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Save Your Tears for the Pillow: Behind the Scenes of Dance Moms

The Pyramid

At the beginning of every episode of Dance Moms, Abby does her “Pyramid.” This basically means that she ranks all her dancers from best to worst. To make it to the top of the pyramid, you can’t miss a beat and must look flawless on stage. Of course, all the girls want to be on top, but no matter how hard they work, if a mom fights with Abby Lee, you can bet their kid will end up on the bottom.


Source: IMDB / Collins Avenue Productions

Abby reveals who is on the pyramid from bottom to top, and of course, criticizes her dancers. It’s brutal to watch, considering these little kids are all talented, hard-working dancers being told how bad they are by their teacher. Thankfully, it only lasts about five minutes, and everyone can move on… right?