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The Intriguing Story Behind Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s Friendship

Although this may seem like an unlikely duo, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s friendship is one of the greatest known in the culinary world. I wouldn’t have believed that they would end up having any show together, let alone a cooking show. But the 78-year-old (as of 2020) and self-proclaimed pimp have joined forces and are a hilariously entertaining duo that just keeps getting more popular. I could have definitely believed that it’s just a set up for publicity, but you will see that their friendship is the real deal.


Photo by VH1, Kobal, Shutterstock/ VH1, Kobal, Shutterstock/ Source: marthastewart.com / Photo by Chelsea Lauren, Shutterstock

Stewart and Snoop Dogg may seem like two completely different people, but they happen to have a lot in common. No, not marijuana, cooking. There’s no need to judge a book by its cover, according to Snoop. Stewart has always been an amazing cook, and Snoop Dogg has always been consuming munchies. I don’t think that there is a cooking duo out there better than them.

When did Martha turn into America’s coolest grandma who hangs out with rappers and jokes about ‘greens’ and prison? Let’s get into their story.