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Health-Conscious Mom Refuses to Give Her Baby a Single Gram of Sugar

Being a parent isn’t easy. There are so many big decisions to make and so many things that could potentially go wrong all the way. Every move you make can have an impact on your child’s development, and every parent wants to do the best for their kids. For Shannon Cooper, the ‘best’ she could do for her baby girl Grace was to feed her a sugar-free diet.

A Big Decision for a Health-Conscious Mom

Australian mom Shannon Cooper works as a health and wellness coach and has spent a lot of time studying nutrition and the effects of different diets. When she had a baby girl named Grace, she wanted to raise her the right way.


Source: Instagram

Armed with her nutritional knowledge, Shannon decided to place Grace on a sugar-free diet. Specifically, she decided to place her on the ‘Paleo’ diet, which Shannon also followed herself.