his family went camping. Those were the days of public telephones in phone booths and TVs the size of refrigerators. Who can forget those days? I look back on them with nostalgia. Those were the days. Simpler times, huh?

Just Throw It In the Trunk, Hun

When Carl said to his wife Jean, “just throw it in the trunk,” she thought he was referring to the cooler. What she didn’t realize was that her dear husband was talking about the fishing boat that he so obsessively wanted to take with them on their yearly camping trip. And instead of getting a pulley to attach to the car, this was his bright idea.

car on the road with a fishing boat hanging out of the trunk
Source: Pinterest

Honestly, I don’t even know how this car is even driving on the road without flipping over, the boat falling out, or the cops stopping them. But then again, maybe this photo was taken right before they heard the sirens. I mean, this can’t be legal. It’s hilarious, no doubt…but it’s definitely not legal.

Music is Life

While I do really believe that music is an amazing part of life and aware of how powerful music is in our lives, that doesn’t mean that I would carry an entire sound system on my back attached to all my other camping gear. Have these people never heard of portable speakers? Okay, so maybe this is an old photo, but this surely can’t be the best solution.

hiker’s backpack with a stereo system attached to it

This camping gear and music pack must belong to a serious party animal, a DJ, or just some random guy who can’t leave his house without his sound system. Either way, we should applaud his resourcefulness as well as his strength as that can’t be a light package to carry around on your back! Oh, and he also couldn’t imagine camping without his can of beans. Gotta have protein.

An Obvious Choice

So, folks, what would you choose? A New Life Lane or a Dead End? It may seem obvious, but it really depends on your mood at the time of your choice. Regardless of your choice, this is an ironic and quite hilarious sign to come by on your way to the campground.

Road sign that says Dead End and New Life
Source: Pinterest

It would be enough to let a happy-go-lucky camper stand there and ponder life for a while. But this one gives drivers passing by a good head-scratcher. the question is: do you turn left or go straight?

Flower Power Camping

Who said hippies can’t get organized and plan ahead! Look at this vintage 1960s-inspired tent! I have to admit that I thought this was an actual van! I had to look closely to see that this is actually a tent. the strings attached to the ground is what gave it away.

tent that looks like an Old VW van with flowers on it
Source: Twittter

This is an awesome tent. Not only does it look comfy and with a lot of space, it takes you back in time to make you feel like you’re actually camping in a VW Van! Just imagine that you’re on your way to Woodstock!

DIY Can Opener

When it comes to camping and gear, we don’t always come fully equipped for every single thing that might present itself. Sure, bringing a can opener is something that makes sense to pack for a camping trip, but sometimes we forget things. And while this guy’s girlfriend probably rolled her eyes when he said he forgot it at home, he knew he would get the job done regardless.

man trying to open a can with a rock
Source: Imgur

She didn’t expect him to use a rock, though. Folks, I feel the need to say don’t try this at home. I don’t think using a rock to open a can of whatever is the very best idea. I think if anything, it’s just going to burst the can open and all the contents are going to explode out of it. And then you’re just left with a mess and no food.

How Not to Pack

Let me just say that his: do not pack for a camping trip like this. Think minimalism (like the guy with head tent). Do not pack every single thing that you own, like this guy. This is one hoarder who can’t go on a trip without taking everything that he thinks might be of importance on a 3 day trip to the wilderness.

car with a massive amount of stuff attached to the roof
Source: Pinterest

What did he bring with him? Well, let’s see. He brought the toaster, the bed, all the chairs in the house, some Hoola hoops, the kids’ bikes, the refrigerator, the carpets, his wife’s closet, the kids’ toys, and pretty much everything in the garage. Is that enough? No, he stopped halfway there to turn back around because he forgot his wallet.

Against the Odds

Bravo, lady! This woman refused to let some water mess with her camping experience. Even if she just decided that the other side of the river looked better, why go through the trouble of taking down a tent? This may look difficult but she has it covered.

Woman holding up a tent while walking through water

Source: PinterestI hope there wasn’t anything valuable inside that tent because one step on a sharp rock and down you go, tent and iPhone and all. there goes your phone! She looks like she’s enjoying the ordeal – definitely more than most of us would be if we were in that situation.

Hide Your Kids

No, this photo is not photoshopped. This parent is actually taking a photo of his kids in their sleeping bags, looking at a bear, slowly approach them. No, their mom or dad didn’t put the camera down and preferred to watch the event unfold. I don’t know who was more shocked: the kids, the parent, or the bear.

two kids in sleeping bags with a bear approaching them at a campsite

I don’t see any food nearby, so I really hope that the bear figured it wasn’t worth it and just walked by and the kids and left them with nothing more than a nightmare to remember for the rest of their lives. But apart from the fear of this scene, they can also thank their lucky stars that they made it out of there alive.

DIY Pig Roasting

Whoever did this gets a prize for creativity. When was the last time any of you saw a DIY self-spinning pig spit? It’s pretty clever if you ask me. Whoever made this happen sure knows how to camp in style. He wants to eat like a king and that takes some work.

pig roasting on a skewer above a campfire
Source: Twitter

I personally don’t think I could do what’s needed to get that pig on there, but I can see how it would bring an internal caveman out of any man. He probably beat his chest after and yelled “I am man! I make fire! I make food!” Or something like that.

A Crappy Disaster

Being in a port-o-potty is already not an enjoyable experience, so if you add a full-blown fire to the mix, you’re left with an image that can’t be unseen and a stench that can’t be unsmelled. I have no idea how this started, but it’s an insane thing to see.

A row of port-o-potties on fire
Source: Reddit

Whoever witnessed this event understood that he or she is going to have to find an alternative to the portable washrooms. They’re going to have to use a tree or make the treck to a nearby gas station. Sucks for them!