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Camping Fails: The Dos and Don’ts of Camping (Mostly Don’ts)

I know it’s winter right now, and most of us are stuck in the thick of it – with snow, ice, and irritation. And that’s precisely why looking at a whole bunch of camping fails is just what you need right now. You can think about summer and how you need to finally take the family for a camping vacation. And as someone who grew up with yearly camping adventures with my family, camping is totally worth it. The bonfires, marshmallows, and BBQ-ing are worth the damp sleeping bags, crappy sleep, and walking in the middle of the night to the bathroom (if there even is one).


Source: Watson.com

While some people having camping down pat with years of experience and a whole shed with equipment, some are, let’s say, new to the world of camping and could use a few pointers. The photos you’re about to see are some of the best and worst camping photos you’re going to see. It’s full of fails, genius hacks, and moments captured on camera that will leave you speechless… like seeing your children in their sleeping bags, waking up to find a Grizzly bear about 3 feet away from them. Can you imagine?