Adorable Cat Costumes That Will Melt Your Heart

The only thing we love more than adorable cats are adorable cats in costume. From pirates to scuba divers, some of these cat costumes are better than human costumes! Luckily since cats are usually tiny, some of these costumes you can put together yourself.

The cat from Puss and Boots
Source: Pinterest

Even if you are one of the few people who don’t love cats, it’s hard to deny how cute they are in some of these pictures. If you’re excited for Halloween and want some fun ideas for a cat costume, you came to the right place. Check out the best cat costumes that will make your heart melt.

Batman and the Joker

This can be the perfect costume if you have more than just one cat. If you love Superheroes, put your furry friends up against each other by dressing them as Batman and the joker!

two cats in customs
Source: Twitter

Judging based on this photo, I think the Joker cat is going to win! In addition to the costume, his look is spot on! The other one looks innocent. However, maybe too innocent.

Harry Potter

This cat looks absolutely adorable in its Harry Potter costume! If you’re looking for a simple costume to dress your cat in, you can’t go wrong with this, and it’s pretty simple to make yourself.

Cat dressed as Harry Potter
Source: Pinterest

You just take a regular cat sweater and sew maroon and yellow on it to give it the Hogwarts colors. The glasses are made out of pipe cleaners! It’s the perfect DIY cat costume!

Sushi Cat

Everyone loves dressing up as food, but this picture is particularly hilarious. Combining your favorite food with your pet is the perfect mix! This cat almost looks cute enough to eat!

Cat dressed like sushi
Source: Imgur

The main issue with this costume is mobility. It would be very difficult for the cat to walk. Although it’s not practical, it’s definitely perfect for a cat costume photoshoot! Just look at how adorable it will come out!

Popeye, the Sailor Cat

If you want to get your cat the perfect costume but don’t have the patience or talent to make one, we have a solution! Order this awesome Popeye costume from Costume Works.

Cat dressed as Popeye
Source: Twitter

The costume comes with everything needed for a Popeye costume, including the hat! If you have another cat in the family, don’t worry! You can get an Olive Oyl costume to match!

Chef Cat

This cat looks so cute and innocent, and this chef’s costume! He looks so put together with the yellow bow-tie. I’m surprised he got into this costume without ripping the hat off.

A cat dressed as a chef
Source: Twitter

Luckily, this cat seems to be behaving. Maybe it’s because he has the little turkey to play with. This is also a very simple costume to make, so if you like this costume, all you need is white fabric!

Rice Krispy Treat

Note to self: Never dress up the cat as Rice Krispy Treat! I have never seen an angrier cat in my life. Rice Krispy treats are a delicious idea for a snack, not the best idea for a costume.

A cat dressed like Rice Krispy Treats
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes it’s cute to dress up your cat as desert, but not in this case. This costume is obviously made out of some kind of shoebox, but don’t make it, unless you want your cat to hate you.

Police Cat

This is my favorite cat costume ever! If you want to impress your family and friends by showing off your adorable cat, dress him up in this costume! It’s the perfect Halloween costume!

Cat dressed as a police
Source: Imgur

However, on the cat, everything is miniature! He’s got everything from a tiny shirt, that little hat, and those adorable handcuffs! Honestly, I would even wear this. I think I’m going to be a cop for Halloween!

Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is a great costume for any cat. Everyone knows who The Cat in the Hat is, and that iconic hat and tie are easily recognized by every Dr. Seuss fan around the world.

Cat dressed as Cat in the Hat
Source: Imgur

If you have any experience in knitting, making this costume should be very simple. However, it’s a pretty common costume, so if you don’t have the time or energy, you can just order it online!

Cat Marley

I could not stop laughing when I first saw this picture. Just look how cute this cat is in his Bob Marley costume! Clearly, this cat into soothing reggae music and representing peace and love!

Cat dressed like Bob Marley
Source: Pinterest

If you want a unique look for your cat this Halloween, try this! Unfortunately, I have no idea where you can buy it. However, if you are good at projects, this shouldn’t be too tough to put together.

Colonial Cat

If you are a history buff, here is the perfect costume for your cat. This colonial cat looks so cute in that little hat! This cat literally looks like it’s about to bring out a sewing kit and knit you a blanket.

Cat dressed in costume
Source: Twitter

This cat costume comes with the hat, cape, and even the wig! This is a pretty special costume, but let’s hope your cat can pull it off as perfectly as this one! Just look at him posing politely for the camera!

Taco Cat

Here’s another costume made out of food! If you love cats and tacos, why not put them together for Halloween? I wonder if that cat has any idea how delicious he looks!

Cat dressed as a taco
Source: Imgur

This costume was actually created by the owner. She thought of the idea and decided to crochet it. She really just wanted to see how it would come out. Needless to say, it came out perfectly.

Shark Cat

There are a lot of shark costumes out there for cats. This one, however, is one of the cutest! This interesting costume makes the cat look like it was just eaten by a shark! This is cute but scary!

Cat dressed as a shark
Source: Pinterest

Luckily, the cat isn’t aware of what’s actually going on in this costume. Since this is a one-piece costume, you don’t have to worry about parts of it coming on. It can easily come right on and off with the zipper.


If you want to dress your cat up as Dracula, you’re in luck! This costume is super easy to make yourself because all you really need is a cape. If you can’t find one, just get some fabric and make it.

Cat dressed as a vampire
Source: Pinterest

You can decorate it how you want, but if you ask me, cats are basically vampires already! They both do their hunting at night and have similar blood-sucking teeth! This cat fits this costume perfectly.

Ballerina Cat

Most mothers like to put their children in dance class and dress them up as a beautiful ballerina! Some cat mommies like to do the same. Look how adorable this cat looks in that tutu!

Cat dressed as a ballerina

This cat looks pretty worried. However, I don’t think he has anything to fear. Everyone is going to compliment how cute this cat is until Halloween is over, and it takes off the costume.

Mermaid Cat

Mermaids are a beautiful mystical creature. Some people believe that they are completely fictional designed for children’s stories. Other people believe they are real and exist in the deepest oceans.

Cat dressed as a mermaid
Source: Twitter

Real or not, people are fascinated by a creature that is half fish and half-human. How about a half fish half cat? This mermaid costume suits this cat perfectly! Makes you wonder if mermaid cats exist too?

Bacon Cat

It’s no secret that bacon is delicious! However, right now, there is nothing I want to eat less. This cat wearing a bacon costume is too cute and can easily guilt me out of eating breakfast.

A cat dressed as bacon
Source: Twitter

Food costumes can be a bit strange but, when cats wear them, they are adorable. Another good thing about this costume is that the cat can slide right out if he is uncomfortable in it!

Cowboy Cat

I’ve never wanted a cat more in my life. I’m actually highly allergic to them. However, if this cat wearing this costume was for sale, I would buy it right now! Definitely worth the hives!

Cat dressed as a cowboy
Source: Pinterest

Just look how cute! This costume is super simple to make but looks perfect! You simply decorate the hat and get these adorable glasses. You can probably find everything for this costume in Party City.

Turkey Cat

For some reason, people love to turn cats into birds! Halloween is usually the perfect occasion. If you are one of those people who go all out and dress up for every holiday, here’s a thanksgiving costume.

Cat dressed as a turkey
Source: Twitter

Just get this car hat for Thanksgiving, and you can reuse it for Halloween! Nobody will notice! It’s just a hat, so it is very simple. There isn’t much to it or a reason for the cat to rip it off and refuse to wear it.

Mario Cat

If you like Super Mario Brothers, here is a perfect costume for your cat. What better than turning your cat into your favorite childhood Nintendo game? If you have two cats, the other one can be Luigi.

Cat dressed as Mario
Source: Twitter

This is also a very easy costume to make since it’s literally just a red hat with the letter ‘M’ on it. It’s a simple and convenient costume. The cat’s black fur is also appropriately resembling Mario’s mustache.

Captain Hook

I love this costume! My dream is to become a pirate, and since I can’t, pirates are my go-to Halloween costume. However, this cat has a better costume get up than me! I need that hook!

Cat dressed as a pirate
Source: Imgur

Although my pirate costume isn’t bad, the hat isn’t as detailed as this one! To be fair to the cat, he doesn’t seem very pleased. He’s probably really uncomfortable! Look at those deathly eyes!

Cat Horse

When humans dress up, they usually dress up as animals. Why should it be any different for cats? This cat’s owner thought it would be funny to dress her cat as a horse, and she wasn’t wrong.

Cat with a doll on its back
Source: Twitter

This simple costume is just a harness with a doll attached to it. This costume is great because it gives the cat freedom. You won’t have to worry about your cat losing a hat or parts of his costume.

Cat Witch

Well, if you want to dress your cat up in a classic creepy Halloween costume, look no further. This orange witch costume instantly makes me think of Halloween. The skeleton adds to the horror!

Cat dressed as a witch
Source: Twitter

This cat looks absolutely ready to trick or treat! If I knocked on a door and was greeted by this cat, I would instantly run away. I feel like those deep blue eyes are haunting me!

Puss and Boots

Puss and Boots are classic characters in the famous Shrek movies. This cat wearing a Puss costume is priceless! Plus, it’s always kind of funny to see a cat on a leash!

The cat from Puss and Boots
Source: Twitter

This adorable costume comes with everything you need for the perfect Puss! In addition to the cape, the hat and adorable boots are included. Your cat may want to take it off after a while, but it still looks so cute!

Lion Cat

If you don’t have a favorite cat costume yet, you’re about to fall in love with this one! This might have freaked out the neighbors who probably thought they had a mini lion in their tree.

cat in a lion costume
Source: Twitter

Of course, it’s just a costume, but even if it was real, here’s one lion that I’m not scared of. This lion mane would look amazing on any cat! Here’s a simple and perfect cat costume. You’re welcome!

Bat Cat

There are a lot of vampire cat costumes out there. However, this bat costume is so much cooler! Especially if your cat is black like this one! Have you ever seen a cuter cat?

Cat dressed as a bat
Source: Twitter

In addition to the wings, this costume even comes with the vampire teeth (good luck keeping those on). It’s a fun costume; however, if your cat starts flying around, you should immediately run away!


I love this idea for animal costumes. It’s so smart and easy to just wrap your pet in a harness and attach something to it. It’s convenient and looks amazing! Just look at this cat with a horse-racer on his back.

Cat with a toy horse-racer on his back
Source: Imgur

These costumes look great because of the shape of the cat. The cat almost kind of looks like a miniature horse. Unlike costumes with socks and hats, the horse-racer probably won’t bother your cat too much.


This adorable costume is a classic. You can find it at plenty of pet stores. If you can’t find this costume but still want to dress up your cat like a hamburger, don’t worry! It’s very simple to make.

Cat dressed as a burger
Source: Twitter

You simply get some fabric and sew it together. If you’re not good at sewing, you can honestly just use a hot glue gun. I don’t know about you, but I can just eat that cat burger up! Look how cute it looks!

Snail Cat

Snails aren’t the most popular costume. I mean, there are a ton of pirate costumes, cowboy cats, but not many snails. I think I know why. Look at this cat’s face. He doesn’t look very happy if you ask me.

Cat dressed as a snail
Source: Twitter

Snails are just slow and kind of boring creatures (no offense to you snail lovers). However, even if they were more lively and energetic, cats don’t like being stuck wearing an uncomfortable headband all day.

Snow White

Everyone is excited to dress up their daughters in adorable little princess costumes. However, if you don’t have children, why not dress your cat up as a Disney Princess for Halloween?

Cat dressed as Snow White
Source: Pinterest

Tell me this Snow White costume isn’t the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life. Everyone wants to be a princess, including your cat! I wonder if the Cinderella version will be just as cute!

Darth Vader

If you are a Star Wars fan, we have the perfect costume for your cat. This costume is great, and the cat’s facial expression tells it all. He seems strangely comfortable for a cat wearing a cape and a hat.

Cat dressed as Darth Vader
Source: Facebook

You can easily make this cat costume at home. All you really need is some black cloth and a hot glue gun. Glue some gadget looking shapes on the cloth, and you’re basically done!

Dino Cat

Dinosaurs are a very fascinating historical animal. I think people’s interest in them is because they don’t exist anymore. That’s why it’s exciting to see what they would look like in real life.

Cat dressed as a dinosaur
Source: Imgur

I’m don’t think dinosaurs looked like this, but what do I know? Either way, this costume is adorable, and the cat looks like a doll. Unfortunately, the cat doesn’t seem to like being in a costume very much.

Frankenstein Cat

If you’re a Frankenstein lover, look no further for a costume for your cat. This is how Dr. Frankenstein would have dressed his cat, and it’s really easy to make! All you need is cardboard and some paint.

Cat dressed as Frankenstein
Source: Twitter

Although this costume is perfect for the Halloween theme, the cat doesn’t look very amused. This cat probably ripped this off his head as soon as he got the chance. Luckily, the owner managed to snap a picture first.

Chicken Cat

It’s pretty funny to see cats dressed up as other animals. One of the most hilarious animals that a cat can dress up as is, a chicken! Just look at the adorable cat with that priceless look on its face!

Cat dressed as a chicken
Source: Pinterest

What makes this costume so perfect is that it’s white, so it blends in perfectly with the cat. It also looks soft, so this must be way more comfortable than other costume hats that we’ve seen.

Cool Cat

This is probably the coolest cat I have ever seen. He just seems very chilled and unbothered. I don’t think I have ever seen a cat in sunglasses, but there is a first time for everything.

Cat dressed in a leather jacket
Source: Twitter

I’m kind of surprised he didn’t rip those glasses off yet. I love the jacket! I would totally wear it if it came in my size. Luckily, because it’s so small, you can easily make it if you want the coolest cat in town!

Hello Kitty Cat

Hello Kitty is a popular and iconic brand. It’s a Japanese company based on a fictional cat that is loved by all. The company has everything from clothing to school supplies! You can even watch Hello Kitty on TV!

Cat dressed as Hello Kitty
Source: Twitter

There is nothing simpler than dressing up your cat as hello kitty! I mean, they are already halfway there. This cat almost looks like a newborn baby! The costume doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

Pikachu Cat

Out of all the cat costumes on this list, this has got to be the most creative. Instead of sewing fabric together to make a costume like everyone else, this cat’s owner was thinking out of the box.

Cat dressed as Pikachu
Source: Twitter

This guy decided to buy some pet-friendly dye. This way, you don’t have to worry about the cat taking its costume off. Plus, have you seen a better cat costume? This literally looks like Pikachu!

Scuba Cat

Cats aren’t the biggest water fans, so this picture is a bit ironic. This is an adorable little costume, but if you ask me, it’s not really fit for your pet. He is probably so uncomfortable in that suit.

Cat dressed as a scuba diver

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never seen anything cuter than those little flippers and goggles! However, he probably can’t walk or see. Also, that oxygen tank on his back definitely doesn’t help.

Super Cat

This picture is priceless. I’ve never seen a cat face that looks so perfect! I wonder if he has any idea how adorable he looks. This superman costume is a classic for any child, adult, or pet.

Cat dressed as superman
Source: Facebook

What makes this costume so unique is the little hands on the side. It’s such a simple detail that adds so much. It creates the illusion that the cant is standing upright when, in reality, he’s walking on fours!

Pirate Cat

Pirates are my favorite! I try to dress up as a pirate almost every year for Halloween but, my look can never beat this. All the cat is wearing is a hat and handkerchief, and somehow, that’s all he needs.

Pirate cat
Source: Twitter

I don’t know if it’s the cat’s crossed eyes that add so much to the look, or if it’s actually the cutest cat we have ever seen. This costume is an easy look to pull off. Based on this photo, this cat doesn’t seem to hate it.