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Denise Richards is More than Just a Beverly Housewife

The Only Girl on the Baseball Team

Long before she became a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Denise Richards was a little tomboy who spent her afternoons playing baseball with the neighborhood boys. Born in Downers Grove, Illinois, she was raised by her mom, Joni, a coffee shop owner, and her dad, Irv, a telephone engineer.

Denise Richards is dressed in a girl scout uniform, poses for a picture with her father and sister.

Source: People

The family ended up moving to California, but not because they wanted to push Denise into the limelight. Her dad was simply sick of the frigid Illinois weather and longed for a warmer, sunnier climate. But stardom came rolling her way. Once she stepped foot on the warm pavements of California’s surfing village Oceanside, with her pouty lips and big blue eyes, she was rapidly scouted as a teen model.