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Hollywood’s Scholars: Famous Alumni from Elite Universities

In the United States alone, there are over 4,000 colleges and universities. If anyone wants to continue their education after high school, they have a nice amount of options. Of course, other things come into consideration, such as size, location, and price. Some people even pick a school that specializes in their major of choice. Amongst the millions of college graduates, here are some famous alumni.


Photo by Chelsea Lauren, BEI, Shutterstock / Fotos International, Shutterstock / AFF-USA, Shutterstock / Matt Baron, Shutterstock

It makes a lot of sense that U.S. Presidents and politicians attended prestigious universities, but they aren’t the only ones. Some of your favorite celebrities in the entertainment industry attended these elite schools. Ever wonder where some of the well-known businessmen, Nobel Prize Winners, writers, actors, and singers went to school? Here are some famous alumni who attended elite universities. Some of these will come as a surprise, and others will make a whole lot of sense.