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Celebrity BFFs That Are Ultimate Friendship Goals

To celebrate National Best Friend’s Day on June 8, we’re paying homage to all our favorite celebrity besties. Some of these stars met on the set of movies and managed to stay BFFs even after the cameras stopped rolling. Other celebrity duos are a little more unexpected, and you would never imagine their paths would even cross.


Source: glamour.com

Still, when you see these adorable BFFs in action, they really are friendship goals personified. There’s really something magical about watching the best bromances, gal pals and celeb duos on the red carpet together. Most of these celeb pairings look like they were meant to be and you can often spot them hanging out together off the red carpet. They are usually all over each other’s social media accounts too. So let’s take a look at the tightest friendships in Tinseltown, who are ultimate goals.