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Dreams Come True: Celebrities Who Escorted Their Fans To Prom

A lot of the time, we look at celebrities and think they have it all. It’s easy to see the glitz and glamor, and assume they have everything served on a silver platter. Sometimes it’s difficult to see past the fame and fortune and realize how hard they work and how much they had to sacrifice to make it to the top. When you grow up in Hollywood, regular school isn’t really an option. Homeschooling is much easier when you’re in a hectic, fast-paced environment like the entertainment industry.


Photo by Anthony Harvey, Shutterstock / Steve Cho, Penta Press, Shutterstock / Moviestore Collection, Shutterstock

Sure, not going to real school seems like a dream for most students, but I can look back at my high school years fondly. Sure, no kid likes to go to school and deal with homework, tests, and mean teachers, but there is also an upside. I made a lot of memories with my classmates, and one of the best nights was prom! A lot of celebs didn’t have the chance to have a magical night with their friends. But it’s never too late.

Check out these celebrities who escorted their lucky fans to prom!