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40 Wild And Wacky Russian Wedding Photos You Won’t Believe

A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of anyone’s life. If you find the right person, you’ll only ever have to get married once, so it’s a unique, one of a kind day that deserves to be remembered, enjoyed, and cherished in all the right ways. That’s why, at any wedding, hundreds of photos are usually taken.


Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

The happy couple and their families will be able to look back on those joyful images for years to come, and typical wedding photos feature brides and grooms posing lovingly in gardens or in front of historic homes and beautiful wedding venues. Over in Russia, however, wedding photos can sometimes look a little different.

Russian people are stereotypically regarded as somewhat stoic and serious, but the reality is often very different to that old cliché. Russians love to have fun and are often very quirky and different in their approach to major life events like weddings, as these hilarious, awkward, and totally bizarre photos prove.