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The Women of NCIS: In Character and in Real Life

The hit action series ‘NCIS’ (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) has featured many notable and strong female characters over the years. While some of the compelling female characters have come and gone, some have been on the show for many seasons. All of them have made an impression. So much so, that many of us wonder what they’re like in real life and where are they now?

Even with the plethora of options of crime dramas available on TV these days, ‘NCIS’ has managed to stand out and stand strong over the years. The show has been on the air since 2003, which says a lot in the cutthroat world of the television industry. Much of the show’s success is due to the plot itself, the setting (the ‘NCIS’ team focuses on crimes within the Navy and Marines), and of course, the characters. Viewers can connect to these women of ‘NCIS’ and this is why we all want to know what they’re up to now.

Scottie Thompson as Dr. Jeanne Benoit

In 2006, Dr. Jeanne came onto the show as the new girlfriend of Tony DiNozzo. As the show progressed, it was revealed that her father was Rene Benoit, a renowned arms dealer. Nonetheless, Jeanne still managed to charm the team despite that.


Source: Eternal Lifestyle

The fans of ‘NCIS’ were eagerly waiting and hoping that she would go back to Tony since the two split up before her first departure from the show in 2008.

That’s her character. But in real life…