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From the Field to the Red Carpet: Hollywood’s Former Jocks and Cheerleaders

Every high school has its cliques, and the one that almost every kid wants to be a part of is the group of cheerleaders and jocks. You know that group of high-spirited girls who cheer on the football and basketball players (most of which are their boyfriends). Is it surprising to anyone that those girls and guys would grow up to be famous people? Not really. But most of them aren’t just any famous people; they’re A-list actors and actresses.


Source: Pinterest

This can be a reminder that these celebs also made their way through high school and lived a normal adolescence. They all went to class, played hooky (probably), and ate their lunch in the cafeteria. So, while they have entered the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, they are still human and were once teens. Here is a list (a fun and surprising one at that) of Hollywood’s celebrities who used to either play on the high school and college teams or cheered them on with their short skirts and pompoms.