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The Untold Story of Cobie Smulders: How a Canadian Actress Became America’s Sweetheart

Cobie Smulders had a few TV credits when she was working in her home town of Vancouver, Canada, but it was her move across the border that brought her to the role that became her big break. As most of you probably know, she played Robin Scherbatsky in the comedy How I Met Your Mother. Ever since, Cobie has been a fixture on both the small and big screens, showing just how talented and versatile this pretty lady really is.


Source: moviestillsDB.com / copyright: CBS

After How I Met Your Mother ended after its nine-season run in 2014, Cobie’s career has continued to rise. She played the starring role opposite Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher and also has a hilarious role in the Netflix comedy Friends From College. As of 2019, she’s been heading her own hit ABC series, Stumptown. But there’s a lot more to learn about America’s new sweetheart, like surviving a devastating disease…

This is all things, Cobie Smulders!