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10 Cancer Symptoms Most People Ignore

Studies have shown that quite some people feel pain, notice a bump or some other feelings that they tag as minor, and discard as nothing to worry about. Many of these symptoms that are often overlooked can be warning signs of cancer. Health issues should be taken seriously regardless of the severity of the symptoms. The following indicators could be warning signs of various types of cancers that are usually ignored:

A cough or Coarseness


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It’s the cold time of year so that coughing could be a mere symptom of allergies. While a cough may be perceived by some as a trivial health issue, consistent cough accompanied by blood in some cases is indeed a cause for alarm. Persistent coughing may be a sign of lung, thyroid, laryngeal cancer or lymphoma. Nonsmokers can also develop these types of cancer. A sudden and persistent coarseness in the sound of your voice may also be a warning sign of head or neck cancer. This type of cancer can paralyze the vocal cords. A persistent cough or coarse voice should be evaluated by a doctor to rule out the possibility of cancer.