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10 Strange-But-True Health Tips

Growing up, there were many health tips that we were quite familiar with, and they were pretty straightforward. An example is β€œto lose weight, eat less and exercise more.” Another is to boost your energy, get more sleep. However, other health tips sound ridiculous but are true.

The following tips are quite weird, but they are true and can help you improve your health or save your life.

If you want a great Nap, Drink Coffee

Do you know that it is a scientifically proven fact that having a cup of coffee before a nap leaves you waking up refreshed? Conventionally, we all know people take coffee to prevent them from sleeping, but we now know it is fantastic to have that cup of coffee before that 20 – minute nap. The way this works is basically simple; it takes about 20 minutes before the caffeine in coffee gets to work to keep you awake. Caffeine works by removing the adenosine molecules in the brain which is a by-product of activity.


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The more the adenosine levels, the more fatigued we become. Having that little nap clears out the adenosine also with caffeine cancels the effects of adenosine which in turn maximizes the impact of the nap.