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If You’re a Fan of Survivor, You’ll Wanna Know This

If you’re anything like me, you watched and still remember the first-ever season of Survivor from – believe it or not – 20 years ago! Survivor has been captivating viewers ever since it first debuted in 2000. The show has been taking us on a rollercoaster ride packed with insane survival challenges, love stories, heartbreaks, and surprising controversies. The contestants and host Jeff Probst have managed to keep our unwavering attention and give us some real popcorn-eating entertainment.


Source: CBS Broadcasting / IMDB

As you know, “reality TV” has its share of real and not-so-real aspects. Survivor is indeed filmed on an actual island, but there are lots of behind-the-scenes facts that fans of the show would love to know. Which is why we’re here! From legal issues to medical emergencies to contestants smuggling in items, these are all the surprising facts about one of the first (and best) reality competition shows in TV history.