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Showing Their Love Loud and Proud: LGBT Celebrities and Their Other Halves

If you’re looking for proof that love is blind and has no boundaries, these celebrities are it. Each one has come out, whether it was many years ago in the last few years. And regardless of when they decided to be open about their love interests, these celebrity LGBT couples remind us that all relationships are the same – whether it’s with another man or woman. See which celebrities you already know are part of the LGBT community and which you may not have heard about.

We are kicking off our list with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka – Pretty much everyone over the age of 30 remembers or at least knows the name, Doogie Howser. The star of the 90’s series, Neil Patrick Harris, has been open about his sexuality for a long time now. He and Chef David Burtka are both are successful in their own right. Harris is an actor, host, and Broadway star and Burtka has dabbled in the industry but is now focused on his main passion for cooking.


Source: DFree / Shutterstock.com

Although hiding nothing, the couple were never as loud and proud about being together. They used to keep their love for each other secret for five years, only making their entire relationship official in 2014. Before their wedding, they had twins through surrogacy who were born in 2010.