The Raw Life of WWE Champion Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is one of the best wrestlers in the game. She quickly rose to fame with her notable cosplay costumes, charming personality, and of course, her skill. She is loved by fans all over the country.

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She is a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) champion and the first female wrestler to win a Money in the Bank contract. She is a wrestling icon and a staple character for the Raw brand. Her life and career are colored with many interesting events and milestones. She has done it all, and here is a breakdown of the good stuff.

Her Time with NXT

Alexa Bliss is one of the top NXT/ Performance Center stories, according to WWE. She is an extremely entertaining and talented performer and wrestler. She learned everything she knows about the craft at the Performance Center, the only place she trained until the day she got signed.

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One thing extremely surprising about her time with NXT was that she never wrestled on any of the NXT TakeOver specials. She was never taken seriously enough or seen to be as good as Sasha Banks, Bayley, or Asuka until she made a name for herself.

Her Two Favorite Wrestlers

Alexa Bliss always wanted to be a wrestler. When she was a kid, she sat in front of the television gazing up at her favorite wrestlers, hoping to follow in their footsteps someday. Sasha Banks, however, seemed to disagree.

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Tension rose between the two when Banks claimed Alexa didn’t grow up as a wrestling fan and wasn’t interested in the industry as a child. But she couldn’t be more wrong. Alexa was a die-hard fan of Rey Mysterio and the Hardy Boyz. She identified most with these performers and felt they related to her story.

Why She Loves Rey Mysterio

Alexa Bliss has openly talked about her favorite wrestlers. She has even gone so far as to share why she likes each of them. Rey Mysterio is a cool wrestler with an even cooler look. His costume is always complete with a signature funky mask that makes his look very unique.

Alexa attends an event.
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Bliss relates to him because he’s on the smaller side. Being a smaller wrestler is a tough pill to swallow, but Rey Mysterio persevered and became great. Bliss loves his story and feels inspired by what he overcame to follow his dreams.

Why She Loves the Hardy Boyz

Matt and Jeff Hardy are two brothers who dominate All Elite Wrestling. They are a brutal tag team who constantly compete in matches together. The two found a passion and love for wrestling and decided to chase that dream together. Ever since she was a child, Alexa Bliss was mesmerized by the iconic duo.

The Hardy Boyz pose for the press.
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She was completely won over as a fan of Matt and Jeff during the Attitude Era. She saw them as heartthrob daredevils dominating the mat. They were not only inspiring but also not so bad to look at.

Her Passion for Cosplay

Alexa Bliss loves a good costume. She has always loved to dress up as her favorite characters when wrestling in matches. Some argue that her special gear is what made her distinct and helped her stand out. She cosplays in different themes, depending on the match. Her two most popular costumes are Harley Quinn and Iron Man.

A photo of Alexa dressed up in one of her wrestling matches.
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This gear made fans notice her unique style and appreciate the extra time and effort she put into dressing up. She really elevated the costume standard when she brought cosplay into the mix, and it made her shine.

Her Iron Man Cosplay

Alexa manages to pull together amazing costumes, one more fascinating and exciting than the last. Her fans anxiously await her next costume to see what she comes up with. In 2017, at Payback, she showcased her love of all things Marvel Cinematic Universe with one of her most loved costumes—Iron Man.

A picture of Alexa posing in her Iron Man Cosplay.
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She dressed in the classic red armor worn by the Avenger and even dyed the ends of her hair the same color. The costume must have given her confidence because she beat Bayley in her own hometown for the Raw Women’s Championship title.

DC Comics’ Favorite Psycho

Alexa Bliss always manages to put together iconic costumes that are easy to identify despite her being on a wrestling mat. To continue with her love of superheroes and supervillains, she follows with your favorite psychotic girlfriend.

A photo of Alexa as Harley Quinn.
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In her first PPV (pay per view) on the main roster, she didn’t disappoint by channeling her inner crazy and unleashing Harley Quinn. Although she didn’t win the Smackdown Women’s Championship, her amazing costume helped get her name on the map. With her pink and blue hair and sparkly costume, she became someone to look out for.

A Halloween Classic at Raw

She may be 5’1” tall, but this wrestling bad girl isn’t afraid of anything. This Ohio-born gal may look sweet, but she packs a punch, and so does her style on the mat. On Halloween, she loves to treat her fans to an extra special and utterly horrific costume. In 2017, on Raw, she entered the ring in a Chucky costume from Child’s Play.

A video still of Alexa dressed up in a Chucky costume.
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She was equipped with pink hair and denim overalls. She squared off against her frenemy Mickie James. The creepy costume and the nod to such a quintessential horror character was just what her fans were hoping for.

Freddy Kruger but Hot

Who would have thought that the name Freddy Kruger and the word hot would ever be in the same sentence? Well, Alexa Bliss embodied that in one of her WWE matches. She effortlessly pulls off horror’s most notable characters and still manages to be attractive. A version of the costume had been used before by NXT, but she really took it to the next level.

Alexa is in a Freddy Kruger costume.
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She added her own version of the classic Freddy Kruger red and black striped ripped sweater. She completed the look by bedazzling the red, clawed Freddy gloves. WWE loved the costume so much that they orchestrated an entire photo shoot for Bliss.

The Mistress of Evil

Alexa Bliss came to New Orleans to defend her title as Raw Women’s Champion, and she brought the right costume for the occasion. She came decked out in an all-black leather ensemble complete with a long, fierce cape. She stood atop a podium, high above the crowd, and channeled all the dark Maleficent realness from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

A picture of Alexa dressed up as Maleficent.
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She has always shared her love for Disney, so her fans expected nothing less than the Mistress of Evil, and Alexa delivered. Seth Rollins may have jumped through the flames of Viserion on WrestleMania 34, but Alexa was the queen of darkness.

To Infinity and Beyond

In 2019 on the pregame show of SummerSlam, Alexa defended her title as cosplay queen and won her match all at the same time. She entered the ring in Toronto with her best friend, Nikki Cross, ready to defeat the IIconics.

An image of Alexa and Nikki Cross.
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She was fully equipped with a decked-out costume of Toy Story’s Star Command. The Buzz Lightyear costume was utter perfection, matching the animated character perfectly. She even fired fake lasers at the Aussie duo, claiming her title and taking home the win.

The Baddest Sea Goddess in the Game

In SummerSlam 2018, Alexa Bliss came to dominate as the scariest creature in the sea. Her opponent Ronda Rousey was an Ariel of sorts. She was a star who wanted to transition from MMA to WWE, much like The Little Mermaid’s Ariel who wanted to go from mermaid to human.

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This underwater princess just wanted legs and to be where the people are, but the big bad witch stole her voice. As iconic as the costume was, Ursula could not silence Ariel, and Alexa Bliss could not beat Ronda Rousey, but it was a costume to remember.

Hope, Help, and Compassion for All

Never shying away from a challenge, Alexa Bliss took on the cosplay of Supergirl in the Elimination Chamber in 2017. She ditched the supervillain costume for this round and went with one of the greatest heroes of all time. She flew into Elimination Chamber ready to beat Naomi for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

A promotional portrait of Alexa and Naomi.
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That night, Naomi was Alexa’s kryptonite, and she lost while Naomi took home her first Smackdown Women’s Championship. Alexa’s costume was a fabulous red and blue two-piece with a bedazzled belt. Despite her loss, she looked like a true superhero.

Her Costumes Inspired Other Wrestlers

It turns out that the wacky costumes and all the cosplay have really started to generate buzz among other wrestlers. Though some hate it, there are some who really see the value in it. In 2021, Alexa was supposed to fight in a tag team match against Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, but her antics and costumes caused a rift between the two.

A photo of Shayna Baszler.
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The match ended up being a singles match between Bliss and Baszler where Bliss took the win. Baszler shared that the costumes created added layers to the character, but Nia disagreed.

Cosplay Brings in the Views

Alexa Bliss loves her costumes, and her fans do too. Sure, with anything out-of-the-box there are haters who want to tear you down, but despite all that, her cosplay rakes in the views. If you take a look at any of her episodes of Raw, she is bringing in millions of views, while the next fight comes in at about half a million.

A portrait of Alexa.
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People want to see a character. They went to watch a show. Alexa realized that there was a market for cosplay beyond her just having fun, and it helped her career skyrocket.

Her Push to the Main Roster

Alexa Bliss and Carmella were not really seen as main roster call-ups. Both were fighting for their right to be in the main ring, but they weren’t receiving much attention due to their lackluster runs on NXT. Between the two, Carmella was the better prospect, and she had a better chance of making the main roster. When Nikki Bella needed a new rival, she was placed against her to build a new character.

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Alexa remained a background character until Becky Lynch needed a new opponent. WWE loved Alexa’s character work and use of cosplay, so they moved her up, and she won a belt in the first few months.

She Started as a Bodybuilder

Her career as a bodybuilder is what got Alexa Bliss noticed by the WWE. She got her start in bodybuilding and was scouted by WWE scouts when they attended multiple bodybuilding and fitness competitions she was in.

Alexa poses for the media before a fight.
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Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, and Bliss all started as bodybuilders and were signed to wrestling, but Alexa outdid them all. She was the only one to break out as a major wrestling star. WWE saw her potential and signed her, and she did not disappoint. She is a notable WWE fighter who continues to win titles.

She Wasn’t Allowed to Watch Wrestling

There was a point when Alexa was growing up that wrestling wasn’t allowed in the Bliss household. Her mother banned her from watching wrestling during the Attitude Era when things started to take an edgier turn. There were many parents who had the same issue.

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With the Attitude Era, WWE changed their rating to TV-14, and many parents felt they had to keep a closer eye on the fights to make sure they were appropriate. But Alexa’s mother was not concerned with the rating change and had to ban the program because her daughter kept walking around the house doing crotch chops.

It’s a Small World After All

Like so many, Alexa is obsessed with Disney. She loves the movies and theme parks, and when she moved to Orlando, Florida, she couldn’t get enough of Disney World. She is not the only WWE star who enjoys a day spent at Disney World or Universal Studios. She saw many stars at those theme parks.

A photo of Alexa visiting Disney.
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When a WWE Performance Center opened in Orlando, many stars moved there, and Alexa Bliss was one of them. She moved to Orlando, hoping to get her start. She confessed that she would sometimes go to Disney World multiple times a day when she had the time.

WWE Debut at WM30

Many of Alexa’s fans believe she made her WWE main roster debut in 2016. It turns out that she joined the roster two years before that. Alexa Bliss was part of Triple H’s WrestleMania 30. She made her entrance playing one of the other goddesses in the ring, and Triple H was at the throne.

A picture of Triple H and Alexa.
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Some names such as Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks are better associated with the event because they both were making their names in NXT. Alexa was still training, so not many people knew who she was. Despite the lack of recognition, it was still cool to experience her first night on the main roster.

There Is a Song Written about Her

Alexa Bliss revealed that Bowling for Soup was her all-time favorite band. Once they got wind of this, the band was eager to work with her on a project. She would have just been content with the fact that they knew who she was, but the band took it a step further. They wanted to write a song about her.

Bowling for Soup performs on stage.
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The song is called “Alexa Bliss,” and she even appeared in the music video fully dressed in her gear. The music video gained almost a million views on YouTube within the first few weeks. Today, it has more than four million views.

BFF with Ember Moon

Alexa Bliss has formed a lot of relationships throughout her career with WWE. There have been many behind-the-scenes friendships and lovers that some fans know about and some they don’t. Many know about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Buddy Murphy and her close friendship with Nia Jax from their time at NXT when they both were on the early main roster.

A picture of Alexa dining with Ember Moon.
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But in recent years, Ember Moon has become Alexa’s best friend. The first time they worked together, they clicked immediately, and they’ve been friends ever since. They always support each other on social media and in life.

Her Mother Did Not Approve

Alexa Bliss was born Alexis Kaufman in 1991 in Columbus, Ohio, to parents Angela and Bob Kaufman. She entered under the stage name Alexa Bliss when she joined the WWE in 2013. Her mother was not happy about her becoming a professional wrestler.

Alexa addresses the media.
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She did not approve of her daughter joining the WWE because she feared Alexa might get seriously injured. Her mother even went so far as to use Chyna as an example to discourage her daughter. Chyna was a former WWE legend who died of an overdose after retirement.

A Champion and a Record Breaker

Alexa Bliss is many things. She is an all-star wrestler and cosplay extraordinaire. She has an illustrious WWE career with a long line of fans—which she rightly deserves. Alexa Bliss was the first wrestler to win both the SmackDown Women’s Championship in 2016 and the Raw Women’s Championship in 2017.

Alexa poses for the press.
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She not only won the SmackDown Women’s Championship in 2016 but it was also her debut on the main roster. She is the first female wrestler to win a Money in the Bank contract and cash it in on the same night. She is an absolute legend!

Defying the Odds in the Ring and in Life

For many teenagers, eating disorders are a life-threatening struggle. With social media, magazines, and celebrities constantly enforcing unrealistic beauty standards, it’s hard for many teens to stay afloat. Similarly, Alexa Bliss suffered from an eating disorder when she was a teenager.

A photo of Alexa dressed up in one of her costumes.
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It went untreated for so long that it became life-threatening. A doctor told Alexa that she had 24 hours to live. Alexa defied these odds and fully recovered from her eating disorder. She fought for her life, and now she fights on the WWE mat every day. She is a true inspiration to young girls everywhere.

The Celebrated Team ‘Little Big’

Team Little Big was a tag team that appeared in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. It featured Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman. They quickly became the most famous mixed team in the WWE. The duo was so popular among fans that many have urged them to reunite.

Braun and Alexa pose for the media.
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They had so much fun in the ring, and the crowd felt it. They would even throw tantrums on stage. This is a signature for Alexa Bliss who likes to pretend she is a child throwing a tantrum, and when the two did it together, the laughs were unstoppable.

The Goofy and Endearing Team

Simply from the name, you can gauge the kind of show these two put on. Alexa at just 5’1” tall was Little, and Braun at a whopping 6’6” tall was Big. The duo always wore matching outfits, and in many backstage clips, you can see the two sharing an endearing camaraderie.

Braun and Alexa take a backstage photo together.
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In one segment, Strowman gifted Bliss a T-shirt that was almost the length of her entire body, and in return she gifted her large counterpart with a T-shirt that fit on him like a bra. There was never a dull moment with Team Little Big.

Alexa Can Sing . . . Really Well!

It turns out that Alexa is a jack of all trades. She can not only fight in the WWE but can also sing. She has a great voice that fans seem to love. There are many YouTube compilations of her showcasing her voice and singing various songs.

A photo of Alexa singing at a microphone.
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She even sang to her husband at their wedding reception. She belted out the boy band classic “Bye Bye Bye” with NSYNC themselves who sang at her wedding. And now we know that people write songs about her, and she sings too.

Her Entertaining Backstage Segment

On January 7, 2019, Alexa Bliss was given a backstage segment called Moment of Bliss that debuted on Monday Night Raw. Her first guest on the show was Ronda Rousey. Every week, her segment featured a surprise pro wrestler.

A still from the show.
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She asked them a series of questions about their career, upcoming fights, and any other interesting questions she could come up with. Her sparkly personality shone during these interviews, and the segment was always fun and entertaining. She had a total of 29 segments that lasted until October 26, 2020.

Moment of Bliss Controversy

On one of the segments of Moment of Bliss, a backstage staffer is seen knocking on Alexa’s door, letting her know that she is up next. He then barges into her dressing room while she is getting dressed, and she holds up her top to cover her naked body.

Alexa speaks in a still from her show.
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Although the segment was a joke, many felt appalled by it, expressing that women in wrestling, and especially Alexa Bliss, deserve more respect. Fans felt that Alexa Bliss has way more going for her since she is one of the top female wrestlers.

Is Alexa Quitting Wrestling?

Rumors have been circulating since Alexa Bliss has been absent from the ring. She hadn’t been seen on WWE programming in weeks, and in September 2021, she lost a Raw Women’s Championship match to Charlotte Flair. She was gone until a few months later when she came back and entered the Elimination Chamber to fight for the title of Raw Women’s Champion.

Alexa takes a picture of herself in her car.
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She was one of the last two standing but lost to Becky Lynch who went on to win the title. Many speculated that fans were no longer interested in Alexa, but it turns out she was in the process of planning her wedding.

Alexa Bliss’s New Husband

In 2022, Alexa Bliss married Ryan Cabrera, the man who stole this WWE wrestling champion’s heart. He is an American musician who began his career as the lead singer of the Dallas band Rubix Groove but then decided to pursue a solo career.

Alexa and Ryan post a picture together.
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His first major-label album was Take It All Away released in 2004. After taking off on tour, his album reached Billboard’s Top 100. He was the teen pop music icon of the early 2000s and has been releasing music ever since.

How Did the Newlyweds Meet?

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are both famous but from totally different worlds. Cabrera is a singer, and Bliss is a WWE fighter, so how did they meet? For a while, rumors circulated that the two were dating, but they had actually not met yet.

A picture of Alexa and Ryan attending an event.
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They didn’t even have the same social circles, but the rumor had become so prominent that the two decided they had to meet. After they met in real life, they hit it off. Eventually, they started dating, and after a year, they announced their engagement in 2020.

A Fairy-Tale Proposal for a Disney Fan

Cabrera proposed to Bliss in November 2020 at her favorite place in the world—Disney World! This huge Disney fan who had spent much of her early career in Orlando at Disney World now said yes to Cabrera at her special place.

A portrait of Alexa and Ryan.
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The couple sat down for dinner, and then the park closed. Cabrera had arranged for the song “Worth It” to be played throughout the park after it closed. He then asked her to dance. She still did not suspect anything. It was their one-year anniversary, so Alexa assumed this was a romantic way to celebrate.

A Wish upon a Star

After they danced to the song “Worth It,” Cabrera got down on one knee, shaking with nerves and excitement, and said, “I waited 38 years to do this.” This was the moment Bliss knew it was no longer an anniversary celebration.

A picture of Alexa’s engagement ring.
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He recited an entire speech, and of course, she said yes. The two celebrated with champagne and got some beautiful pictures and videos of the entire proposal. Cabrera had made sure to create the perfect engagement ring for the WWE champion. He wanted it to have a royal look, and with a very big rock, it sure did.

The Celebration Had Just Begun

After the proposal, Cabrera was not finished with the surprises. This was only the beginning of a long, celebrated night. After he proposed, he took Alexa to a surprise engagement party he had planned post-proposal.

A photo of Alexa and Ryan on their wedding day.
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The party took place at the Riviera Resort, the vacation club at Disney World. About 50 people were waiting at the hotel for the couple to arrive. As the two walked into the room, champagne popped. Their friends and family were there to congratulate them. It was a perfect night.

A Nontraditional Wedding for the Rockstar Couple

The happy couple planned a very nontraditional Rockstar wedding. They wanted to have a good time at a reception that showcased their personalities and was filled with fun. The Rockstar-themed wedding was held at the Kempa Villa in Palm Desert, California.

A video still of Alexa and Ryan having fun during the wedding.
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Their 360 guests entered the reception by walking down a hot pink carpet. Instead of flower girls throwing petals, people threw shots. In terms of attire, the couple asked their guests, “What would Harry Styles do?” To top it all off, NSYNC performed at their wedding. To put it simply, the wedding was so Rock ’n’ Roll!

Honeymooning in Hawaii—With a Twist

The day after their wedding, the couple decided to make one stop before jet-setting to their honeymoon destination. They went to California—to Disneyland, another one of Alexa’s favorite places.

Alexa takes a picture on her honeymoon.
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The newlyweds decked themselves out in all the Disney gear. They bought hats, shirts, and a lot of other cheesy souvenirs. Then they left for Hawaii where they would spend a few days alone and then meet up with friends to complete their marriage celebrations.

Does the Couple Want Kids?

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are two very busy individuals. Their work schedules are extremely demanding. Although Alexa took a break from wrestling to focus on planning her wedding, she will return to the ring.

A picture of Ryan and Alexa attending an event.
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In an interview with People magazine, the couple was asked if they ever wanted kids. The two responded that they definitely want kids. Alexa exclaimed that Ryan is great with kids and would be an amazing dad. The couple wants two kids at some point, but they aren’t big planners, so they will just see where the journey takes them.