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These Celebrity Couples Are Rarely Seen Together


Source: Entertainment Tonight

There are two types of couples in Hollywood. There are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend type that happily flaunts their love for each other on social media and the red carpet. Then, there is the polar opposite type. The famous duos who refuse to pose together on camera, even when they walk down the same red carpet. The kind who manage to have secret weddings and even secret babies! In fact, some couples are so covert that there’s hardly any photo evidence of their relationship at all.

Think about it… can you picture Brooke Shields’ husband? What about Julia Roberts’ partner of the past two decades? Or what about the father of Adele’s child? Exactly. Here are the most hush-hush Hollywood romances. Take a look, because chances are many of these lovebirds will be news to you.