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The Women of Star Trek: Where They Started and Where They Are Now

Star Trek was a captivating and visually impressive show which came out years ahead of its time. As the episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation went on, even when you didn’t think it could, it just kept getting better. The Next Generation was the first in a long line of reboots of the original Star Trek, but the series was so popular that they were able to continue with it years later. This show set the standards high, not only when it comes to creativity, but also in terms of its casting; they chose a wide range of multicultural actresses (and actors).


Source: YouTube

The women that were cast were consistently appealing, and a lot of them held higher positions. Even smaller roles made an impact on viewers around the world. The women of Star Trek are strong and independent, and the fans loved it. This show really helped a lot of young women in real life strive for the best. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite female characters from Star Trek and where these women are today.