Intense & Passionate: Highlighting Johnny Depp’s Exes

Johnny Depp has recently been in the headlines for his legal battles with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. But before being in the papers for serious allegations, he used to be on the covers of magazines for dating several famous women. Throughout his time in Hollywood, Depp has dated and loved some of the biggest names in show business.

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These women include Winona Ryder and Kate Moss, and many of his past lovers have said that there was something different about being romantically linked to Depp. Here’s what we’ve discovered about the women who were once with Johnny Depp!

The First Wife: Lori Anne Allison

Johnny Depp dropped out of high school and formed a band. This band was good enough to open for acts like the Talking Heads, Iggy Pop, and The Ramones. One of the band’s members had a sister named Lori Anne Allison, and Depp was smitten. After a short period of dating, Depp and Allison tied the knot in a ceremony in South Florida in 1983.

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Depp was only 20 years old, and Allison was five years his senior. Early in their marriage, Allison began working as a makeup artist. As Depp’s band was making more traction, the newlyweds decided to make the big move to Los Angeles, California.

Setting Him Up for Success

Once in L.A., Depp’s band didn’t fare as well as they had hoped, but Depp ended up gaining something much more worthwhile. Allison was friends with an actor who also lived in L.A., and she introduced him to her husband. That actor was Nicolas Cage, who appeared in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and snagged the lead part in 1983’s Valley Girl.

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Cage and Depp soon forged a friendship, and Cage encouraged his new friend to give acting a shot. After Depp agreed, Cage helped him get an audition for the 1984 horror movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Getting Placed on the Back Burner

Whether it was Cage’s advice or just his natural skills, Depp landed the part and began his Hollywood acting career! After the success of his first film, Depp went on to snag the lead role in 1985’s Private Resort. But what about his encouraging wife? Well, by that point, his acting career had taken priority and was on the rise.

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This left his marriage to Allison on the back burner, and as a result, it started to fall apart. The two decided to officially separate in 1985 and during divorce proceedings cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Lori Anne Allison After Johnny Depp

While Depp has become one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood, Allison worked her butt off to realize her dreams as well. It seems like it paid off because she has made quite a name for herself in the world of makeup. She has reached a high-profile clientele, including Christina Applegate, Cloris Leachman, Bonnie Raitt, Adam Ant, and Josh Groban.

A portrait of Lori Anne Allison.
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In 2015, she created and released her own brand of lip gloss called Serendeppity. Fun fact, each one of the glosses’ names was inspired by her idols and favorite characters in film! These days, Allison enjoys her life out of the spotlight.

Twin Peaks’ Vixen: Sherilyn Fenn

After Depp and Allison’s divorce was finalized in 1985, the actor agreed to appear in a student film called “Dummies” for the American Film Institute. Through this project, he met a young, up-and-coming actress named Sherilyn Fenn. The two hit it off and started seeing each other.

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This grew into a much more serious relationship that lasted for about three and a half years. During that time, the couple also got engaged, but that never came to fruition. During the time that they were together, Depp’s celebrity status continued to climb.

Speculation About the Split

In 1987, Fenn guest-starred on an episode of 21 Jump Street, alongside Depp. Throughout their time together, and even today, Fenn was adamant that Deep was her first love, and the two of them had a truly special connection. The couple made public appearances together until they split up in 1989.

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Fans and media outlets were left to speculate about why they called off the engagement. Even today, it’s a bit confusing since Fenn continues to post loving reflections about her relationship with Depp on her social media accounts.

Sherilyn Fenn After Johnny Depp

After the breakup, Fenn landed a role that would define her career. From 1990-1991, she portrayed Audrey Horne in the cult classic series Twin Peaks. For her role in the show, Fenn was nominated for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe award. While promoting the show, Fenn made the “Most Beautiful Women” list for several big-name magazines.

Sherilyn Fenn attends an event.
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During that same time, she shot a cover and spread for Playboy magazine. The Playboy shoot, fame from Twin Peaks, and Fenn’s old Hollywood glamour look made her a sex symbol for the decade.

After Landing a Career-Defining Role

After Twin Peaks wrapped, she was photographed for a Dolce & Gabbana campaign for the 1991-1992 season. After 1992’s Of Mice and Men, Fenn began to refuse contracts unless there was a no-nudity clause included to avoid typecasting. This resulted in booking more independent projects.

A current portrait of Sherilyn Fenn.
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The late ’90s into the 2000s saw Fenn starring in numerous TV movies and guest star roles. In 2017, she reprised her role as Audrey Horne for the Twin Peaks reboot. Starting that same year, Fenn began her recurring role on the series S.W.A.T.

Darling of the ’80s: Jennifer Grey

After three years and an engagement with Twin Peaks’ Sherilyn Fenn, Johnny Depp moved on to a romantic relationship with another actress: Jennifer Grey. Depp and Grey were only together for about a year and a half but still somehow still had enough time to include a marriage proposal!

Jennifer Grey attends an event.
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Jennifer Grey first got into the acting game in 1984 with the movie Reckless. It made for a respectable acting debut, but it was her supporting role in 1986’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that earned her global recognition.

He Put Baby in a Relationship!

From one success to the next, Grey’s most famous role came in 1987 with the critically acclaimed film, Dirty Dancing. With her portrayal of Frances “Baby” Houseman, Grey received a Golden Globe nomination as well as elevated celebrity status. Sometime after Dirty Dancing came out, Grey started privately dating Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp and Jennifer Grey are arriving at the airport.
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This was unusual for Depp since most of his relationships were displayed very publicly. Both were cementing themselves as successful actors in Hollywood when Depp asked the actress to marry him. After initially accepting, Grey and Depp broke up in 1989.

Jennifer Grey After Johnny Depp

After a career-defining performance in Dirty Dancing, most of Grey’s subsequent jobs paled in comparison with the critics. She booked some supporting roles in many films throughout the three decades following her 1989 break up with Johnny Depp.

Jennifer Grey attends an event.
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Grey also appeared as a guest star on shows like House and Grey’s Anatomy. From 2008-2014, she did some voice acting for Disney Channel’s animated series, Phineas and Ferb. Dancing is what brought her the most fame, so winning the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars in 2010 was a no-brainer.

Alternative ’90s “It Girl”: Winona Ryder

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were an icon celebrity couple in the early ’90s, but before they got together, Ryder was booking lead film roles. Starting with 1987’s Square Dance, Ryder made a name for herself with main roles in 1988’s Beetlejuice and 1989’s cult classic Heathers.

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She was entering the ’90s as a Hollywood starlet and the new “it girl” of the incoming decade. Depp was doing well for himself by that point as well, so it was only a matter of time before their paths crossed.

Love at First Sight

In 1989, Ryder starred as Jerry Lee Lewis’ underage cousin and bride in the biopic Great Balls of Fire. Both Ryder and Depp attended the movie premiere and met each other for the first time. That first meeting was the beginning of an incredibly public and passionate romance between the two movie stars.

Winona Ryder attends the film premiere.
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Soon after that premiere, Ryder and Depp started dating seriously. After only five months of being together, Depp surprised everyone when he asked Ryder to marry him. She, of course, happily accepted his proposal.

Engagement Rings and Tattoos

In interviews with media outlets, Ryder gushed over how Depp was her first for everything when it came to relationships – boyfriend, sexual partner, fiancé, and first person she loved. It was obvious to fans just how in love these lovebirds were as they showed off engagement rings and tattoos in public.

Depp embraces Winona as they pose for a portrait.
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Yes, you read that correct; Johnny Depp got a permanent tattoo as a way to express his love for Winona Ryder, which read “Winona Forever.” But the couple was eager to bring their real-life love to the big screen.

Split Due to Societal Pressures

The opportunity came with 1990’s Edward Scissorhands, which saw Ryder and Depp’s characters separate because of societal pressures. Ironically enough, this plotline hit a little too close to home for the actors. After three very public years together, Depp and Ryder parted ways in 1993.

Depp and Ryder attend an event.
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Depp got his tattoo changed to read “Wino Forever.” Unlike some of Depp’s other relationships, the actor was vocal about why he thought they broke up. Depp credited pressure from media outlets as being the largest contributor to the end of their relationship.

Too Public About Their Relationship

Depp realized that he had made a mistake in being so public about their relationship, even though he thought that offering the information would get people off their backs. In reality, it did the exact opposite.

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Fans and tabloids felt like they were part of their relationship, which wasn’t good for the two involved people. Despite the heartbreak, Ryder brought home a Golden Globe award and was nominated for both an Academy Award and a BAFTA for her role in 1993’s The Age of Innocence.

Winona Ryder After Johnny Depp

The rest of the ’90s was filled with successful projects for Ryder like 1994’s Reality Bites, 1994’s Little Women, 1996’s The Crucible, and 1999’s Girl, Interrupted. At the start of the new decade, Winona Ryder was awarded her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in October 2000.

Winona Ryder attends an event.
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In 2002, she starred with Adam Sandler in the comedy film Mr. Deeds. Ryder’s most recent project has been starring as Joyce Byers on the Netflix series Stranger Things since 2016. Ryder continues to comment on her relationship with Depp with genuine fondness.

Famous ’90s Supermodel: Kate Moss

Depp might have been loving and passionate during his relationship with Winona Ryder, but P.D.A. took on a whole new meaning when he started dating Kate Moss. Moss was just beginning to get her bearings in the modeling world in the early ’90s.

Depp and Moss attend an event.
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She booked several smaller campaigns before being photographed for a Levi’s campaign. After coming onto the scene as “heroin chic,” Moss’ look set her apart from the other tall and curvy supermodels of that time. Depp came into her life during a random 1994 run-in at a New York bistro.

A Mutual Friend Brought Them Together

George Campbell used to work at Vogue in the mid-‘90s and just happened to be a mutual friend of Moss and Depp’s. He and Depp were catching up over dinner at a Manhattan café when Campbell spotted Moss enter the restaurant with a few other models.

Depp and Moss are leaving a restaurant together.
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He beckoned her over and introduced his two friends. Little did he know that he would be setting the stage for one of the biggest couples of the decade. Now that is a good friend and even better wingman!

Passion and Intensity Runs High

After that initial meeting, both the actor and supermodel felt that there was a spark and started spending more time together. Once their relationship became official, their physical and passionate relationship was filled with parties, arguments, and making up by making out.

Moss and Depp arrive at an event.
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After years of these highs and lows, it started to steer away from passion and more towards intense as they started publicly screaming at one another. After a rumored engagement and three years of dating, the couple called it quits in 1997.

Split Court of Public Opinion

The public was split about the breakup. It seemed like half of them were sad to see that passion wasn’t enough to keep a relationship going, while the other half seemed relieved to not have to read about another public argument.

Kate Moss talks to the press.
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Fans were left to fill in the blanks for some time before Depp or Moss commented on the breakup. A year after their split, Depp spoke to the press about the breakdown of their relationship and took the brunt of the responsibility for its demise.

Taking Responsibility for the Split

Depp took responsibility by admitting that he prioritized his work over everything else, namely his relationship. This made him not the easiest person to get along with and led to him not giving Moss the attention that she deserved.

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Sometimes, he was overly sensitive to what others thought about his projects and let those feelings seep into his relationship. Both Moss and Depp publicly considered the relationship “pure” in terms of their intentions and love for each other, which could explain why the split was so emotional.

Kate Moss After Johnny Depp

One of the only interviews where Moss discussed her split from Depp came in 2012, more than two decades after their relationship. She called Depp one of the few people that knew how to take care of her and that she missed that when they split.

Kate Moss attends an event.
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Moss felt the loss of a trusted person in her life, which took her years to come to terms with. In the years since the breakup, Moss continues to be a working model and can add fashion editor for British Vogue to her resume.

The Mother of His Children: Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis made a name for herself before Johnny Depp entered her life. She grew up in France, which is where her singing and acting career took off. She released an international hit in 1987 that transcended the French music charts.

Vanessa Paradis performs on stage.
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In between releasing singles and albums, Paradis also found time to appear in French films. In 1991, she became a spokeswoman for the Chanel brand. The following year, she moved to the United States, dated Lenny Kravitz, and released an album in English.

It All Started in Paris

Paradis was with Lenny Kravitz until 1997, the same year that Depp broke up with Kate Moss. A year after both of them broke up with their significant others, Paradis and Depp’s paths crossed. Paradis had moved back to France to continue working on projects in French, and Depp was in Paris to film Roman Polanski’s horror-thriller The Ninth Gate.

Depp and Paradis attend an event.
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The story goes that Paradis was with some friends in a Paris hotel’s restaurant when Depp and Polanski happened to enter the same establishment.

Leaving a Sense of Mystery

The minute that Depp saw Paradis, he convinced one of his friends that he was also eating to invite her over to their table, and the two spent hours chatting. That was the night that set the stage for the rest of their relationship.

Paradis attends an event.
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Depp and Paradis soon realized that there was something real between them and started seriously dating. Their relationship was relatively private compared to Depp’s previous dating history. They left a sense of mystery compared to the other couples in Hollywood.

Choosing to Keep Things Private

The pair became known for wearing incredibly snazzy clothes and spending a lot of their time in France. For such a high-profile couple, it’s honestly impressive how they managed to have a sense of control over their public narrative.

Depp and Paradis attend an event.
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Inspired by what he had learned from his own relationships and how he was raised, Depp wanted to make sure there was a strong foundation of trust and communication. This was especially important as the couple never got married. Depp was questioned a lot about the lack of a marriage license.

Heart Over a Piece of Paper

In response to the critics, Depp would simply say that he never found himself needing a piece of paper to say that he and Paradis were committed to each other. The two of them agreed that what they felt in their hearts and souls was more real than any piece of paper they could get.

Depp and Paradis pose on the red carpet.
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Depp also said that if Paradis ever mentioned that she did, in fact, wanted to go through with a wedding, he’d happily oblige. Although, the two of them never got to that point.

Together for Fourteen Years

Paradis always complimented her partner when she was asked about him by media outlets. She admired his understanding that if he wanted to make this relationship work, both of them needed to employ a high level of trust and allow one other to take some space when they needed it.

A photo of Paradis and Depp during an event.
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She thought herself lucky to have found someone who believed in this relationship philosophy as well. The pair was together for fourteen years, the longest relationship to date for either of them.

A Shocking Announcement From the Couple

Throughout their fourteen years together, Depp and Paradis continued to work on their respective projects and further their careers. For such successful celebrities, they also managed to find time to welcome two children into their family: a daughter in 1999 named Lily-Rose and a son in 2002 named Jack.

Depp and Paradis take their children for a picnic.
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Because of the private nature of their relationship, Depp and Paradis shocked the world when they issued a statement that they had chosen to separate in 2012. This was right after Depp showed up to the Golden Globe Awards solo.

Reasons for Their Split

Sources close to the couple said that Depp and Paradis had drifted apart after they had moved from France to Los Angeles. For years, trying to balance both of their schedules had taken a toll on their relationship. Depp even acknowledged how difficult it is to be in a relationship with someone in show business.

Paradis attends an event.
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There always seemed to be one person away working on a project. At some point, both Paradis and Depp had reached a point where these conflicting schedules were essentially making them live separate lives.

Vanessa Paradis After Johnny Depp

Ending such a long partnership with the father of her children was no easy feat for Paradis. She and Depp still cared for each other but just weren’t able to foster the romantic part of their relationship. However, they are destined to be part of each other’s lives forever since they share two children.

Lily-Rose Depp and Paradis arrive at a fashion show.
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Since their separation, Paradis continues to make music, model for Chanel, and appear in mostly foreign films. Most recently, she’s publicly supported Depp through his court cases with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

His Controversial Second Ex-Wife: Amber Heard

Amber Heard started off in Hollywood like most young actresses, booking smaller roles in projects until one really catapults them. Heard encountered the same pattern, and her turning point project also happened to be where she met Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard talks to the press.
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Both of them starred in The Rum Diary in 2011. At that time, they were with other people and were strictly friends. But by the following year, the two actors had started dating. By 2014, Depp and Heard were engaged and publicly wearing rings.

Accusations of Physical Abuse

A year after announcing their engagement, Heard starred in Magic Mike XXL and got married to Depp in a private ceremony in Los Angeles. Less than a year after tying the knot, Heard accused Depp of physical abuse, got a restraining order against him, and filed for divorce.

Amber Heard departs court with her girlfriend, Bianca.
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She also released photos of herself as proof of her claims, in which she appeared to have cuts and bruises on her body. Depp adamantly denied these allegations, but his public image was already stained by her statements.

A Curious Joint Statement

Unlike many of his other separations, this one was messy and filled with accusations from both sides. During divorce proceedings, Depp and Heard released a statement that though their relationship might’ve bordered on too intense, it was always with underlying love and that any resulting harm wasn’t intentional.

Amber Heard leaves court, / Johnny Depp departs from the court.
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Heard was got a $7 million divorce settlement but said that she donated it all to charity. Depp would go on to dispute this fact in court and pushed for evidence of this donation to be brought to trial.

An Article Starts a Slew of Lawsuits

In 2017, the divorce was finalized. A year after the divorce, Heard wrote an article for The Washington Post about how women are treated during domestic violence cases. She never mentioned Depp by name.

Heard attends an event.
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However, because of how high-profile their divorce had been, it was assumed that she was alluding to him. After her article was published, Depp sued her for defamation and alleged that Heard’s claims of domestic abuse were part of a larger ploy to highlight her as the “good guy” to the public.

Beginning of a Media Circus

A media circus was lit with back-and-forth accusations. By 2020, Depp was caught up in a few lawsuits against tabloids in the U.K. that pushed the “wife-beater” narrative even though Heard’s accusations were still just allegations, according to police sources.

Depp greets his fans as he arrives at court.
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The real twist in this entire battle came when evidence started to come to light that suggested that Heard was abusive towards Depp while the two were married. Depp’s security chief shared a statement that during Depp and Heard’s marriage, he had witnessed Heard be abusive towards Depp.

An Upcoming Defamation Trial

There were also recordings released that included Heard admitting to hitting Depp. He lost the libel case in the U.K. and was asked to drop out of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie as a result of the ruling. Depp made multiple appeals, but all of them have been denied.

Heard joins a protest for female rights.
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After the ruling, Depp brought a defamation lawsuit directly against Heard for her 2018 article in The Washington Post. Heard’s legal team moved to have this case dismissed, but the judge refused, and the trial is set to begin in April 2022.

UPDATE: Depp won the defamation trial in early June 2022. After a very, very long and sensational trial, Depp came out the winner. It’s not surprising given what went down. He was awarded $15 million in damages. As for Heard, the jury awarded her $2 million in compensatory damages.

Amber Heard After Johnny Depp

Despite the messy divorce and controversial headlines, Heard has continued to book jobs in Hollywood and grow her family. In 2017, she joined the D.C. Extended Universe starring as Aquaman’s queen in Justice League. She reprised this role in 2018’s Aquaman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021.

Amber Heard attends an event.
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In 2021, Heard announced that she had quietly welcomed a daughter through surrogacy, whom she planned to raise with the help of her support team. She is next set to star in 2022’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Depp Vs. Heard

It’s hard to ignore the sensational trial between Depp and Heard, especially with the kind of stuff being reported. The defamation trial has become a battleground of he said she said. The trial, which started on April 12, 2022, has yet to be finished, but the details are too juicy to pass up. So far, Depp has testified that he never struck Heard (nor any other woman). Instead, he called her the aggressor in the relationship.

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But what might be the most sensational aspect of this trial, so far, is the bit of information that led meme creators soaring. Depp testified that he found “fecal matter” in his bed after he broke up with Heard. He admitted that his first reaction was to laugh since it was so absurd.

There Was What On the Bed?

Depp said he told Heard that their relationship was over during a fight and that they didn’t see each other for days while she cleared her stuff out of their house. It was his housekeeper who sent him a photo of the “surprise” that she found in the bed. “My initial response to that was, I laughed,” Depp testified in court.

Source: YouTube

“It was so outside, it was so bizarre and so grotesque that I could only laugh.” He also mentioned that Heard tried to blame it on their dogs, but that didn’t make much sense to him. “They’re teacup Yorkies. They weigh about 4 pounds each.”

Depp, 58, is suing Heard for $50 million, while Heard is counter-suing for $100 million. More updates to come…