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Putting the Real in Real-Estate: The Truth About ‘Selling Sunset’

It’s common knowledge that reality shows don’t show the whole reality. But that’s never stopped TV drama lovers from tuning in. While the entire world was on lockdown, Netflix’s binge-worthy reality shows, such as Tiger King, became extremely popular. Another fan favorite is Selling Sunset. The show revolves around real-estate agents at The Oppenheim Group office on Sunset and Boulevard. A bunch of gorgeous girls in an office together is sure to stir up some drama.


Source: Netflix / Instagram, @jasonoppenheim / Netflix / Instagram, @thechristinequinn / Netflix / Instagram / Netflix

Between the love triangles, gossip, breakups, and favoritism, viewers get to look at some of the most luxurious multi-million-dollar properties in Los Angeles. But as reality shows go, Selling Sunset is more focused on the personal lives of the cast. As it turns out, there is more to the reality stars than their over-the-top, on-screen personality, and there is more to the show than producers want you to see.

This is a behind-the-scenes look at Netflix’s Selling Sunset.