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These Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback, Whether We Want Them to or Not

Is it just me or does walking in a mall these days make you feel like you’ve time-warped back to 1996? I swear, all the fashion trends these days are the same exact clothes we wore back in the 90s. Which makes me think that all the designers today were in their heyday in the 90s and all they want is to make nostalgic clothes right now.

The question is: do we want all these trends to come back and stare us in the face? While some are gladly embraced, like crop tops, some items, like neon heels, might better be left in that half broken box of “dress-up” clothes in the attic that your daughter can play around with and say “I look like mommy did when she was pretty.”

Anyways, here are both the welcomed and unwelcomed trends that are pretty much everywhere today, worn by models and normal folk alike. It really goes to show how cyclical fashion is – trends just bounce right back after a period of time.

Crop Tops


Source: The Mirror

There was a point when all the shirts were made long. Remember that? Now, all you see are short shirts. And you know what? They’re actually more flattering, skinny or full-figured. They make your bottom half look longer as opposed to shorter. Crop tops go perfectly with high waisted jeans. And here’s something I learned from “What Not to Wear” (remember that awesome show?): always highlight the smallest part of your body (whether it’s your waist just under your ribs, or your ankles). So there you go ladies, a crop top can do just that.