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Hollywood Stars Who Married Their High School or College Sweethearts

Finding love as a celebrity isn’t always easy, but these lucky celebrities were way ahead of the curve. While childhood romances rarely make it to the altar, there are those rare occasions when they do. Then there are the rarest relationships that make it past the altar and all the way through the rise to fame.


Photo by Eric Charbonneau, Shutterstock / MediaPunch, Shutterstock / Amanda Schwab, Starpix, Shutterstock

Even if these relationships fizzle out after a few years, it’s still an accomplishment. Many fans may not realize that their favorite celebrity has been coupled up since before learning how to drive. From meeting at teen clubs and college parties to meet-cute encounters at football games, these celebrity love stories will leave you weak in the knees.

Let’s check out all of the Hollywood stars who married their high school or college sweethearts!