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The Unfortunate Scandals that Forced Duck Dynasty Off the Air

If you’re willing to look past the camouflaging beards and the frog-hunting, you might discover that the Robertsons are a lot like any other family in America. And maybe that’s why the show became such a huge hit. The Southern bunch were funny, likable, and wild.

Phil Robertson signing his autograph on a wooden duck / The cast of Duck Dynasty sitting in eggshells / The cast of Duck Dynasty in all camouflage outfits in a camouflage room

Photo by Jerry Markland, Getty Images / Source: Twitter / Pinterest

For 11 seasons, America got to witness the shenanigans of a family who built an empire on duck hunting. But it didn’t take long until the Robertsons got into some uncomfortable business. From drug abuse to controversial comments about race and sexuality, here’s an inside look into the lives of the Robertson clan.