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Cringe-Worthy Talk Show Moments from The Today Show

Jon and Kate Plus… How Many?

Kate Gosselin, one of the parents at the center of Jon and Kate Plus 8, is the queen of cringe. When I say that, I mean, she’s got a history of making everything about her, and she most certainly puts on a show through and through whenever she makes a public appearance. Her time on the Today show with her daughters is no different.

Kate Gosselin photo press looking surprised.

Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Kate Gosselin brought her then-13-year-old twins to “clear the air” about what they had experienced while filming their show. Their segment, titled “Growing Up Gosselin,” was meant for the girls to reflect on their childhood. Cara and Mady, the 13-year-old twins, were uncomfortable the whole time and didn’t want to speak.