40 Wild And Wacky Russian Wedding Photos You Won’t Believe

A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of anyone’s life. If you find the right person, you’ll only ever have to get married once, so it’s a unique, one of a kind day that deserves to be remembered, enjoyed, and cherished in all the right ways. That’s why, at any wedding, hundreds of photos are usually taken.

bride sitting alone and musician playing the accordion
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The happy couple and their families will be able to look back on those joyful images for years to come, and typical wedding photos feature brides and grooms posing lovingly in gardens or in front of historic homes and beautiful wedding venues. Over in Russia, however, wedding photos can sometimes look a little different.

Russian people are stereotypically regarded as somewhat stoic and serious, but the reality is often very different to that old cliché. Russians love to have fun and are often very quirky and different in their approach to major life events like weddings, as these hilarious, awkward, and totally bizarre photos prove.

Get Off The Tracks!

We really hope this couple moved out of the way in time! Russians are known for being quite brave and bold people, unafraid to put themselves in dangerous situations, even on the happiest day of their lives.

Married couple on train tracks
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This photo shows a bride and groom posing for a very memorable wedding photo on some train tracks, with the train speeding along towards them in the background. They seem so casual about it all, despite the approaching danger.

Bad Parking Job

This happy couple wanted to trick people into somehow believing that a fancy limousine drove them both to their wedding venue and managed to park inside the building. Well, with Photoshop skills like that, they’re not fooling anyone!

married couple with limousine in a home
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The car looks so fake and randomly placed, completely out of perspective with the other elements of the building and the bride and groom themselves. And it goes without saying that parking a limo in such a lovely old building definitely wouldn’t be a good idea.

Russians Love To Do This

As you’ll see further down the list, Russian people really love playing around with size and editing their wedding photos in unusual ways, for some reason or another. They don’t like their photos to be too normal or boring. They love to be different.

married couple funny photo
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These photos show the bride and groom being shrunk down, which seems to be a popular theme throughout Russian wedding photography. Would you take photos like this at your wedding?

A Teeny Tiny Photographer

What happened here? Did a child take this photograph? Was the photographer just very small and unable to aim his or her camera upwards? We have no idea, but the image is hilarious.

black and white wedding photo
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The bride and groom can be seen stooping down, with rather uncomfortable expressions on their faces, as they pose for this image, which is memorable in all the wrong ways. At least it’s a little different to all the typical wedding photos out there.

What An Angel

Many partners have pet names for each other. We call our loved ones things like treasure, baby, or angel. It can be a sweet sign of affection, and there’s a lot of sweet intent to this image, but the result is just dreadful.

funny wedding photo
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It seems like the bride and groom wanted to show that the bride looks like an angel to her man, but the picture is just so terribly edited and the groom has such a creepy look on his face, it all ends up looking very silly and strange.

How Did They Do That?

Wow. This couple really went all out for their wedding. Not only did they go to the beach for their big day, but they actually managed to find a super stylish sports car that can drive on water for their photoshoot!

photoshopped wedding photo of a car on water
Source: cheezburger

Sarcasm aside, this is a truly ridiculous wedding photo. We have no idea what the bride and groom were thinking here. It looks like they’re having fun though, and that’s all that really matters.

When You Really Want To Be Original

Many brides and grooms want their weddings to be a little different. They’re tired of the same old clichés, the same boring traditions, and the same old photos. They want to stand out and show off their unique personality.

married couple and a large cow statue
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That’s what we’re seeing here, but in a very strange and unusual way. This image shows a happy groom hanging off the tail of a huge bull statue, while his bride stands by the side and seems to be tugging on his imaginary tail too.

He’s Not Important

Weddings are about brides and grooms. Two people, not just one. But some brides have a habit of making the whole day all about them, and this bride went even further by making the photos all about her as well!

bride and a bunch of flower petals
Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

She even got her husband blurred out in the background in this image, covering it with cartoon petals to make sure she’s the center of attention at all times. If people could marry themselves, she probably would have!

What Do You See?

Many happy brides and grooms dream of being able to keep their wedding photos for years, showing them to their friends and family, and perhaps even sharing them with their children or grandchildren someday.

bride looking in groom’s pants
Source: artfido

You’d probably want to hide this one though, as it shows a bride seeming to peek into the pants of her new husband, who looks a little worse for wear and is holding a bottle of vodka in his hand.

Always There

At first glance, you might not spot what’s wrong with this wedding photo, but then you see it and you have to do a double take. Yes, this image has been Photoshopped in a very odd way.

photoshopped man as a bride’s necklace
Source: cheezburger

It shows a beautiful blonde bride wearing her husband around her neck as a charm or pendant. Maybe it was a way of showing that they’re always together, or maybe it was just an awful, terrible idea and should never be seen by anyone again.

Looks Yummy

A big part of any wedding, especially in Russia, is the food that gets served at the reception. Family members might bring along some of their own homemade treats, or the bride and groom can find a catering service to take care of everything.

bride standing over a table of food
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Either way, the food is a big deal, as this photo shows. This bride didn’t want anyone to forget about the super buffet she arranged, so decided to lean down and pose for a photo beside plates of canapés and meats.

A Little Drama

Some weddings could be seen as a little boring or dull by certain guests, so this bride and groom decide to liven things up in a big way by making their photoshoot super dramatic.

photoshopped photo of couple running away from a shark
Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

The photo shows the bride and groom running onto the beach to escape from an angry shark. We’re not sure what’s worse: the terrible Photoshop effects or the fact that the groom attending his own wedding wearing jeans.

A Video Wedding

Could the groom not make it to the wedding? Did he decide to record his vows and send a video to the church? Either way, this is one of the strangest wedding images around.

bride looking at groom in the TV set
Source: artfido

It shows a bride looking quite happily at a TV screen, where her husband is holding up a stuffed bunny and smiling back. It’s almost like he’s saying “You’d better marry me if you want your bunny back!”

Shot Through the Heart

Many people like to speak about love in quite violent terms, using phrases like “pierced by an arrow” or “shot through the heart” to describe how they felt when they met their beloved special someone.

photoshopped photo of bride shooting hearts at her groom with a cannon
Source: cheezburger

Well, as usual, Russians have taken it to the extreme. Here, we can see a bride blasting colorful hearts at her husband with an actual cannon. For some reason, little butterflies are also flying off out of the cannon too.

A Wedding Crasher

This photo would have been beautiful if only the photographer had moved a few feet further forward in order to cut out this grinning old man who takes up most of the frame. Maybe he wanted to play a prank on the happy couple and ruin their dream wedding photo.

married couple kissing next to a homeless man
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Either way, the image itself, aside from the man, is rather sweet, showing the pair posing on a beautiful bridge, with stunning architecture in the background.

Jetpacking Down The Aisle

A classic traditional part of any wedding ceremony is when the father of the bride walks her down the aisle and ‘gives her away’ to her new husband. It’s a touching tradition that everyone enjoys.

bride walking down next to a photoshopped man
Source: teamjimmyjoe

For some bizarre and unknown reason, this bride chose to take a photo with her dad in a mini form, wearing a jetpack on his back as he guides her down some stairs towards her happy husband-to-be.

Quite A Revealing Outfit

For many brides, the wedding dress is one of the most important parts of getting married. Many young girls grow up dreaming of the perfect, princess-style dress, just like they’ve seen in animated movies and imagined in fairy tales.

married couple sitting on a dock
Source: cheezburger

This Russian bride, however, has chosen a dress that wouldn’t exactly be seen on a typical princess. It’s very revealing and skimpy, leaving little to the imagination, and the couple decided to pose for their wedding photos on some old boat too.

What Is Going On?

Certain Russian wedding photos make us laugh, others leave us scratching our heads in total confusion, completely unsure and unable to comprehend what we’re seeing. This is one of the latter.

photoshopped wedding photo
Source: Pinterest

The image shows he happy couple holding smaller versions of themselves, while another small version of them laughs from a nearby bucket. Why is any of this happening? We’ll never know, sorry. Either way, it’s one of the most memorable images in this entire list.

Best. Photo. Ever.

Hold the phone. Stop the presses. We’ve found the greatest wedding photo of all time. It’s cheesy, bizarre, badly edited, and totally insane, but you still can’t look away from this one!

photoshopped wedding photo
Source: Pinterest

The image shows the bride chained to a castle tower, with fire-breathing dragons soaring overhead, as her groom brings a sword, shield, flowers, rope, and a couple of guns along to save her. It’s the ultimate male fantasy as the groom comes to rescue his damsel in distress.

It’s Her Special Day

Weddings are about the bride and the groom coming together to celebrate their love. At least, that’s the idea. In reality, many weddings end up being more about the bride than the groom.

photoshopped wedding photo of glowing bride
Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

Lots of brides dream of their weddings for years and love to feel like the center of attention, and this young lady is clearly no different. Despite the fact that there are nine men in this image, she takes center stage and instantly catches the eye with her shimmering dress.

Russia Vision

One of the classic clichés associated with Russia is that Russian people love their alcohol. We tend to picture Russians with bottles of vodka nearby at all times. This, of course, is an unfair stereotype and isn’t true at all.

married couple walking out of the church
Source: artfido

However, this bizarre wedding photo definitely doesn’t help to erase the cliché. The camera has been fitted with a strange filter that makes it look like we’re seeing a wedding through the eyes of someone who has downed a whole bottle of vodka.

What A Hero

Here’s another funny Russian Photoshop job, showing the groom literally lifting the bride and her car over his head. It’s an amusing image, and it conveys a nice message too.

photoshopped image on groom holding up a car with the bride in it
Source: cheezburger

It shows how the groom wants to be strong and protective for his new wife, looking after her however he can and always being ready to fight for her if he needs to. At least, that’s our interpretation. Maybe his intentions weren’t really that romantic and he just wanted to look like a superhero.

Public Announcement

Have you ever loved someone so much you just want to run around and scream it from the rooftops, telling the whole world how happy you are and explaining to everyone just how much you love your special someone?

wedding photo as a street sign
Source: teamjimmyjoe

Well, it seems like both of these Russian people were bitten by the love bug in a big way. They decided to get one of their wedding photos put up as a permanent sign in the city, for everyone to see as they walked along.

Well That’s Cute

Okay, it’s definitely a bad Photoshop edit, but this is still quite a cute image that shows just how much this new husband adores his wife.

photoshopped image of man giving hearts to his bride
Source: Pinterest

He’s quite literally ‘showering’ her with love, in the form of cute little hearts that are falling all around her. Russian wedding photos can often feature edits and Photoshop filters being added in. They don’t always work very well, but they can still be quite adorable.

What’s The Story Here?

There are some strange wedding photos that we look at and just can’t quite understand, and this is definitely one of them. Why is this bride on all fours? Why does she have an arrow in her mouth?

bride in the water with an arrow in her mouth
Source: cheezburger

Why is she crawling along in rather dirty-looking water? And why does she look so happy about it all? We’ll probably never know the answers to any of these questions, but at least we can look and laugh.

Ready, Set, Fight!

Maybe this Russian couple really love those Street Fighter video games, or perhaps they’re both kung fu experts. Maybe they’re just a bit silly and wanted to make some photos to match their personality.

bride kicking her groom in the air
Source: Pinterest

Either way, the resulting image is quite cool, showing the bride launching her husband into the air with a powerful kick. It must have taken a few attempts to capture this unique image, which is fun to look at, but not super romantic.

Please Be Careful

We’re all familiar with the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel, as a girl with long, golden hair allows a charming young men to climb up and save her from a tower, where she’s being held captive.

groom giving bride flowers on the side of a building
Source: teamjimmyjoe

It’s a romantic tale, and this Russian photo is equally romantic, if a little dangerous! We can see the groom handing his bride a basket of flowers, while hanging quite precariously off the side of the building.

Killing For Love

Many people, when trying to prove how much they love someone, will say phrases like “I’d kill for you” or “I’d die for you”. They don’t necessarily mean it literally. It’s just a way of saying that they love the person more than words can express.

married couple holding rifles
Source: Pinterest

Well, it seems like this Russian couple took the idea to the extreme. They decided to pose for their wedding shoot with assault rifles in their hands and a bunch of ‘dead bodies’ around them. The bride’s dress even looks blood-splattered with its design and red bow around her waist.

Guess They’re Not Having Kids

When many people get married, the next logical step is to have children. Plenty of new husbands and wives like to spend a little time together, enjoying married life first, but then start thinking about adding a new life to the world.

married couple playing pool
Source: cheezburger

Well, this couple might struggle to add any new lives at all if the bride goes ahead and hits that ball. This image is painful even to look at!

Why Would You Do This?

Some Russian wedding photos show that many Russian people don’t have the same concept of shame or embarrassment as the rest of us, elsewhere around the world. This is one of them.

bridge standing above a man
Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

Taken in a public place, this image shows the groom literally sitting beneath his new wife’s wedding dress, with nothing but his legs sticking out at the bottom. It’s a very odd photo, and the bride seems almost pained by it all.

Time For The First Dance

The first dance is always a magical moment of the wedding. The lights go down, a slow and romantic song starts to play, and the bride and groom hold hands, taking to the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife.

bride dancing
Source: Pinterest

Well, in Russia, the first dance isn’t always so slow, sensual, and romantic, as this photo shows. The groom and some friends are cheering on from the background as the bride quite literally hits the floor with some crazy breakdancing moves.

Not Doing Great Things For Feminism

It’s fair to say that feminism still has a little ways to go in Russia. There are plenty of examples of women enjoying the same rights as men, but certain patriarchal ideas and outdated notions still apply.

photoshopped image of groom with bride in his pocket
Source: teamjimmyjoe

This image shines the spotlight on that, as we see a groom effectively keeping his bride in his pocket, like a doll or toy. The bride seems perfectly happy with the situation, and it’s a cute photo in many ways, but still one that might cause some controversy if it was taken elsewhere around the world.

And They Say Romance Is Dead

Many Russian wedding photos tend to focus on humor, rather than romance. For Russian couples, weddings are about having a laugh with their friends and family, not taking things too seriously, and giving everyone some silly photos to remember the day with.

women standing up and men bending down outside
Source: Pinterest

That must have been the thinking behind this amusing image, which flips the gender roles around to show the bride and a bridesmaid ‘peeing’ against a wall while standing up, as the groom and his best man squat down on the other side of the frame.

A Fantasy Wedding

Many people dream of a ‘fairy tale’ wedding or a fantasy wedding, but this couple have taken the fantasy concept to their extreme in their strange photoshoot. The couple decided that it would be perfect to Photoshop their heads and torsos onto the bodies of horses.

photoshopped image of a married couple with the bodies of horses
Source: cheezburger

We’ve heard of couples enjoying a horseback ride along the beach as the sun sets, but this is ridiculous. At least they didn’t decide on less elegant animals, like toads or skunks.

What Do You Wish For?

There are some Russian wedding photos that simply defy rationality and can seemingly have no logical explanation whatsoever, and this is one of them! This image has been stylized to look like the groom is a genie, coming out a bottle, ready to grant his bride three wishes.

photoshopped image of groom coming out of a bottle of champagne
Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

The groom’s stern expression and the bride’s apparent lack of interest don’t really sell us on the concept, and it all looks a little silly, but we’re sure they had fun making it.

Happy Times

They say that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. It’s a magical moment that everyone dreams of when they’re growing up, filled with nothing but joy and laughter. Well, this bride apparently didn’t get the memo.

bride sitting alone and musician playing the accordion
Source: awkwardfamilyphotos

She looks terribly glum, sitting beside a cluttered table as a lively old man plays a tune. Apparently, this isn’t exactly the fairy tale wedding she always dreamed of as a young girl.

The Key To A Man’s Heart

They say that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we always love when our partners can cook delicious meals for us and keep us well-fed. Maybe that was the message this couple were trying to convey.

groom with a baguette in his mouth
Source: cheezburger

They did it in a super strange way, however, as the bride is seen literally piercing her new husband’s head with a French baguette. She’s not even looking at him, instead fixing an icy stare behind the camera.

Those Aren’t Doves

An increasingly popular tradition at many modern weddings is for the bride and groom to release a pair of doves into the sky. The doves, white and pristine, represent the hope of the bright future ahead of them and their pure, unbreakable love.

married couple throwing chickens in the air
Source: teamjimmyjoe

This Russian couple had a slightly similar, but totally bizarre idea. Instead of releasing doves, they decided to toss a couple of chicken bodies up into the sky. Nobody knows why, but the girl’s leafy dress sure is pretty!

This Could Have Been Great

This is one example of a Russian wedding photo that most people might have been able to describe as relatively normal, if not for the bizarre presence of a lady lying down beside a couple of bottles at the bottom.

wedding photo on a road
Source: artfido

The rest of the family, including the bride and groom, are happily holding hands and posing together, but this woman decided she just had to be different. Either that, or she just drank those bottles by herself and couldn’t stand up.