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Unique Hotels Around the World

What’s in a hotel? The glamour? The bells and whistles? Well, a lot. Humanity’s fascination with hotels goes a long way back to the first millennia. Conventionally, hotels represent a piece of the culture of where they are established. Most owners tend to risk it all and go for the extraordinary; the pizzazz.

In truth, there’s a lot more to the hotel narrative. When people are out on the road, they tend to look for specific qualities to add to the traveling thrill. As fellow enthusiasts, we’ve made proper utility of the internet and combed through a couple of hotels around the world that will surely make you raise your eyebrows in fascination. This should make for an exhilarating experience.

The Ultimate Escapade: Kokomo Private Island Hotel

Couples and families visiting Kokomo Private Island are sure to leave impressed. As one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, it manages to pull off a fantastic orchestra of the finest things in life with great ease. To get there, guests board seaplanes before being bombarded with numerous activities onsite. There’s an infinity pool at the ready, gym and spa amenities, watersports, the option to dine in villas, kayak paddles and nanny service for the kids.

Divers are known to lodge at the Kokomo Private Island Hotel before taking excursions to the nearby Great Astrolabe Reef with cameras in hand. The disabled can also easily navigate the various public spaces since they’re wheelchair-accessible.

The hotel is fantastic because it is ideal for individuals of all ages. Guests visiting also need not concern themselves too much about packing. This is because the hotel offers a lot from baby food, snacks, mats and armbands for the kids to play about. All one needs to before arrival is the non-standard essentials to get by. Rooms from $3,625 per night.