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Reasons Why Alicia Silverstone Is Anything but Clueless

Clueless – the Film That Launched Her Into the Spotlight

A glossy high school satire, 1995’s Clueless was a box office knockout. And Silverstone, who was the leading socialite of the bunch, was thrust into the limelight in dizzying force. At just 18, such a high level of fame was a major lifestyle change and one she wasn’t quite prepared for.

Alicia Silverstone appearing to be daydreaming while Justin Walker is gazing at her in the back, in a scene from the film 'Clueless', 1995.

Photo by Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

People wanted her to be like her character in the movie, Cher. They wanted her to be a fashion-obsessed, ditzy blonde who switches outfits three times a day. But, in reality, Silverstone was clueless (a little wordplay) when it came to glamming up. She was nothing like Cher, and the glitter and glitz of stardom overwhelmed her to the point that she wanted to back down.