Revisiting 90 Day Fiancé: Who’s Still Together?

90 Day Fiancé and its numerous spin-offs have taken us through some emotional rollercoasters over the years. The TLC franchise about long-distance lovers who have only 90 days to tie the knot before their fiancé visa expires has proven to be addictive and incredibly entertaining. But nearly a decade after the first season aired, it’s time to see who’s still together and whose love has crumbled to pieces.

90 Day Fiancé Reality Show / Sasha, Emily / Mohamed, Danielle / Paola, Russ.
Source: TLC

You’ll be surprised to find out that, unlike other dating reality shows, many of the couples featured on 90 Days are still stronger than ever. They’re raising kids, buying houses, and posting lovey-dovey pictures of their lives all over social media. At the same time, a few couples have divorced and can’t bear seeing each other’s faces anymore.

Let’s see who made it and who didn’t.

Russ & Paola

Status: Married

It all began when 27-year-old Russ first laid eyes on 26-year-old Paola Mayfield. Paola’s Columbian beauty enchanted Russ, and it wasn’t long before he decided to commit to her fully, and the two moved together to Tulsa, Oklahoma. They married in 2013 and have been together ever since.

A studio portrait of Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield.
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Their relationship has had its up and downs, with Russ losing his job at one point and Paola suffering a miscarriage. Luckily, they’ve managed to pull through. Today, they’re a happy family of three. Paola gave birth to a baby boy named Axel at the start of 2019.

Alan & Kirlyam

Status: Married

Alan, from L.A., first met Kirlyam from Brazil in her hometown when she was just 11 years old. Alan was in Brazil for his Mormon mission. The two didn’t click straight away. In fact, they began to develop feelings only years later when they met at a mutual friend’s wedding.

Alan, Kirlyam, and their son, Liam.
Source: Instagram /@kirlyam_

When the show premiered, Kirlyam, then 21, joined Alan in the U.S. after getting her K-1 fiancé visa. They were both virgins when they tied the knot in a Mormon temple. Although their background differences have posed a challenge, the couple is still going strong, and as of today, they live in North Carolina and are raising two boys – Liam and Enzo.

Louis & Aya

Status: Married

Before the show, Aya, from the Philippines, and Louis from Indiana met on a dating site. They finally met up and enjoyed a week-long vacation together. Shortly thereafter, he proposed and filed the K-1 fiancé visa to bring Aya to America. The couple had 90 days to get married, or else Aya would be sent back to the Philippines.

Louis and Aya pose at the cruise.
Source: Instagram /@higantipangga

Louis’s ex-wife put them through hell, demanding to know whether Aya would be taking birth control or not. Thankfully, the couple stuck together, finally marrying in 2013, before the 90 days were over. As of today, they’re living happily with their two sons, Giovanni and Stefano, and two of Louis’s sons from his previous marriage.

Mike & Aziza

Status: Married

Mike from Cleveland met Aziza, a student from Volgograd, Russia, on a language learning site back in 2012. They paired up a short while before appearing on 90 Day Fiancé. Aziza revealed that they used to be just amigos and romantic feelings came long after when her work permit in the States was denied.

Aziza and Mike in an episode from the Reality TV show.
Source: YouTube

They kicked off the season, shy and reluctant, with Aziza admitting that they hadn’t been intimate yet. But by the end of Season One, they were deeply in love and decided to marry. The couple became proud parents in January 2019, welcoming “Little Miss Olivia Joan” to their family.

Chelsea & Yamir

Status: Divorced

Chelsea from Illinois and Yamir from Nicaragua met while Chelsea was volunteering in Nicaragua. She attended a concert where Yamir was playing in a boyband that went by the name Myla Vox. After falling in love, Yamir decided to leave his hometown, ditch his career, and move with Chelsea to the U.S.

Chelsea and Yamir talk during an episode of the TV Show.
Source: Facebook

Their relationship lasted for two years until Chelsea filed for divorce in 2016. She told reporters that they had broken up long before the divorce and that “it was nothing that he had done.” The split was relatively drama-free, and today, Chelsea is married to a man named Daniel Colombo Verni.

Danielle & Mohamed

Status: Divorced

Arguably one of the messiest divorces ever was that of Danielle Mullin and Mohamed Jbali. Their story is seriously unsettling. They met in an online chat room before the show’s Season Two. Danielle was 41, Mohamed was 26. Danielle, a mother of four, welcomed Mohamed into her home, but her kids weren’t happy about it. They questioned his intentions.

A portrait of Mohamed and Danielle on their wedding day.
Source: Tumblr

Mohamed refused to get intimate with her, claiming that his religion wouldn’t allow it. Then, after they got married, he split and moved to Miami. They divorced in 2017, and Danielle sued him for $12,500, claiming that she had paid for all his expenses, including his K-1 visa.

Justin & Evelin

Status: Married

Justin, from San Jose, California, and Evelin, from Colombia, are still happily married and deeply in love. They met while standing in line at a hot dog stand during the 2013 World Games in Santiago de Cali. Justin saw Evelin in line and summoned up whatever little Spanish he had to talk to her.

Justin, Evelin, and their baby son at a restaurant.
Source: Instagram /@evyhalas

There was an instant spark, and by the end of Justin’s trip, he proposed to her. He filed the K-1 Visa and brought her home with him to the U.S. Although they struggled with cultural differences, the couple found a way to work through it, and today, they live happily together with their baby son, whom they welcomed in October 2020.

Brett & Daya

Status: Married

Like many couples on the show, Brett from Washington met Daya from the Philippines on a dating site. When she came to see him in America, they got along super well. The only caveat was Brett’s family, who didn’t approve of their relationship. Brett’s mom believed Daya was a gold digger.

Brett and Daya’s family photo during a hike.
Source: TLC

Luckily, they were able to weather the storm! They walked down the aisle at the start of 2015, and in July 2017, they gave birth to their daughter, Isabella. Today, they live happily together, one big, blended family. Brett’s mother has finally softened a bit and is now a lot more accepting of her daughter-in-law.

Cássia & Jason

Status: Divorced

U.S. Army veteran Jason from Florida was 38 when he starred on the show with Cássia, a 23-year-old Brazilian beauty. Initially, Cássia was interested in Jason’s friend, but after splitting, Jason decided to approach her. He later flew to Brazil to meet her, and the two fell madly in love.

Jason and Cássia's appearance at the Reality TV show.
Source: TLC

But upon arriving in America, trouble began to surface. Life with Jason in the States wasn’t what Cassia was expecting. The couple divorced in 2018 but have remained good friends. Today, Cassia is married to an Italian man named Giuseppe.

Danny & Amy

Status: Married

Danny from Pennsylvania met South African Amy during a Bible study trip in Australia. They were both extremely young. Danny was 21, and Amy was 19. But they knew from the get-go that they had found their person. By the end of the trip, Danny proposed, and Amy was granted a K-1 Visa.

Danny and Amy spend time outside.
Source: TLC

Leaving South Africa wasn’t easy, especially since the couple decided to live apart at first to ensure that they stayed abstinent until marriage. Today, they’ve successfully managed to jump over every hurdle thrown their way and are currently living together in Texas with their two kids, Jed and Anna.

Mark & Nikki

Status: Married (?)

Mark, from Baltimore, Maryland, was 58 when he met 19-year-old Nikki from the Philippines. Fans of the show were a bit unsure what to make of their relationship, especially since Mark was portrayed treating Nikki like a little baby. The couple ended up marrying and later sued TLC for portraying them in a bad light. The judge tossed the case.

Mark stands, embracing Nikki.
Source: Flickr

As of today, their latest known outing together happened in 2018 at Walmart. Since then, fans have reported that they haven’t seen them around that much. Neither of them updates their Instagram and aren’t really present in other social media outlets.

Loren & Alexei

Status: Married

New Yorker Loren met Alexei, from Nazareth Illit, during her Birthright trip to Israel. Even though Alexei is originally from the U.K., he was in Israel at the time working as a medic. The two fell in love during Loren’s trip and decided to move to Florida together.

Alexei, Shai, and Loren are sitting at the beach.
Source: Facebook

The couple married in the U.S. in 2015 and again in Israel in 2016. As of 2021, the couple is living happily together with their baby boy named Shai. In March this year, they announced they were expecting another bundle of joy! Looks like things are going great for them.

Kyle & Noon

Status: Married

Noon from Thailand and Kyle from the U.S. met online in 2015. Kyle was planning a trip to Thailand when he came across Noon’s Facebook page. They started chatting and ended up meeting in Bangkok during Kyle’s vacation. Kyle revealed that he knew he wanted to marry Noon straight away.

Noon and Kyle take a photo at the park.
Source: Facebook

He popped the question on a parachute ride, and they flew together to America shortly after. They married in a lovely, traditional wedding at a Buddhist temple. Nowadays, they’re living together in Portland, Oregon. They don’t have any kids yet, but they have two adorable cats named Kevin and Kobe.

Melanie & Devar

Status: Married

Melanie met Devar while on vacation in his home country, Jamaica. She was staying at the resort where he worked. The two bonded, and by the end of the trip, he proposed to her. Fans loved Devar’s flirty attitude and Melanie’s devotion and optimism. They quickly became fan favorites.

Devar, Melanie, and their little girl Avah.
Source: Facebook

Despite some hesitancy and concerns, the couple overcame it all and married within the 90-day window. Since then, their marriage has seen good days, bad days, and absolutely messy days. Today, they’re still together and raising a little girl named Avah.

Fernando & Carolina

Status: Married

Fernando from Florida met Carolina from Colombia while he was vacationing in her home country. They fell in love, and by the end of his South American trip, he proposed. When Carolina flew back with him to Florida, they moved in with Fernando’s parents at first. Things got a bit tense.

Carolina and Fernando sit on the balcony.
Source: Facebook

Miraculously, after nearly nine years of marriage, they’re still going strong! They don’t have children and aren’t even sure they want any. For now, it looks like they’re just enjoying their time together. They’re traveling and living life without too many responsibilities.

Josh & Aleksandra

Status: Married

Aleksandra from Russia and Josh from Idaho met in the Czech Republic when they were both visiting separately. Josh was on a Mormon mission trip, and Aleksandra was studying there. Upon meeting each other, Josh gave Aleksandra, a party girl looking to turn her life around, a book about Mormonism.

Josh embraces Aleksandra in a couple’s portrait photo.
Source: Reddit

After the trip, the young pair kept in touch, with Josh frequently flying back to Czechoslovakia to meet her. A year after their first encounter, Josh proposed, and they filed the K-1 Visa. Since they had already dated for a year prior to their marriage, they had an easy time getting used to living together in the U.S. Today, they’re happily married and living as a family of three with their son JJ whom they welcomed in 2019.

Anfisa & Jorge

Status: Divorced

Anfisa from Russia met Jorge through Facebook. Things looked good at first, but Jorge’s family quickly picked up on Anfisa’s malicious behavior. They believed she was abusing him, and only after Jorge for his money. After Jorge’s arrest, the couple divorced.

Jorge and Anfisa’s appearance in the Reality TV show.
Source: TLC

Nowadays, Anfisa has been super public about her experience, talking with her fans on all her social media accounts. When a fan asked her what was her biggest challenge after appearing on the show, she responded: “feeling everyone is hating and judging” her.

Narkyia & Olulowo

Status: Married

When viewers first met Narkyia and Olulowo, fans of the show didn’t believe they would last. First and foremost, Olulowo lied to Narkyia by telling her he was a Nigerian prince who lived in Alabama and was caring for his son because the mother was dead.

Olulowo and Narkyia pose wearing matching outfits.
Source: Instagram /@90day_kyia_

As it turns out, Olulowo didn’t live in Alabama. He was actually living in Vietnam, where he was studying business. Regardless, Narkyia fell madly in love and dove into the relationship without much thought. They married, and Olulowo arrived in the States on a K-1 Visa. Miraculously, they’re still going strong. They welcomed a baby girl named Nifemi Denise Shodipe.

Matt & Alla

Status: Married

Matt from Kentucky and Alla from Ukraine met years before the show on an online dating site. It never took off, however, because Matt was busy with another woman, his third wife. After divorcing her, he reconnected with Alla, who proved that the fourth time is really the charm.

A pregnant Alla and Matt stand before a city landscape.
Source: Facebook

Alla suffered some harsh interrogation from Matt’s friends, who suspected she was only after his money. But she never gave up. Alla genuinely loves Matt, and she wasn’t willing to let other people get in the way. Today, they live happily together with a baby daughter named Emmalyn.

Chantel & Pedro

Status: Married

Chantel from Atlanta and Pedro from the Dominican Republic met through a mutual friend. Love quickly took off between the two, and while their relationship seemed to be doing well, they still suffered some backlash from their loved ones. Their dramatic and suspicious families took over their lives.

Chantel and Pedro pose by a lake.
Source: TLC

Thankfully, things have cooled down over the years. Today, they’re living in Georgia, and their life together was profiled in TLC’s spinoff of the show – The Family Chantel. Chantel has also recently graduated from nursing school!

Nicole & Azan

Status: Never Married

Single mom Nicole instantly fell for Moroccan lover Azan. Nicole traveled to Morocco with her daughter May, but they didn’t marry just yet, partly because Nicole was still struggling to find a K-1 visa sponsor. It got to the point where Nicole thought of relocating to Morocco.

Azan and Nicole’s portrait in Morocco.
Source: TLC

She planned on starting a cosmetics boutique with the help of Azan’s family. Ultimately, religious debates and conflicting values cost them their relationship. They called off the engagement. Fans are still eager to see if they’ll ever get back.

Evelyn & David

Status: Married

Evelyn from New Hampshire and David from Spain met online after David heard Evelyn sing. After getting engaged in David’s hometown of Grenada, they moved together to the States. Evelyn wanted to live in a small town, while David preferred city life.

Evelyn and David pose at home.
Source: Instagram /@evelyncormier

In September of 2019, the married couple moved to Los Angeles together and have been living there ever since. Their bond is reportedly stronger than ever, with both parties developing their own career yet still keeping it together.

Molly & Luis

Status: Divorced

Molly from Georgia and Luis from the Dominican Republic met while Molly was on vacation in Luis’s home country. He was working as a bartender. She was working on her tan. After just two months, they got engaged and, in July 2017, tied the knot.

Molly and Luis pose by the stables.
Source: TLC

They moved to the U.S. together, but after six months, they divorced. The whole thing was a bit fishy. The marriage was kept under wraps, and it never seemed like they were actually in love with each other. Today, Molly has appeared on a spin-off called 90 Day: The Single Life.

David & Annie

Status: Married

David from Kentucky and Annie from Thailand met in Annie’s home country. David was living in Thailand at the time and spotted Annie sitting at a bar. Within days, they started dating and got engaged pretty quickly. They moved together to the States and married in November 2017.

Annie and David’s portrait at the stadium.
Source: Facebook

To everyone’s delight, the adorable couple is still together. The couple now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they live a comfortable, quiet life. They’ve become one of the most talked-about couples of the show, a status that has definitely added a good amount of money to their bank accounts.

Josh & Aika

Status: Married

Josh from Arizona met Aika from the Philippines on a dating app. Josh had been married twice before, and both relationships ended on a bad note. He is estranged from his kids from his first marriage, and his second union failed because he cheated. Was it any different with Aika?

Josh and Aika pose together.
Source: Instagram /@josh.and.aika

Thankfully, yes! Despite going through a lot of drama (Aika discovered that Josh had physically abused his first wife AND that he underwent a vasectomy), they managed to stick together and hosted a small marriage ceremony in Las Vegas. Today, they seem very happy on social media. They recently admitted that they’re trying to have a baby.

Jay Smith & Ashley Martson

Status: Divorced

Jay Smith moved from Jamaica to live with his fiancé Ashley Martson in Pennsylvania. Fans of the show were completely shocked when rumors surfaced that Jay had cheated on Ashley with some woman he met through Tinder. Jay later insisted that the whole infidelity drama was just for the cameras.

Jay and Ashley pose by the river.
Source: TLC

“We act on TV,” he told In Touch at the start of 2020. Ashley wasn’t so pleased with his explanation, and she filed for divorce, citing adultery as the reason. They divorced in March 2021. “It is what it is,” Ashley commented, shrugging off the whole ordeal. She’s ready to move on to better things.

Larissa Dos & Colt

Status: Divorced

Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos met on an online dating site and later got together in Mexico, where they spent only five days together before deciding to tie the knot. Larissa moved in with Colt, and his mom, Debbie, and the uncomfortable setup added nothing but fuel to the fire.

Colt and Larissa pose at the park.
Source: TLC

They married in the summer of 2018 but ended thing by January the next year. Larissa was arrested three times for domestic violence. Apparently, she put Colt through some serious stuff. Today, they’re not in touch anymore, and Larissa is facing potential deportation after uploading videos of herself to an adult content site.

Jonathan & Fernanda

Status: Divorced

Jonathan Rivera from Chicago met 19-year-old Fernanda Flores at a club in Mexico, and they instantly hit it off. After several months of getting to know each other, he popped the question. Fernanda gladly agreed and moved to North Carolina to be with him.

Fernanda and Jonathan pose at the ice skating rink.
Source: Facebook

They married in the spring of 2018, but it took a few short months for things to turn sour. Fernanda found out Jonathan was cheating on her. They divorced in March 2019. The former lovers said their goodbyes and moved on to different people.

Kalani & Asuelu

Status: Married

Fan-favorites Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa have had their highs and lows across several 90 Day spinoffs. They married in September 2018, and today, they’re raising two sons together, Oliver and Kennedy. Even though language and cultural differences still make it hard for them to get along, it looks like they’re doing relatively well.

Kalani and Asuelu’s portrait in nature.
Source: TLC

“I think we’re in an OK spot,” Kalani told ET and then confessed, “I wouldn’t say we’re in a great or perfect spot, but I think we’re good. We’re working, we’re both putting in the effort. It’s not horrible like it was, but it’s not amazing. We’re getting there.”

Eric & Leida

Status: Married

Eric from Wisconsin and Leida from Indonesia met through an international dating site. Despite their age gap (11 years), they fell in love. But troubles soon found their way into this couple’s love life because Eric’s kids from his previous marriage didn’t seem to get along with Leida.

Leida poses next to Eric, showing her engagement ring.
Source: Instagram /@_aicohen

Over the years, their off-screen drama has been making headlines. Yet somehow, they’re still together. They reside in Wisconsin and have been married for a few years already. Leida shared on her social media account that after a lot of hard work, the two have finally purchased a house together.

Steven & Olga

Status: Together

Steven from Maryland, and Olga, from Voronezh, Russia, met on the beach one day. It was a completely random encounter that changed their lives forever. Olga, who was 22 at the time, was on vacation in the U.S. for the summer when she ran into Steven, who was 21 at the time. A month after their encounter, she discovered she was pregnant.

Olga, Steve, and their son pose outside the house.
Source: Instagram /@koshimbetova

It took a while to bring Olga to the States, but eventually, she made it. Two years after their chance encounter on the beach, they married, with their little boy Alex by their side. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long, and they parted ways a year later. Thankfully, they’ve since then reunited and are working on making things better again!

Michael & Angela

Status: Married

Michael from Nigeria and Angela from Georgia appeared on Season Two and Three of the show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and followed them as they split and reunited multiple times. Finally, they joined the original series on Season Seven, and after an emotional rollercoaster, they tied the knot in January 2020.

Michael and Angela visit Nigeria.
Source: TLC

Initially, Angela had hoped for Michael to get his K-1 visa so they could marry in front of her family in the U.S., but Michael’s application was rejected. The pair’s only option was to apply for the spousal visa, and during 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season Five, Angela flew back to Nigeria to marry him there.

Syngin & Tania

Status: Married

Tania from Connecticut and her South African lover Syngin met when Tania, an herbal medicine practitioner, was on vacation in South Africa. She bumped into Syngin, who was working as a local bartender, and sparks immediately flew. It began as a cute fling but turned into a full-blown relationship.

Tania and Syngin’s studio portrait.
Source: TLC

Tania asked Syngin to fly to the States to be with her on a K-1 visa, but her behavior was questionable, to say the least (she flew to Costa Rica, stopped answering him, etc.). They overcame all issues and tied the knot before the 90 days were over, and today, they’re still together and looking to buy land in California.

Mike & Natalie

Status: Separated

Mike from Washington and Ukraine-based Natalie married in April 2020, and it seemed like things were going well for them until now. Tensions surrounding Mike’s mother gave way to loud fights, with Natalie feeling extremely uncomfortable and unwelcome around Mike’s family.

Mike and Natalie appearance in the Reality TV show.
Source: TLC

While they haven’t officially divorced (yet), it looks like they’re not together for now. As of July 2021, Mike and Natalie have yet to reconcile. Judging from their social media accounts, Natalie is currently with friends in Florida while Mike is still in Washington.

Blake & Jasmin

Status: Married

Finnish model Jasmin met music producer Blake and moved to L.A. to be with him. They met online, and Blake popped the question during one of his visits to Finland. Luckily for Jasmin, her sister Jenette was already living in L.A., so she had a family member to support her upon her arrival.

Blake and Jasmin take a photo in the mirror.
Source: Tumblr

Despite some hurdles and issues, the couple married and have been posting sweet pictures of them all over their social media accounts. Blake recently posted: “The fact that I get to see her [Jasmin] smile every day reminds me of all the nights I worked, the beats/productions I sold, and all the clients I’ve recorded, just to see her…and it was TOTALLY worth it.”

Michael Jessen & Juliana Custodio

Status: Married

Michael Jessen from Connecticut fell in love with Brazilian model Juliana Custodio. The two dated for a few years before appearing on the show. By the time they starred on 90 Day Fiancé, her visa had been rejected twice. They finally exchanged vows in October 2019.

Michael and Juliana pose after tiding the knot.
Source: Facebook

Today, Juliana has been posting pictures of them as one big happy family. She uploads pictures of them working out, staying fit, eating healthy, and spending quality time with each other. They’re in close contact with Michael’s ex-wife Sarah, which, at first, was hard for Juliana to deal with, but today, they all get along perfectly well.

Mursel & Anna

Status: Married

After breaking up in the middle of the season, Anna from Nebraska and Mursel from Turkey finally wed, with just three hours left on Mursel’s visa. It’s a miracle they managed to get back together, for neither of them spoke each other’s native language, making communicating terribly difficult.

Mursel and Anna’s studio portrait.
Source: TLC

Since being on the show, they’ve settled into their new house in Nebraska with Anna’s three children from her previous relationship. Joey, Gino, and Leo, her three boys, are slowly getting to know their stepdad. They’ve had plenty of time this past year to relax at home and get to know each other.

Sasha & Emily Larina

One of the most unsettling couples in 90 Day history is probably Sasha from Russia and Oregon native Emily Larina. When we met them on the show, Emily was pregnant and fearful of giving birth in Russia without her family. Sasha, on his end, was having doubts about getting married for the third time.

Emily and Sasha pose at a rock concert.
Source: Facebook

Finally, things started looking up for the couple. They married and are considered one of the show’s strongest couples. As of today, it looks like they’re moving back to Russia to be closer to Sasha’s children from his previous marriages.

Robert & Anny

Status: Married

Robert from Florida met his wife Anny from the Dominican Republic and married her once she arrived in the States. Robert’s kid from his previous relationship immediately took a liking to her and welcomed her to the family. After the season ended, the couple welcomed a baby girl named Brenda Aaliyah.

Anny and Robert celebrate a birthday in bed with their children.
Source: Discovery+

It looks like their relationship is stronger than ever because they’re expecting another one soon! A baby boy. The couple is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new bundle of joy. Robert said that Bryson is over the moon to Dhave a little brother join the family.

Rebecca & Zied

Status: Married

Rebecca Parott from Georgia met Zied Hakimi from Tunis during Season Three of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. They returned to the screens for Season Eight of the original show to tie the knot in America, making it Rebecca’s fourth time down the aisle.

Zied and Rebecca pose by the water spring.
Source: Instagram /@tlc_90day_rebecca

They’re still together, despite some rumors of them breaking up. Their Instagram accounts, however, paint a different picture. They’ve been uploading photos of each other, showing off their recent projects, and promoting their new photography business.